10 Famous Beaches of Istanbul

10 Famous Beaches of Istanbul


10 Famous Beaches of Istanbul

10 Famous Beaches of Istanbul – Introducing Istanbul’s 10 famous beaches for fun can be a great option for your trip to this historic and fascinating city; The big city of Istanbul is a city with very diverse and beautiful beaches and you will definitely not have the opportunity to go all of them and have fun, but here we have a list of the best and most beautiful at the same time. We have prepared the most popular recreational 10 Famous Beaches of Istanbul, which can be said to be among the spectacular attractions of Istanbul, for those of you who are interested, so that during your trip to Turkey, you will not be confused to searching and waste your time and see only the most beautiful beaches.

Stay in Istanbul and immerse yourself in the fun, you will see the green pine trees on these beaches that cover the mountains and work as far as the eye can see the clear water of the vast sea, and even here even the sunset is different and of course, You will see twice as much because Turkey is a country of beautiful and spectacular beaches that are talked about their beauty everywhere in the world, and of course, it goes without saying that these beaches will definitely be more beautiful and charming in spring, so visit the beaches from Do not touch. Stay tuned for more detailed information.

Due to the variety of recreational beaches in Istanbul, it can be said that these beaches are also among the attractions of Istanbul.

Burke Beach
Definitely one of the most famous beaches in Istanbul, which is located on the shores of the Black Sea, is “Burke Beach” and your dear ones will see umbrellas and beds when you enter this beach, which encourages you to have a pleasant rest and sunbathing by the sea.

And at the same time, this kilometer the golden beach of Burke with its unique blue waves can definitely be a suitable place for your sea and beach recreation in Istanbul, and this part of the sea is shallow up to a distance of 100 meters and is suitable for swimming. And you can count on it recreation and water sports, and in addition to the recreation that exists on this beach, including swimming in the sea, kite riding, boating, beach volleyball, football and all kinds of surfing; Meanwhile, the working hours of this beach are from 9 to 21:30 and the entrance fee is 25 lira during the week and 35 lire at the weekend.

Istiklal Caddesi

Beach True Blue
One of the must-see places on your Istanbul tour is Tru Blue Beach. As soon as you see the beach of True Blue Istanbul, you will see a unique and dreamy view of the sea that surrounds it, and on the beach of True Blue, which is one of the most popular attractions in Istanbul, you have the opportunity to visit the islands and boats. Watch from here and watch the beautiful sunset and give yourself indescribable tranquility. Also, in addition to the beautiful sandy beach with a swimming pool, Tru Blue has various wonderful restaurants with live music right in the middle.

The local garden is a place to relax and have a drink and an appetizer, and then True Blue Beach is one of 10 Famous Beaches in Istanbul, where many live events and shows are held during the summer, and tourists go to this beach with all the excitement. Note that True Blue Beach restaurants have a special place among tourists due to their beautiful interior design and unique scenery, along with their varied food menu, and are always crowded.

Dalia Coast
Istanbul Dalia Beach is another popular beach and tourist destination in Istanbul, which is on our list of the best. This beach is for people who want to relax on the beach and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but with However, Dalia is big enough and green enough that you can enjoy a variety of other beach activities; In addition, there are areas for rowing boats and other beach sports on the beach of Dalia, and we promise you that this solitude and tranquility of yours will still stand there, and then you, the fans, can play beach volleyball or Participate in surfing and enjoy them all, and the experience of local food and drinks is also unique in this place, and finally, in order to spend your calm and pleasant day in the best way, we suggest the seafood of this beach. Be sure to try.

Golden Beach
Istanbul Golden Beach is located right in the “Rumelishisari” area near the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea and has a variety of beach activities such as beach volleyball, pedal boating, rock climbing, golf, and hiking on the beach and …

May And you can choose one of the restaurants, fast foods, etc. to eat on the Golden Beach, and that in these restaurants, international and seafood dishes are served, the experience of which is not without merit, and If you would like to stay overnight in this place, this is possible because there are 26 summer houses and a luxury hotel here, which are good choices, and the beach is open from 8 am onwards and is suitable for those who They also enjoy late-night swimming and at the end of the entrance to this beach is 15 lira during the week and 30 lira for you at the weekend.

Golden Beach
The beautiful Golden Beach is exactly a wonderful and pristine place that is surrounded by dreamy nature and the existence of 3 very exciting piers that make it one of the most popular attractions among travelers to Istanbul Around the beach there are funny wooden huts, restaurants, and cafes, stylish and modern boutiques and an attractive lake that will completely entertain you, and also note that this golden beach is only 15 km away from the city of Istanbul and is a friendly place.

It will be fun to spend a few hours by the Black Sea, and of course, it is important to know that you can also rent these cottages and suites by the sea and extend this peace and rest for a few more days, and at the end of the entertainment. Excellent on this beach, we can mention: sea swimming, surfing, mountaineering, beach volleyball, mini-golf, boating, etc., the entrance fee of this beach is 15 lira during the week and 30 lire on the weekends. Arrive and visit hours start at 8 am.

Nan Stop Beach
When you choose Nonstop beach, be sure that a beautiful sandy beach is waiting for you to know that this beach has become famous for its sunbathing and parties, and this beach is located next to the village of Kilius in Istanbul and is a good place It is considered for summer and water sports and recreation and that you can go to this beach for exciting sports such as surfing and kite riding, swimming in the sea, boating and other recreations such as beach volleyball, football, fascinating concerts, Go to beach parties, basketball, tennis, etc. and get a whole new experience.

Solar Beach
One of the largest beaches in Istanbul is the famous “Solar Beach”, which is one kilometer from Solar, which is an excellent choice because a variety of services await you, and its attractive and exciting recreational facilities include: jet ski.

Istiklal Caddesi

He mentioned rock climbing, beach soccer, beach volleyball, surfing, banana boating, karting, kite riding, skating, basketball, etc., and this solar beach often hosts music festivals and a variety of exciting concerts.

Which has tempted most tourists, which of course has its many and countless fans, and you will see many young people on this beach who have come here for fun, relaxation and even accommodation, and note that the famous food of Istanbul You can also order in the available restaurants and buffets. In addition, the entrance fee to the beach during the week reaches 15 lire and at the weekend it reaches 25 lire, and the visiting hours of this beach are between 9 and 21 o’clock.

Soma Beach
This attraction immersed in the tranquility of Soma is not only a beautiful and heavenly beach by the Black Sea but also a place with attractive and lovely facilities that will delight you and a place with accommodations, exhibitions, and venues for various music festivals.

And when you choose Soma Beach, you will definitely have a golden, sandy, and clean beach in front of you, surrounded by green and pristine hills, and this beach is not only a great option to escape from the crowded and urban environment.

You can fill your time with a variety of entertainment and enjoyment, in addition to the entertainment of this beach, we can mention swimming in the sea, yoga classes, Pilates, local concerts, etc.; Also, know that the area of ​​Soma beach is about 23,000 square meters and has its own fans in the evenings and nights who have a good time, and it is good to know that there is an area for camping and camping for your stay on this beach.

Yes, but to use it, you must coordinate with them in advance, visiting hours are Friday to Sunday: 10 am to 12 pm, which is hosted by your loved ones.

Ozan Beach
As for Ozen Beach, it used to be popular only with Istanbul fishermen, but in the last few years, it has been rebuilt and quickly became a busy beach during the summer, which today has its own fans and it is worth mentioning. Ozen Beach is one of the most natural and untouched beaches among the famous 10 Famous Beaches of Istanbul.

And immerse yourself in peace, and the important point is that the seafood restaurant here serves fresh fish as well as other seafood that is unique, and the beach cafeteria also has grilled chicken, stir-fried meat, drinks, etc. to order; The beach is open every day from 8 am to 12 midnight, and the next point is the entrance fee is about $ 5 during the week and $ 8.5 on weekends.

Babylon Beach
This beach is one of the most popular beaches among tourists and especially music lovers love this beach and it should be mentioned that here you will enjoy the sun and the sea with the music of general music and also music festivals in the form of There are various programs on this beach regularly and continuously, there is also a quality restaurant on this beach where Mediterranean and Aegean food is served to you and at the end, the entrance fee is 40 lira on weekdays and on weekends to It also costs 60 lire.

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