about Cannes

about Cannes


about Cannes

about Cannes – Cannes is a city located on the French Riviera. You may think that Cannes is famous for the red carpet of its festival, but this glamorous city is not only famous for the festival in which it is held.

What do you know about Cannes, France?
In addition to clear waters and bright sunshine, this city has other attractions and is the only city on the French coast that can have white sandy beaches! Having fun on a yacht or touring in a luxury car or walking in an old town and many other things are the things that attract you to this city and make you stay in it.

The weather in the city
Cannes has a Mediterranean climate, with 11 hours of sunshine in summer (July) and mild in winter (December to February). Rainfall is relatively low in both seasons, with more rainfall occurring in October and November.

Stay in the city now
Although Cannes has great beach hotels, beautiful scenery, swimming pools, spas, and all the luxury equipment, these facilities are a bit expensive. But in the meantime, the Splendid Hotel offers you comfort and relaxation as a good and cheap alternative at a low cost by the beach.

Eat-in the city
Food and overeating play an important role in the culture and daily life of Cannes, from fresh seafood markets to a wide variety of local fruits and vegetables. This large Mediterranean region is widely known for its healthy, flavorful, and colorful food as well as its traditional cuisine.

about Cannes

Le Suquet Old Town and beyond
Le Suquet is an old part of Cannes, surrounded by modern buildings and soaring, probably for tourists to go hiking, cross the spiral cobblestones and visit local restaurants. Rue Antoine includes a clock tower and a church located in the eastern part of the Gulf. At the bottom of Le Suquet on Rue is Dr. P. Gazagnaire Marché Forville, where the day markets take place in the morning and early afternoon. This area is the main location for Cannes fishermen. The houses in this area are very old. Streets were built in this area at least 400 years ago. With a 5-minute walk along the beach, this part of Saint-Antoine and Rue du Suquet is full of restaurants. Many of these areas are good places to walk and important tourist attractions for visitors to Cannes.

Nice Côte d’Azur airport
Nice Côte d’Azur Airport has located 24 km (15 miles) from Cannes and has about 10 million passengers a year. Prussia Marseille Airport is 150 km (93 miles) away from Cannes and the smaller Cannes-Mandelieu Airport is located near Cannes. CannesExpress puts the international transportation service between New York Airport and hotels in Cannes. The price of each seat in these services is 20 euros.

TGV rail services have access to major French cities, including Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Paris, and Toulouse. Other cities are connected to Cannes by rail, including Brussels (6 hours), Milan (5 hours), Basel (10 hours), Rome (10 hours), and Venice (10 hours). The Gare de Cannes-La Bocca and Gare du Bosquet small train stations are designed for regional destinations only.

Cannes France 

This service is located in the city center and near the city hall.

the boat
Boats are located on the shores of Nice and take you from there to different areas and travelers can enjoy the sea view on the way to the destination.

Sand and sea – about Cannes
You can easily sunbathe in the blue sky of this city. There are two types of beaches in Cannes: one is private and the other is public. Accommodation at a five-star beach hotel is accompanied by exclusive private beach access. But if Swabon Hotels is more than your budget, you can see some of the best and most secluded beaches in Cannes.

Stars in the city now
During the Cannes Film Festival (May 17-28, 2017), the city’s population will increase from 73,000 to 210,000, and luxury hotels will double or triple in price, and it is best to book several months in advance. . Although the stars come to the city to attend the festival, it is not easy to see them. The rich and great people became English and Russian. The city is also known to ordinary tourists because of its good weather and activities.

Cannes is a great place to visit with its amazing climate and reputation for being stylish. Located on the shores of the brilliant French Riviera, the city has many cultural attractions as well as great places where you can relax, enjoy and experience a different kind of relaxed life. And every moment shines with beauty. This legendary beach resort has all kinds of tourist attractions such as private beaches and marinas full of luxury yachts, chic boulevards, beautiful hotels, and chic restaurants. The weather is mild throughout the year and is suitable for sunbathing on the Azores coast from May to October. Palm trees adorn the streets of Cannes with pollen and subtropical flowers bloom throughout the city, making visitors feel like they are in paradise.

about Cannes

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival has been an important cinematic event since 1946. The red carpet festival annually welcomes famous movie stars from all over the world and is world-renowned for promoting the art of filmmaking. Those who know nature enjoy the Sterling Mountains and the ille Islands. For those looking for a classic Riviera coastline experience in France, we recommend St. Tropez and Antibes with their sandy beaches and lively recreation area, especially in summer. Apart from the most visited attractions, there are also attractive sights outside the guidebook that is worth discovering. The lesser-known resorts of Fréjus, Saint-Raphaël, Théoule-sur-Mer and Mandelieu-La-Napoule offer a relaxing holiday experience. Just 18 km from Cannes, you can travel to the city of Grasse, which has a mild climate all year round and is famous for its perfumes. Lesser-known sights in Cannes, France, include the small village of Vallauris with its stunning Picasso Museum inside the former 12th-century convent church and perché.

Lacrosse is one of the sights of Cannes in France and the most famous street in the country that surrounds Cannes its length reaches 1600 meters on the coastline. Here you will find the best hotels, many of which have their beaches. If you do not have a problem with paying for a sunbed, you can even enjoy the service on the beach. You can watch the most stylish Cannes residents walking their dogs, jogging, or just sitting and chatting on one of the roadside chairs. They are famous. Go to Cannes Marché Forville every morning except Mondays to try local products such as olives, meat, seafood, etc., and have a fresh meal.

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