About Marseille

About Marseille


About Marseille

About Marseille – Marseille is located in the southeast of France in the Provence region and is the oldest city in France. With the creation of the Suez Canal, the growth of trade in this port city increased more than before, and during the First and Second World Wars, it was considered one of the most important strategic ports during these years. is the second-largest city and the second-most populous city in France. Another honor for Marseille is that it was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013. During the year, many tourists from all over the world come to Marseille and visit the sights of Marseille, because the city is home to many ethnic groups from around the world. Turks, Greeks, Africans, and… form a wonderful multicultural city. There are more than fifty sports in the city regularly, through which nearly 200,000 athletes have been trained. The Marseille Olympic football team is also a well-known team in France and has won the league several times.

Overview of Marseille Weather – About Marseille
The city is known as one of the most historic and commercial cities in France. Marseille With this situation, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists and businessmen travel to the French city of Marseille every year. Therefore, the most important information that any tourist wants to get before traveling to this city is the climate. The city of Marseille has a Mediterranean climate. If you are planning to travel to this beautiful city, it is recommended that you get detailed information about the climate before traveling, but since this city to On average, it has a mild climate throughout the year, there is no time limit on a trip to.

Marseille weather in spring
Marseille’s climate is temperate and Mediterranean in spring. The average temperature in this season is about 15 degrees Celsius. Spring is one of the most beautiful and pleasant seasons in this tourist city. Marseille has a few rainy days in the spring and it rarely rains, but occasionally strong, cold winds start blowing. So it is better to have a warm jacket with you when you travel. You can enjoy the fresh weather in the plains and mountains of this city by traveling in spring and bringing good moments for yourself.

About Marseille

Marseille weather in summer
The city of Marseille enjoys a hot and humid climate in summer due to its location on the Mediterranean coast. However, the humidity in summer is higher than at other times of the year. The average temperature in summer is 24 degrees Celsius and it will be a good time for sports and beach recreation. Summer is the best time to visit this tourist city, so if you are planning to travel to Marseille at this time, book your hotel and plane ticket a few months in advance, because many tourists from all over the world come to Marseilles this season.

Marseille Weather in Autumn
The climate of autumn is also very suitable and temperate. The average climate is 16 degrees Celsius in autumn. In this season, we see various festivals and exhibitions. The city is wearing its orange dress this season and it is very attractive and spectacular. Many poets and artists travel to Marseille this season to be inspired by the beautiful autumn nature. There are a lot of monsoon rains this season and the weather conditions in the foothills of the Alps will be a bit unfavorable it is better to have warm clothes with you when traveling.

Marseille weather in winter
Marseille’s climate is very cold and snowy in winter. In winter, it snows heavily and whitens the entire surface of Marseille. The average temperature in Marseille in winter is 9 ° C. sees many freezing days this season. If you want a cheaper trip and you can also tolerate the weather in Marseille in winter, it would be better to choose this season for your trip and enjoy hotels with reasonable and low prices. . Of course, do not forget to do warm boots and coats in any way.

le panier marseille

The best months 
Due to the mild climate of this city, the possibility of travel and tourism is available in all seasons, but in spring and with the onset of greenery, the volume of tourists in this city increases, and summer with the summer holidays of this city is one of It is considered a tourist destination. Of course, the autumn season, which starts in September, is a good option for a trip to Marseille, because the volume of tourists is very low and the city is more secluded and the weather is not too cold.

About Marseille

The port of Vivox or the old port is the birthplace of Marseille. This is where the city began as a port in Greece around 600 BC. Surrounded by calm and blue waters, the old port is located west of Marseille near the Boulevard Canebière. Walking around this busy port immerses visitors in the sights and sounds of a thriving Mediterranean port. This pier is a tourist attraction and many say it is one of the best places to visit in Marseille for authentic local cuisine. The restaurants there specialize in seafood. On the east side of the port, the Quai des Belges holds a fish market every morning. The port of Vieux, once an important commercial port, is now mainly used by fishing boats and sporting goods. The Old Port is also a stopover for ferries to two popular tourist destinations, Ch: teau d’If and Calanques, near Cassis.

Le PANIER – About Marseille
This colorful and splendid neighborhood is located on a hillside above the port of Vieux, which is one of the sights of Marseille, France, and the historical center and cultural heart of Marseille. Lanier is the oldest neighborhood in Marseilles, inhabited by the ancient Greeks since ancient times, around 600 BC. With its winding, narrow streets and bizarre pastel buildings, the neighborhood has a glimpse of Marseille’s charming character. Formerly a working-class neighborhood, Le Pen is now a good residential neighborhood, but ordinary houses with shuttered windows and laundry linen offer a glimpse of its old character. Visitors can start a walking tour on the north side of Vieux Port in Quai du Port and then climb La Canebière, the lively boulevard. Sightseeing in the neighborhood leads to the discovery of local artisan boutiques, fine grocery stores, and art galleries. There are also restaurants serving authentic Algerian cuisine. The neighborhood has several important historical monuments, such as the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall), which was built in the second half of the 17th century based on a genius architectural model. Other landmarks include the Cathedral and the Vieille Charité, which has a museum with interesting contemporary art exhibitions.

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