Accounting of Finland

Accounting of Finland


Accounting of Finland

Accounting of Finland – The field of accounting in Finland is offered to students in different orientations due to the importance of this field in the labor market and business. Finland is one of the most developed countries in Northern Europe. This country is considered by foreign students due to its high quality of life and education. The field of accounting is very important because all companies and organizations are struggling with finances. There is almost no company in Finland that does not have an accountant or hire a financial expert. Accountants also face high incomes in this country.

Study in Finland – Accounting of Finland
Finnish society is built on the model of the Welfare State of Northern Europe. This feature is characterized by comprehensive social security, a wide range of public services, as well as a relatively high level of taxation. This system provides financial assistance to individuals and families. Services are available from birth to old age in a variety of living conditions, including health care, illness, parental and family benefits, and pensions and unemployment benefits. This system ensures high-level global health care services and primary and primary education for children, as well as the maintenance of well-functioning public transport and road networks. Large European companies are comparable. The monthly living expenses of a student, depending on the region in which you live or study, are at least around € 800 to € 900 (Euros) per month. Temporary costs include housing that will be refunded at the end of the rental period. The cost of textbooks is very low because most textbooks can be borrowed from libraries. Please note that there are always unexpected charges for each international traveler.

Accountants’ income in Finland
In general, incomes and salaries in Finland are higher than in many European countries. This income is due to the welfare and labor market in Finland. O country is an economically advanced and dynamic country. However, the tax rate is also high. Of course, this tax has provided special services and increased the quality of life of Finnish citizens. In any case, by working in the field of accounting and jobs in this field, you can expect to earn 4830 € (Euro) per month. In the minimum possible case, your income will be € 1950 (Euro). Also, the highest salary of some accounting professionals in Finland is 9700 € (Euro) per month.

Physical Finland education

Study accounting in Finland – Accounting of Finland
Finland’s leading higher education system offers more than 400 undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught in English at 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS). Universities also offer doctoral options in English teaching. Finnish higher education institutions have more than 20,000 international students studying in several locations around Finland. All universities and universities of applied sciences offer Finnish scholarships to international students. Finland has had the best performance in several years in evaluating education. Finland is proud of its education system, which has become a benchmark for other leading countries. One of its outstanding features is language accessibility, as English and other foreign language schools are popular options. The primary education system and schools in Finland are of high quality. There are public and private childcare centers and schools in the Helsinki capital area. Children in public schools start school from the age of seven. This is different from many other countries. Preschool is compulsory and free. At universities in Finland, various disciplines are offered, such as accounting in Finland.

Accounting of Finland

The following table lists the reputable universities and institutions for studying accounting in Finland:

Institution Name Row
1 University of Vaasa
2 University of Oulu
3 Åbo Akademi University
4 Hanken School of Economics
5 School of Business

Studied accounting at the University of Ulu, Finland
Ulu University is an international science university that creates innovation for the future, prosperity, and knowledge through research and education. Founded in 1958, it has 13,000 students and 2,900 staff and is one of the largest and most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. The university consists of 8 faculties and many specialized research units. Studying at OBS is a completely multicultural experience, as international students exchange students from all over the world, and of course, Finnish students participate in accounting program courses. Students in this program can also exchange programs with another university. Join. This program gives students the ability and knowledge to pursue their academic careers more if they choose. Students will be ready for both options, whether they are looking for an academic career after graduation or working in the industry.

Department of Financial and Management Accounting at the University of Oulu, Finland
The International Master in Financial Accounting and Management (FMA) program is a 2-year program in corporate accounting information analysis for internal and external decision making. In particular, the FMA gives you core expertise in the following areas:

Financial Accounting

Financial analysis and company evaluation
International Financial Reporting
Corporate governance
Audit and assurance
Basic stock investment analysis
Management Accounting
Cost accounting
Management control
Capital expenditures
Global Trade Responsibility
Studying in the FMA program includes real projects, case studies, and strong connections with the business community. Courses are lectured by professors, visiting professors from other universities around the world, and prominent businessmen to ensure that students get a diverse perspective on current issues in accounting. The FMA program is one of several international master’s programs offered at Oulu Business School. Students are allowed to take courses in all of these programs.

Accounting of Finland

Master of Finance and Accounting, University of Ulu, Finland
Master of Finance and Accounting at the University A comparable international degree in economics and business management from an accredited AACSB School of Business, enabling you to prepare for work in the EU and globally. The International Master in Finance program is a 2-year program that covers the major areas of finance, investment management, and corporate financial management. This program includes courses such as:

Asset pricing
Portfolio management
Company Finance
Corporate governance
Financial risk management
This program includes a module of core courses that covers basic theory, mathematical methods, and research methods. In addition to providing basic principles, the program covers current topics and trends such as green financing, massive investment, banking regulation, market developments, and more. Students also gain special insight into investor behavior. Financial research at Oulu Business School focuses on the actions of individual investors in financial markets. This research uses a large empirical data set including individuals’ securities transactions. Research projects include analyzing investor decisions under standard financial models, analyzing the reasons for possible deviations from predicting standard behavior, and developing alternative theoretical models to understand these seemingly irrational behaviors.

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