Accounting work in Austria

Accounting work in Austria


Accounting work in Austria

Accounting work in Austria – Those interested in accounting choose to work in accounting in Austria to immigrate to this country and work in the field of accounting. Austria has always been the choice of many immigration enthusiasts due to its favorable living conditions, reasonable costs and ideal services, as well as favorable job opportunities. Adequate salaries, along with ideal living conditions, are increasingly encouraging immigrants as well as accounting professionals to immigrate to Austria. Although there may not be enough attention paid to the importance of accounting and skills excellence in the country, in many countries, experts in this field are at the top of the chart of companies and centers.

Austrian labor market

Austria is known as a country with a rich cultural heritage, a valuable business and commercial destination due to its amazing landscape and dynamic and innovative economy. The low crime rate, high level of social security and strong infrastructure in all areas. The country, especially the city of Vienna, has always been growing and has been chosen as a permanent host for international conferences and planning sessions on all aspects of life, from science to urban planning. The labor market in Austria can be considered even more suitable than in countries such as Germany, and the low unemployment rate has sometimes made it difficult for companies to recruit. Others pay. About 70% of the total workforce works in the Austrian service sector, but there is still a shortage of labor in many sectors, including industrial equipment, medical and pharmaceutical goods, materials production, and the electronics industry, which is a golden opportunity for you dear ones. To work in this country.

Working and living conditions in Austria

Before addressing the issue of accounting work in Austria, it is best to first know information about working conditions and living conditions in Austria. Austrian labor market conditions Despite a peak period, the unemployment rate in April 2020 at 12.8% is now improving and recovering again in July with 9.2%. The chart below shows the latest situation in the Austrian labor market in the new year:

Accounting work in Austria

Unemployment rate in Austria

Those interested should be aware that according to the Austrian labor standard (Arbeitszeitgesetz, AZG §9 (1), the maximum working time in Austria is 10 hours per day and 50 hours per week. € 3213 (Euro), but in contrast to this level of income, the cost of living in Austria is also around € 1500 per person per month, so on this account, the purchasing power of foreign workers in Austria is quite high:

Accounting in Austria

The accountant is selected as the person qualified for the accounting or auditing department. If you want to work professionally in a company or auditing organization, you need a level of specific standards for your activity. Examples of some of these standards are as follows:

GAAP Accounting Principles

FASB Financial Accounting

FRC Financial Reporting Standards Council

But is accounting also one of Austria’s most needed jobs? Can accountants immigrate to and settle in Austria? In answer to this question, it should be said that according to the website of the Austrian Immigration Office, accounting or Kalkulantlnnen is one of the required jobs in Austria. Dear accountants, you can apply for an Austrian work visa with or without a job offer through one of the following two methods:

Types of Austrian work visas

Various branches of accounting work in Austria

Regarding this job in Austria, it can be said that there are different types of accounting jobs. In this article, we have tried to examine three groups of accounting job skills.

General Accountant

Government Accountant

accounting manager

A general accountant is a person who works in government agencies and centers. An accountant is a person who works in private centers and private companies. A government accountant is a person who works for the federal government and the state or local governments. Managing the financial and budget system is one of the responsibilities of people who work in these areas. Other responsibilities of these people include communicating with customers or analyzing the probabilities and identifying cases of fraud and preventing it.

The average income of accountants in Austria

People’s incomes are high in Austria, and this is one of the reasons why Austria is so popular with foreigners. Accountants are also among the highest-paid in Austria, although the exact amount of their income depends on their field of work, level of education, work experience, etc. However, the average income of accounting-related branches in Austria can be considered as follows:

Accounting work in Austria

Job title The average monthly income in Austria in euros during 2020

Accountant € 2750

Accounting Assistant € 2180

Accounting Manager € 5640

Officer overseeing accounting activities in Austria

The person in charge of accounting affairs is responsible for reviewing the financial activities of the company, centers, and organizations, and this person intends to review this with the aim of increasing the percentage of credit, as well as ensuring the legality of activities and increasing the level of records. Companies do. Items such as analyzing financial information and classifying information, as well as controlling the financial systems of companies and on the other hand reviewing and adapting the financial information of the company and finally creating financial security for companies are the main and effective activities of the overseer. It is accounting activities and affairs, and this has increased the importance of accounting jobs in companies and centers.

An accounting officer can steer the company in the right direction by providing the right solution as well as the right reports. In countries such as Austria, there are two types of oversight agents: internal affairs overseer and foreign affairs overseer. The internal affairs officer is responsible for activities in the private sector of the company and the internal sector. The area of ​​responsibility of the foreign affairs officer covers activities such as taxes and government and inter-company affairs.

Assistant Accountant in Austria

In addition to the above, many Austrian companies are recruiting as an assistant accountant. Assistant Accountant or in other words, Assistant Accountant works in larger companies with higher turnover. If you want to work in this field, you should know that jobs such as trade, insurance, banking, government and stock market are among the jobs that are directly related to the accountant. Other career opportunities for this field include business or teaching mathematics at different levels. Holders of a doctorate in accounting can also teach accounting at universities, which is also one of the most popular cases in the field of accounting.

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