Acting of Finland

Acting of Finland


Acting of Finland

Acting in Finland – The field of acting in Finland has long been of interest. Finland has various art institutes and academies that teach acting. Of course, to study or work in acting in this country, you must be fluent in Finnish or Swedish. In addition, some courses may be offered in English depending on the purpose of entering the international labor market. Finland is one of the most developed countries in Europe and art and acting are among the most popular arts disciplines in this country.

History of cinema in Finland – Acting of Finland
Finland’s declaration of independence from Russia, which took place more than 100 years ago on December 6, 1917, was aided not only by political forces but also by art and created a Finnish attitude among the people. The early years of Finnish cinema played a large part in this, and the Golden Age helped to maintain the attitude in later years. The struggle for Finnish independence in the early 20th century coincided with the evolution of cinema. Finland soon adapted to the artistic environment with the first cinema opening in Helsinki in 1904 and the first films to be shot in Finland that year. The first Finnish film studio, Atelier Apollo, was founded in 1906 and produced more than 100 short films between 1906 and 1913. 350 films were made in Finland between 1914 and 1917, 28 of which were feature films. What set Finnish cinema apart from the rest of the world was that Finland was heavily influenced by foreign influence. Even after Finland’s independence and the ensuing civil war, tensions between the Finnish whites and the Russian Reds were still high. There was a constant fear of another Russian invasion, which erupted with the Russian invasion of Finland in 1941. The golden age of Finnish cinema ended after the 1950s. TV and Hollywood films became more prominent, and Finnish audiences chose them instead of native films. Until the 1970s, only one or two films were made in Finland each year. Since then, thanks to new faces such as the Kaurismäki brothers, there has been a little revival in Finnish cinema.

Study acting in Finland
Finland has a long history in cinema and the arts, and as a result, various institutions and academies have been established in Finland for the field of acting and the film industry, and the arts. Some of these academies operate independently and privately. The most famous acting academy in the country is the Helsinki University of the Arts. Helsinki University of the Arts offers the highest level of education in music, fine arts, theater, and dance in Finland. Helsinki University of the Arts is an international leader in art education and research, strengthening the role of art as a force for reform.

Acting of Finland

The following table lists some of the best institutions in Finland that offer acting in Finland:

Institution Name Row
1 Uniarts Helsinki
2 Actors Academy Finland
3 Acan Borgå folk academy
4 The Theater Academy of Finland
5 University of Tampere

Cinema and theater in Finland – Acting of Finland
Basically, the best cities in Finland have at least one theater. Some of them are professional theaters while some of them are amateur. On the Finnish Theater Information Center website, you can search for theaters in different municipalities in Finnish. The center also provides an archive where you can borrow translations of Finnish plays into different languages. Numerous theater festivals are also held in Finland. Information on them is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English on the Finnish Theater Information Center website. There are cinemas in most cities in Finland. The Internet is the best source of information about cinemas in your area, programs, and their ticket prices. In addition, a list of weekly movie screenings is often published in the local newspaper. Fino is Finland’s largest cinema chain. On its website, you can search Finnish or English cinemas depending on the city and see which movies are on display. In Finland, films are shown primarily in their original language. Their subtitles are in Finnish and Swedish. An exception to this rule is children’s films, which can be dubbed into Finnish, even if the original language may be different. Foreign language films are usually subtitled in Finnish and Swedish. High-quality film festivals are held every year in Finland. The most famous of these is the Helsinki International Film Festival, which takes place in the fall.

The following is a list of the top film festivals in Finland:

Helsinki International Film Festival
Midnight Sun Film Festival
National Audiovisual Institute

Accounting of Finland 

Studied acting at the Helsinki University of the Arts in Finland

Helsinki University of the Arts was founded in 2013 and consists of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Sibelius Academy, and the Academy of Theater. The goal of the university is to provide the highest global standard and become one of the most attractive centers of education and art research at the international level. The university’s theater academy offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in the performing arts. Graduates enter the job market in Finland and Europe as light and sound designers, dancers, dance designers, dance and theater masters, actors, directors, playwrights, and executive artists. The university also offers an acting program in Swedish. Art, theater, education, and research at the Theater Academy are constantly interacting with each other. Acquiring a set of skills is fundamental to building, but the ultimate goal is to develop students’ thinking and help them grow as artists. Performance is an important part of the core of education and research in the theater academy, which is why it is included in the educational levels. For students, performance is a tool for producing art, a research tool, and an opportunity for practical learning.

Acting of Finland

Acting program at Helsinki University of the Arts, Finland
This university considers action as activity-based thinking. The program includes a mental-physical activity that requires interactive situations that one can practice. It forms the basis of the program for learning acting, speaking, movement, music, and singing techniques. The acting course program aims to provide students with a variety of professional skills and creative identities as artists who have the ability to develop the field of acting. The focus is on drama-centric theater.

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