Aerospace in Mexico

Aerospace in Mexico


Aerospace in Mexico

Aerospace in Mexico – The field of aerospace engineering in Mexico is offered to interested parties in various educational institutions. Mexico is a popular country that needs no introduction. Mexico is the most visited country in Latin America. This country is full of hidden gems and spectacular wonders. Mexico’s vibrant and diverse culture has something for everyone and is sure to provide a wonderful learning experience for students. The country’s cultural traditions and customs, influenced by ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, make Mexico an exciting country today. Mexicans are known for their sincere hospitality and the belief that “my home is your home.” According to a poll, Mexico is the third most hospitable country in the world.

Aerospace in Mexico

Why study in Mexico? – Aerospace in Mexico
Mexico, the ancient home of the Maya and Aztecs, is rich in cultural and natural beauty. It has the most UNESCO heritage sites of any country in the Americas. The country’s fascinating geography includes deserts, tropical rainforests, mountains, and beaches, with amazing differences in climate between different regions. When the Spaniards invaded in the 16th century, they brought their language and culture to the continent. While Spanish is the main language of Mexico today, indigenous culture is still clearly seen in art, fashion, and, of course, food. Mexican food is world-renowned for its flavors. Mexican restaurants can be found in every corner of the globe. Mexico claims a large share of the top Latin American universities. The country’s universities are known for their business excellence; Their graduates are looking for top companies. The National Autonomous University of Mexico is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. The university’s main campus is a UNESCO heritage site full of sculptures and murals. The Monterey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico is also one of the most prestigious technical institutes in the world and is known for its high-class research. The table below shows the ranking of the best Mexican universities in the QS World University Rankings in 2021:

Universities QS Global University Rankings (2021)
Monterrey Technology 155
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana 801
National Autonomous University of Mexico 100
National Polytechnic Institute 701
Universidad Panamericana México 571
Mexican Autonomous Institute of Technology 701
Universidad Iberoamerocana 751
University of Guadalajara 751
University of America Puebla 801
Some of the reasons and benefits of studying in Mexico are:

Benefits of studying in Mexico
Aerospace Engineering Educational Institutions in Mexico
Some of the higher education institutions offering aerospace engineering in Mexico are:

National Polytechnic Institute (ESIME Ticoman)
Chihuahua Autonomous University
Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
Universidad Aacional Aeronáutica en Querétaro
National Polytechnic Institute (UPIIG Guanajuato)
Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez
Chihuahua Polytechnic University
Universidad Polécnica Metropolitana de Hidalgo
Baja California Autonomous University
University of Apodaca
University of Guadalajara
Tijuana Institute of Technology

Obtaining a visa to study aerospace engineering in Mexico
To study in Mexico, students must obtain a student or student visa. The country has two types of student visas: One is a temporary student residence visa for students who want to take a course in Mexico that lasts no more than 180 days. Another is the Visitor Student Visa, which is for students who want to take a course in Mexico that lasts less than 180 days. Thus, applicants to study aerospace engineering in Mexico who have been admitted to a university in this country must obtain a temporary student residence visa. To do so, applicants must submit documents to the Mexican embassy or consulate, including:

Documents available to the Mexican Consulate – Aerospace in Mexico
It is important to note that applicants must submit the above documents in original and a copy to the Mexican Embassy when applying for their student visa.

Costs for studying aerospace engineering in Mexico
In general, studying and living in Mexico is very affordable. A study of the cost of studying in Mexico shows that the tuition fees of the country’s universities are as follows:

University tuition in aerospace engineering in Mexico
In addition to tuition, students must support themselves while studying in Mexico. It is important to note that the cost of living in Mexico varies based on factors such as spending habits, city of study and residence, and place of residence. The estimated monthly cost of a single person in Mexico excluding rent is 9711.06MXN (Mexican Peso) equivalent to $ 474.38 (US $). The estimated monthly cost of a family of four excluding rent is 34757MXN ( Mexican Peso (equivalent to $ 1697.86 (US Dollar).

Cost distribution in Mexico

The table below shows the rental situation in Mexico:

Number of rooms and apartment rental terms in Mexican pesos Rent in US dollars
One-bedroom apartment in the city center 8295.61MXN 405.23 $
One-bedroom apartment outside the city center 5410.35MXN $ 264.29
Three bedrooms apartment downtown 16670.32MXN $ 814.33
Three-bedroom apartment outside the city center 12193.66MXN $ 595.65
As can be seen, the cost of living in Mexico is affordable.

Aerospace in Mexico

Income status of aerospace engineers in Mexico
According to the salary explorer website, a person working as an aerospace engineer in Mexico usually earns about 41100MXN (Mexican peso) a month.

Equivalence of documents in Mexico
To continue your studies in Mexico, you need to match your credentials. Equivalent credentials, ie the courses you have taken in your home country, must be approved by the Mexican Ministry of Science. The good news is that the largest share of the equation in the country is in engineering, with physics and math at the top of the table. Each of Mexico’s universities has language courses that can improve the equation process. Another thing is that to compare documents in Mexico, you need to have a good translation of your documents, to translate documents, the transcripts must first be officially approved. All private universities in this country are evaluated by experts and form a significant percentage. Those studying for a master’s degree in Mexico must also take undergraduate courses. Exams in this country have special ranks, and of course, the conditions for equivalence of documents in this country can be highly valid. In the first phase, priority is given to government degrees, and in the second phase, non-governmental and free universities are required to enter the field. The principles of accepting documents in this country are under the control of the government. Accepting equivalent qualifications in Mexico can also help a person’s job market.

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