Airport Hong Kong Transportation

Airport Hong Kong Transportation


Airport Hong Kong Transportation

Airport Hong Kong Transportation – Hong Kong International Airport is the main airport in Hong Kong. For this reason, most travelers to Hong Kong book their plane tickets to this airport. One of the questions about any airport is the airport access routes. In this article, we want to explain the access routes and transportation options of Hong Kong Airport to you so that you can easily go from the airport to the hotel during your trip to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation Routes
Hong Kong Airport is one of the busiest airports in the region, with more than 68 million passengers using it in 2015. As many tourists travel to this airport, you will be faced with a wide variety of transportation options. Hong Kong Metro is one of the first offers to reach the city center and the hotel. Hong Kong Airport transportation options include:

Airport Express Train – Airport Hong Kong Transportation
The Hong Kong Airport Express Train (MTR) is one of the fastest and most direct transportation options at Hong Kong Airport. The train runs directly between Hong Kong Airport and downtown and stops at only three stations: Tsing Yi Station, Kowloon Station, and Hong Kong Station. Most express train passengers mostly get off at Hong Kong and Caulon stations in the city center. Although the express train is one of the fastest ways to get to the city center, it is the cheapest way to get to Hong Kong Airport. It is not considered Kong. The airport will take 20 minutes to Conlon Station ($ 90 for adults and $ 45 for children) and 24 minutes to Hong Kong Station ($ 100 for adults and $ 50 for children). Of course, there are discounts for groups of 2 and up; Families with more than 4 people can buy a group ticket, which will definitely cost less ($ 220 Hong Kong to Caulon Station and $ 250 Hong Kong to Hong Kong Station). : 45 minutes to midnight and these trains run directly from Hong Kong Airport to the city center every 10 minutes. If the cost of the subway is expensive, you can also consider the Hong Kong Airport bus transportation option. More information can be found in the Hong Kong Airport Express train schedule.

Airport Hong Kong Transportation

As we said, the subway is the fastest way to get to Hong Kong. But there are also high-quality bus services to Hong Kong and Caulon at Hong Kong Airport, which will cost you less. These buses take longer to get to the city, but they also have more and more stations. For this reason, if one of these stations is close to your hotel, you can get to the hotel by bus from Hong Kong Airport. Popular bus routes include the A21, which takes about 45-50 minutes to reach the center of Conlon, and the A11, which takes approximately 50-65 minutes to reach central Hong Kong.

Airport taxi
Taxis are the most convenient and, of course, most expensive transportation option at Hong Kong Airport. If you do not care about transportation costs and you are tired of air travel, the best choice to get to the hotel or the city center is a taxi. A maximum of 4 people can take a taxi, and the average fare from the airport to the main destinations in Caulon is $ 225-250 and the fare to the main destinations in Hong Kong is around $ 290-320. It is more convenient to use a taxi, but it takes longer to reach the city than an express train. However, there is no need to change lanes and get on and off at various stations, and you can get to the hotel directly from Hong Kong Airport.

Taxi: Transportation at Hong Kong Airport
When traveling to Hong Kong, it is best to consider the budget, hotel location, and the number of people first, and then choose the best option for transportation according to these factors. As mentioned, the airport express train is the fastest way to get to the city center and is the first option offered to tourists. If you know the exact location of your hotel and there is a bus stop nearby, then an airport bus can be a better option for you. But if you have 3-4 people or more and you have a lot of luggage, then choose a taxi. Of course, if you travel to Hong Kong with a tour, you no longer need to worry about the transportation of Hong Kong Airport, because usually the airport transfer service is also provided by the tour.

Airport Hong Kong Transportation

Information and history of Hong Kong International Airport – Airport Hong Kong Transportation
Construction of the airport began in 1992 and was completed in 1998. The main architect of this airport is the famous engineer Sir Norman Foster. Hong Kong Airport was known as the largest airport in the world at the time of its opening. The cost of building the airport in the six years it took to build, amounted to $ 20 million. The site for the Hong Kong airport is located 35 km from the city on the China Sea. Do you believe that the area occupied by this airport is 1255 hectares? The first flight to land at the airport was a commercial flight from Pacific Kata Airlines, which flew from Rome to Hong Kong on July 6, 1998. The airport has received the award for the best airport services from the International Union of Airports of the world 4 times so far. Hong Kong Airport is a Southeast Asian aviation hub and is open 24 hours a day.

View of Hong Kong Airport
In 2011, it was the tenth most active airport in the world, handling 53 million 314 thousand passengers. This airport is the main hub of airlines such as China Airlines and China Eastern airlines. Hong Kong Airport took over from Memphis International Airport in the United States as the world’s busiest airport in terms of cargo handling. According to SkyTracks, the airport was named the best airport in the world in 2011, 2005, 2008, and 2011. You may be interested to know that this airport is known in the local language as Chek Lap Kok. This airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in the world. Hong Kong International Airport was named the world’s best 5-star airport in 2012

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