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Alanya Entertainment


Alanya Entertainment

Alanya Entertainment – As you know, Alanya is one of the most beautiful and touristic cities in Turkey, which is located on the south coast of this country. The attractions of this city are so many that we suggest you do not miss the Alanya tour when traveling to Turkey. When traveling to this city, in addition to visiting historical and ancient monuments, you can also enjoy the most amazing entertainment of Alanya.

There are so many attractions in Alanya that enjoying all of them requires planning. A trip to this city can undoubtedly create an exciting and unforgettable memory in your mind. In other words, it can be said that Alanya is a paradise for one-day entertainment and it is better to know that none of Alanya’s entertainment has an age limit. In the following, we will introduce the most exciting and best entertainments of Alanya that will make you happy. In addition, we provide you with a complete description of the cost of Alanya entertainment and the price of Alanya entertainment.

Alanya Entertainment

Quad safari tour Alanya
Quad Safari Tour is one of the most exciting tours in Alanya. In fact, Quad Mini is a powerful motorcycle that is suitable for any kind of ups and downs and you will not need a license to use it. The best route for a quad safari tour is the Taurus Mountains, where you will cross the river. Do not worry about going on this tour, because before starting, the leader will give you a complete explanation about this tour and all the safety points will be said, and first you will practice on the smooth paths to get acquainted with the coaches.

Details of Alanya Quad Safari Tour
– The time of this exciting tour is approximately 3 hours, which is done in 3 shifts:

Morning shift from 9 am to 1 pm
Evening shift from 14:00 to 18:00
Sunset turn from 16:00 to 20:00
– The route of this tour is about 30 km.

– The cost of this entertainment in Alanya includes training, drinks, and transfers, and you have to pay a separate fee for photography and a DVD tour. Alanya is more affordable than other cities in Turkey.

– Quad safari tour equipment: sunglasses, sneakers, sunscreen, and a clean handkerchief to prevent dust from entering the mouth.

– The time of the Alanya quad safari tour is from early April (May) to late October (November).

Alanya Paragliding Tour
Another of the most exciting and best entertainments of Alanya is the paragliding tour, with which you will have a unique experience of a flight. Located on the beach of Cleopatra and the Taurus Mountains, as well as the turquoise sea, will double the charm of this tour. This extraordinarily beautiful nature will attract you so much that fear will no longer have meaning. If you decide to travel to Alanya on this tour, do not worry at all; the Paragliding tour is completely safe because a professional pilot with full equipment will accompany you on the flight. This sport does not know age and it is possible to use paragliding for men and women, old and young. Paragliding depends on the weather conditions because you have to fly safely at 800 meters above the ground. Naturally, paragliding tours will not be held on rainy days or on windy days.

Equipment needed for Alanya paragliding tour
– Sunglasses

– Slack suit

– A pair of boat shoes

Sapadere Canyon
Search Valley is located in 40 cities of Alanya and 175 km from this city and about 3 km away from Sepadreh village. Along this amazing valley, there is a river that has brought lush nature to this area. There is a stepped path on the valley path for walking and walking that you can enjoy its spectacular nature walking on it. After crossing the valley and watching the small waterfalls, you will reach the main recreational part of Sepadreh valley. In this part, there is a tall and eye-catching waterfall, which has a wonderful natural pool under the waterfall, which you can not miss. Also in a park area like this valley, there is a restaurant with natural and local food to serve you. The pleasant climate, scenic scenery, and water temperature of this region have made tourists prefer to spend their time in this valley, which is one of the most beautiful sights of Alanya, instead of luxury hotels with modern pools.

Boat Tour Alanya
Alanya Wrestling Tour is one of the most popular and exciting pastimes in Alanya, with which you can explore the coastline, unique nature, and also its amazing caves. This is a 2 or 3 story pleasure boat on the upper floor where you can sunbathe and sit on a chair on the other floor and enjoy the view of nature to the fullest. You will be welcomed on the Alanya ferry tour and a variety of foods and snacks such as kebabs, salads, and pasta will be prepared for you. Live music will be played on the deck of the ship and local dancers will dance. This exciting tour is held on ships carrying gullet bread and ships take passengers to the port of Selcuks near the Red Fort of Alanya. Alanya ferry tour planning is such that it takes passengers to visit the 3 Caves of Pirates, Lovers, and Phosphorus and then stops at the clean sandy beach of Cleopatra. Travelers can sunbathe on the beach or swim in the sea.

Alanya ferry tour details
– This tour is held every day from 10 am.

– For this tour, you must have towels and swimwear with you.

– Grilled fish or chicken lunch with 3 types of salads, rice, and pasta.

– You have to pay a separate fee for ice cream and photos.

– The price of the tour includes insurance, drinks, and lunch, which is more suitable than other Alanya entertainment prices.

Dimcay river tour of Alanya
Dimki River is one of the happiest and best recreations of Alanya, which is irrigated with banana fields. This tour is so attractive and lovely for the Turkish people that on Sundays in restaurants by the river you can rarely find a place to sit. This area is only 8 km away from Alanya and every day every half an hour a bus travels from the city square to this river. Mimaki Cave, very good restaurants, mild climate and water temperature of this river have attracted tourists to this unique river.

Rowing surfing
Rowing is one of the most popular and best pastimes in Alanya, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. This sport is a kind of modern surfing and it is like you have to wait for the wind to move, then you stand on the surfboard and start moving with the help of a paddle. It may seem like a difficult exercise, but you will learn with a little practice. Maintaining balance is an important factor in rowing and therefore will help you relax a lot. If you do not have the necessary skills to use this surfing, do not worry, the instructor will teach you within 2 hours, after which you can fully enjoy rowing surfing.

Alanya Entertainment

The entertainment in Alanya is so diverse and attractive that even if you are in this city for a month, you can not experience all the entertainment. In this article, we tried to introduce the most exciting and best entertainment in Alanya, the cost of entertainment in Alanya and the price of entertainment in Alanya to your dear friends so that you can plan your trip to Alanya for them in terms of time and budget. You can definitely make a memorable memory with these Alanya entertainments. In addition, to double your enjoyment of the trip, you should choose a good travel agency for this job.

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