Alanya is better or Antalya

Alanya is better or Antalya?


Alanya is better or Antalya?

Alanya is better or Antalya? – Turkey is one of the countries that has attracted many tourists due to its diverse tourist cities. The diversity and beauty of the cities of this country have caused tourists to ask which of the tours of Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, etc. to choose for travel and holidays. One of the dilemmas that most tourists face when traveling to Turkey is whether Alanya is better or Antalya?

For a better decision, in this article, we will compare the two cities of Alanya and Antalya in terms of climate, tourist attractions, and things not to be missed while traveling, and you will get the answer to your question about your priority for travel. To Turkey with Alanya tour or Antalya tour.

Is the weather in Alanya better or Antalya?
One of the things that should be considered before traveling anywhere is the weather because it has a great impact on the quality of travel. The weather in Alanya and Antalya depends on your taste and what kind of weather you like. Alanya’s climate is warm and temperate most days of the year, with more rainfall in winter than in summer. In general, the city has the coldest month of the year in January and the warmest month of the year in August. The best months of the year in terms of climate in Alanya are March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November, and December.

Antalya’s climate is generally Mediterranean and temperate, with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The average temperature in Antalya is between 30 and 35 degrees in summer and 9 to 15 degrees in winter. The summer heat of this city has been tolerated by the northeast winds and the cool breeze of the seas. The climate of this city is favorable and temperate in most seasons of the year, and in the hot months of the year, the weather is not unbearable. The winters of this city with heavy rainfall are not suitable for beach and water recreation and the best time for such recreation is summer.

Is the geographical location of Alanya better or Antalya?
Alanya is a city 115 km from Antalya that ends in the Taurus Mountains from the north, the Mediterranean Sea from the south, and Ghazi Pasha from the east. This city has been one of the favorite ports of the Seljuks due to the favorable climate and proximity to the city of Kenya. Currently, it is one of the cities that has a lot of fans among tourists, especially European tourists. Of course, in addition to the weather, other factors such as beautiful beaches, spectacular nature, ancient sites, and shopping malls have attracted tourists. The tourist season of this city is summer, so many travelers travel to this city with the Alanya tour; At this time it can be said that the population of Alanya is doubling.

Antalya is known as the jewel of Mediterranean destinations located in the western region of Turkey. It leads from the west to the city of Corcotli, from the east to the city of Serik, from the north to Border, and from the south to the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya is one of the most populous cities in Turkey, where most of people earn their income from the tourism industry. Antalya has been building all kinds of hotels and entertainment centers for the well-being of tourists for a long time, which is why Antalya Tour is one of the best tourist tours in the world.

Alanya is better or Antalya

Distance from Alanya to Antalya
As mentioned, Alanya is located 115 km (about 2 hours) in Antalya and it can be said that Alanya is part of the city of Antalya. This city is located in the eastern part of Antalya, which means that you will reach the city of Analiya after passing through the Belek, Manavogan, and Side areas. If you are planning to travel to Alanya, you can go to Antalya by plane and then travel to Alanya by private transfer from the airport, airport shuttle, or taxi from Antalya.

Are the tourist attractions of Alanya better than Antalya?
One of the factors that raise the question “Alanya is better or Antalya” for tourists is the spectacular attractions of these two cities. We have answered this question below.

Chirali Beach
One of the great tourist attractions of Antalya is Chirali beach, which in addition to beautiful and stunning beaches, has a pristine and unique nature. This beach is one of the quietest beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, separated by a cliff from the ancient city of Olympus.

Sahas Adrasan
Adrasan Beach is another beautiful beach in Antalya, which is considered as a hidden treasure of this city. This beach offers a wide variety of facilities to tourists at very reasonable costs.

Olympus Beach
Olimpos Beach is a quiet beach with silver and amazing sea waves, one of the best beaches in Antalya. This beach is located in the southwest of Antalya and in the past was one of the most important ports in Turkey. Its unique vegetation has caused restaurants and cafes to place their dining tables in the shade of these trees.

Konyaalti Beach
One of the most popular entertainment places in Antalya is Konyaalt Beach, which is 3 km long. One of the attractions of this beach is the black and brown mountains that are located in the western part of this beach. These mountains look so close that you think you can touch them by reaching out.

Lara Beach
Lara Beach, which is called Lara Balci in Turkish, is one of the most beautiful and flawless beaches in Antalya, which is located in the eastern part of the city. This beach is about 12 km away from Antalya; For this reason, it has been welcomed by many tourists.

Places to visit in Alanya
Damlatash Beach
Damlataş Beach is located in the easternmost part of Cleopatra and is one of the few beaches in Turkey that is suitable for people in wheelchairs. This beach is calmer and more secluded than other beaches in Alanya. It is also one of the most popular places in Turkey for diving.

Rowing surfing
Rowing is one of the most exciting pastimes that has gained a lot of fans among tourists in recent years. In this sport, you must first stand on a wave board and move it with the help of a paddle after the wind blows.

Herbarium Museum
One of the tourist museums of Alanya is the Herbarium Museum, which was built in 2012 by the Municipality of Alanya. This museum hosts visitors every day.


Damlatash Cave is one of the best and most unique caves in the world, which was discovered by the workers of the port quite by accident with a bomb blast. There are many plateaus and rivers around this cave.

Alanya Archaeological Museum
One of the most famous museums in Alanya is the Archaeological Museum, which houses many valuable ancient artifacts and historical artifacts. The museum was established in 1967 and renovated in 2012.

The old town of Kalichi is a part of the beautiful tourist city of Antalya, whose paved and cobbled streets with traditional architecture are a good place for walking and strolling. The city of Karachi is full of cafes and houses with old textures, which is one of the tourist attractions of Antalya.

Alanya is better or Antalya

Antalya Old Pier
The old pier of Antalya is part of the Kalichi region, which is more than 2,000 years old. This pier is one of the most important ports in Turkey, which is located on a cliff on the Mediterranean coast. Antalya’s old pier with many cafes, restaurants, and yachts has become one of the most beautiful and spectacular attractions of Antalya.

Antalya Museum
The Antalya Archaeological Museum, known as the Antalya Museum, is one of the most important and famous museums in Turkey. In this museum, you can get acquainted with the rich culture and history of Turkey and see the discovered sculptures and plaster casts of the old city of Perge. We recommend that you do not miss visiting this museum if you are interested in history.

Hadrian Gate
One of the most prominent places you can visit and enjoy in the Antalya tour is Hadrian Gate. This gate is a historical arch that was built in the past as a symbol of victory. This gate is called Hadrian Kapisi or Üçkapılar in Turkish.

The ancient city of Aspendos
Aspendos is one of the ancient cities of Antalya, which is home to the oldest and most important amphitheater in the world. The hall of this amphitheater is so large that it has a capacity of 15,000 to 2,000 people. In addition to historical monuments, this city has lush forests and vast and beautiful plains.

Roman Castle
Roman Castle is one of the stone towers in Antalya, which due to its charm and beauty has become one of the sights of Antalya. The castle was built in the 2nd century AD and was rebuilt during the Ottoman and Seljuk eras. Roman Castle is located right in front of the beautiful Carali and Ghoul Park.

The ancient city of Thermos
Another historical and ancient city of Antalya is Thermos, (Alanya is better or Antalya)which is a thousand years old. The city is located 20 km west of Antalya. Thermoses are located on a rock that is completely natural on Mount Goluk at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level without any human intervention.

Attend a sand festival or visit its exhibition
One of the most exciting entertainments and celebrations that is held every year in the beautiful city of Antalya is the Antalya Sand Festival or the Antalya Sandland Festival (Sandland), which is very popular in the fear of locals and tourists.

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