Alps Venice

Alps Venice


Alps Venice

Alps Venice – If you travel to the southeast of France, you should not miss visiting the city of Annecy. This enchanting city with lakes and alpine mountains captivates the heart of every visitor. It is not bad to know that this city is also known as the Venice Alps. The city of Annecy is located in the southeast of France and is located next to the beautiful Lake Annecy. The view of the mountains with their snowy peaks will be attractive to tourists. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 attractions of this enchanting city.

1. Cycling around the lake
Lac d’Annecy seems to have come out of a dream. You have to pinch yourself to be able to accept its astonishing beauty as a reality. You can rent a bike and spend the day exploring it. Whenever you are tired, lie down and rest among the grasses full of chamomile flowers. If you do not like swimming, you can also experience good body water.

2. Boat ride
If you do not have the patience to pedal and pull hard to walk around the lake, you can rent a rowing boat and sit with it from another angle to watch the beauty of the lake. Take care of the surface of this clear blue and enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery without worries and with free wings.

3. Eat Rocket – Alps Venice
This delicious Swiss food should not be overlooked on all days and at any hour of the day or night! This dish is prepared with cheese made from cow’s milk, which is boiled on a fire, poured into a plate, and eaten with potatoes, dried meat, flavored onions, and so on. Rest assured that no moment is as good as eating a rocket as you sit in front of a restaurant fireplace and look at the canals. In any case, do not miss this memorable snack.

4. Walking along the canals – Alps Venice
Spend one, two, or even three days on unpredictable trips along the Anse Canals. Known as the Venice Alps, this small French town with its winding cobbled streets decorated with rows of colorful houses and boxes of bright flowers can fascinate anyone. You can stop at a pastry shop on the way and buy a croissant, or even sit in a cafe and watch the people and the beautiful architecture of the city while drinking coffee.

Alps Venice

5. Shopping in the markets
Numerous markets are held in the city during the week. Among the items on sale can be found fresh food to other things. Sunday Annecy Markets is the best market in France and has a strange charm with its colorful stalls that occupy the streets of the old quarter and the canals.

6. Visit the Bridge of Love
The “Pont des Amours” will be one of the most beautiful places you can see in Annecy. Legend has it that if a couple kisses on this bridge, they will stay together forever. Even if you do not have anyone to realize this legend, you can visit it and enjoy the scenery that includes the lake and the mountains. Rest assured it is worth it!

European Parliament building in Strasbourg

7. Picnic in European gardens
The beautiful European gardens by the lake are one of the best places for picnics and lunch. You can get some sweets, cheese, bread, and cold meat from one of the market stalls and spend a quiet and carefree afternoon on the lawn and watch the tourists passing by.

8. Visit the Island Palace
The “Palais de l’Isle” or the island palace seems to have emerged right from the middle of fairy tales. This monument dates back to the 12th century AD and today hosts a history museum. This palace used to be the prison, the court, and the residence of the lord, and you should stop by it and take a photo anyway. Perhaps this famous building can be easily named one of the most photographed attractions in France. If you want to see inside the building, you should know that in the warmer months of the year, it is open to visitors only a few days a week.

Alps Venice

9. Exploration in churches
Annecy has several Catholic churches that are highly valued for their historic architecture. These include beautiful stained glass, large and magnificent citadels, and medieval paintings. If you are interested in history, you should make time to visit the old churches around the old quarter of Annecy.

10. Spend the day at the beach
If you go to Annecy in the summer, there will be plenty of sandy or grassy beaches along the lake. Swimming in the clear and pleasant waters of this lake can change your mood a lot. Even for relaxing and relaxing in the beautiful scenery of Annecy, this option will be the best thing in front of you.

The city of Annecy in France
The city of Annecy is located in the southeast of France. The city is adjacent to a beautiful lake of the same name and due to the beautiful and snowy peaks has a lot of tourists every day of the year. The clear waters of the lake pass through the city as if the city was built in the middle of the lake. This city is also known as the Venice Alps due to its proximity to the human waters and the Alps. What makes the city of Annecy attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to the southeast of France are the following.

Experience a dream bike ride
Cycling is an exciting sport and pastime. In some cases, it is a relaxing pastime and can separate you from today’s hectic world. However, cycling along the dreamy lake of Annecy can be an incredible experience. You may think that what you see is a dream, but it is better to know from now on that all the scenery of Annecy is completely natural and you will see them when you are awake. You do.

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