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Annecy France


Annecy France

Annecy France – Familiarity with the unfamiliar and relatively unknown cities of any country before going to that country is important because it gives you a comprehensive view of that country. The town of Annecy in France is one of these cities, which is located in the southeastern part of the country. In the following, we will provide more information about the city of Annecy in France.

Area and population of Annecy
The French city of Annecy also has a population of about 50,000 and an area of ​​66.94 square kilometers.

Nearby French cities
In general, the French city of Annecy is very close to cities such as Grenoble and Lyon, 107.01 km and 139.33 km, respectively.

Quality of life in Annecy France
In general, the quality of life in the French city of Annecy is relatively high and the index of security, medical care, climate, and pollution are high, very high, very high, and low, respectively.

Climate conditions of Annecy
The French city of Annecy generally has hot summers and very cold winters with partly cloudy skies. The average temperature in this city during the year varies from -2 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius and temperatures below -7 degrees Celsius or more than 31 degrees Celsius are rare. The warm season of the year begins in the French city of Annecy on June 4 and lasts until September 10 with an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius per day. Also, the hottest day of the year in this city is August 3, with a minimum temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The cold season of the year in this city is from November 17 to February 29 with an average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius per day. The coldest day of the year in this city is January 15 with a minimum temperature of -2 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. According to tourists, the best time to visit the French city of Annecy is from mid-June to early September. The air temperature during this period is between 18 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius.

Annecy France

The cost of living in Annecy France
Of course, the cost of living varies from person to person because different people have different lifestyles. Here are some essential expenses in the city of Annecy, France, such as the cost of food and restaurants, transportation, housing and bills, the Internet, and other expenses in 2020.

Cost of food and restaurant
Expenses related to food and restaurants are among the most important expenses for living. For example, the cost of food in a cheap restaurant is 15 euros and in a restaurant with an average price is 60 euros for 2 people. The cost of high-consumption foods such as milk (1 liter), white bread (1 piece), white rice (1 kg), eggs (12 pieces), and local cheese (1 kg) are equal to 1.22 euros, 1.50 euros, respectively. , 2.70 Euros, 1.96 Euros, and 18.60 Euros. The cost of other foods such as chicken fillet and beef is 11 euros and 16 euros, respectively, per 1 kg. Fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges cost 2.99 euros, 1.99 euros, and 3.99 euros per kilogram, respectively. Tomatoes, potatoes, and onions are priced at 2.65 euros, 3 euros, and 2 euros, respectively, per 1 kg.

transport cost
The cost of transportation in the French city of Annecy is another vital cost and varies depending on the type of transportation. For example, the cost of a one-way ticket (domestic transport) and a one-month ticket is equal to 1.50 euros and 45 euros, respectively. People who use taxis for transportation should also know that the taxi fare is 1.96 Euros per 1 km and the taxi entrance is 15.15 Euros. The cost of gasoline is also very important for those who use personal vehicles. The cost of gasoline in the French city of Annecy is about 1.48 euros per 1 liter.

The cost of housing
Among the living expenses, the cost of housing can be considered the most important cost. This cost varies depending on where you live and the size of your home. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Annecy, France, is generally around € 775 per month, and for a similar apartment outside the city center, it is € 608 per month. The monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in the city center is 1433 Euros and for the same apartment outside the city center is 1180 Euros. People who want to buy a house in the French city of Annecy should know that the cost of buying an apartment in the center and outside the city center is about 5033 euros and 3587 euros per 1 square meter, respectively.

Annecy France

Cost of bills and internet
The cost of bills is also very important and varies depending on the lifestyle and size of the apartment. For example, the cost of water, electricity, and heating and cooling bills for an 85-meter apartment is about 164 euros per month. Internet costs (60 Mbps or more with unlimited data) are around 35 euros.

other costs
Expenses related to living include other expenses in addition to the above expenses. Costs such as clothing and sports and leisure costs are very important to some people. Here’s a look at some of these costs.

The cost of clothing
Costs associated with clothing vary depending on the type of clothing and the store from which the person buys. For example, a pair of jeans (brand Levis 501 or similar brand) costs 105 euros and a summer dress from a chain store (brand Zara, H&M and…) costs 41 euros. A pair of mid-priced sneakers costs € 95 and a pair of men’s formal leather shoes costs € 110.

Annecy Restaurant 

The cost of sports and leisure

Expenditures on sports or recreation vary from person to person, depending on the type of sport and recreation involved. For example, the cost of a sports club for an adult is about 50 euros per month and the cost of renting a tennis court is 16 euros per hour per weekend. The cost of entertainment such as going to the cinema is 12 euros (per ticket).

Annecy is rich because many of its members work in Geneva, for higher wages. So the store is a lot of boutiques and fashionable. My favorite pastimes include sitting among the ancient architecture and watching the people, watching the unique French style. Head to Rue Carnot to start your journey, until you find yourself at the center’s advertising door and get lost in the wonders of Sephora. Despite the luxurious features of Annecy, you can enjoy it on the lowest budget. Visit artisan workshops that are empty on the streets

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