Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium


Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium – It is one of the largest water complexes in the world that has been able to attract many tourists. When you reach the entrance of the glass tunnel of this aquarium, you will encounter an English phrase: “The world’s biggest tunnel aquarium”, which means the largest aquarium tunnel in the world. At first, you may think that this sentence is nothing more than a claim written to attract customers, but when you enter this large 131-meter tunnel, you will definitely find out the truth. Antalya Aquarium is built in a very large and multi-story building that opened in 2012 and was made available to the public.

This building has different parts that we will explain to you so that you can easily visit this recreational attraction until you travel to this Turkish coastal city with a plane ticket to Antalya.

Why is it recommended to visit Antalya Aquarium?

In fact, what has attracted the attention of most tourists about this beautiful aquarium is not just the grandeur of the tunnel, but the diversity of aquatic species in it. Because as soon as you enter this unique collection, you will disappear watching the different types that exist there. It is interesting to know that in this large collection, there are 40 huge and diverse aquariums that the design, lighting, and different types of aquatic species in it are so attractive that you will never get tired of watching them. These features have made Antalya Aquarium one of the most attractive places in Antalya.

Feed the fish with a glass of milk!

Never be surprised if you enter a part of the Antalya Aquarium that is relatively crowded and a large crowd is waiting for their turn to feed the fish with a large glass of milk. Because in a special place, relatively large fish will take their heads out of the water and come to the milk glass in which the fish food is in your hands and start sucking the milk glass in a very funny and mammal-like way. They will. Many tourists who visit the Antalya Aquarium are very interested in this fascinating and funny work.

Antalya Aquarium Store

The different parts of the Antalya Aquarium are not limited to aquatic watching, but there is a very large store that you will be completely surprised to see. Because there are so many different parts that are full of different devices. There you will find a variety of beautiful items and maybe a variety of souvenirs that you can buy for your loved ones whatever you like. Having a big store in this beautiful collection can be very suitable for those who are not very interested in the blue world or aquarium or get bored quickly. In such a situation, you can visit this big store and spend many minutes surfing and shopping.

Reptile section

In addition to a variety of aquatic animals, you can also visit the reptiles of the Antalya Aquarium, which is also worth a visit. Because there are all kinds of very attractive and wonderful types of reptiles that you will enjoy watching them to the fullest. Some of them are so motionless that you may not be able to find them for the first few seconds, but if you wait for a little, you will be able to find them with the slightest movement. In this section, you will find very rare species of reptiles, many of which we are sure you have not even seen in your lifetime, and if you have, you have undoubtedly been in documentaries, not from a very short distance and in reality.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium

Another of the most interesting parts of the Antalya Aquarium is a very special part that is full of snow. In other words, by entering this section, it is as if you have entered winter. The ground and the surface of the wooden houses there are all full of snow, and if you miss children’s snow games or you want to spend exciting and unique moments with your child, you can play in the snow or roll on the snow. And experience unique moments.

3D cinema

If you are tired of long-term sightseeing or watching too many aquatic animals and you want to have a variety in your tour, you can refer to the 3D cinema of this unique collection. If you come to the door of this cinema, you will see excited tourists coming out of the cinema and praising the film and the extraordinary moments they experienced a few minutes ago, and this will make you more and more eager to buy 3D cinema tickets. And sit in your chair with your special 3D glasses and wait for the start of an exciting and special movie and count the seconds to start it.

Antalya Aquarium Restaurant and experience unique flavors

Undoubtedly, after a few hours of walking, sightseeing, fun and excitement, we will be hungry and very tired and thirsty. In such a situation, having a restaurant near the same complex can relieve us of the thought that we can mourn and satisfy our hunger whenever we want. The presence of the restaurant in the Antalya Aquarium has made the tourists who come to this exciting entertainment complex go for a safe walk and pass and whenever they feel hungry and thirsty, they go there and try one of the best foods of their life there. .

How can we get to Antalya Aquarium?

You can go to this large and attractive complex with a variety of vehicles such as taxis or buses, etc. For example, if you want to choose a bus to go to the Antalya Aquarium, you can get to your destination in the shortest possible time by purchasing TK36 or VF2 bus tickets. Do not worry about the shortage of Antalya buses or arriving late to your destination, because every 10 minutes or finally every quarter, a new bus will arrive at the station and pick up tourists and passengers. For more information about Antalya’s entertainment attractions and to buy Antalya plane tickets online, you can visit the Travel Market blog.

What other places of interest can be visited near the Antalya Aquarium?

Antalya Dolphin Land Water Park: 550 meters
Antalya Beach Park: 1 km
Antalya Flamingo Beach Complex: 1 km
Ataturk Cultural Park: 2 km
What hotels are there to stay near Antalya Aquarium?

Su Hotel: 400 meters
Kaimaz Kardashler Hotel: 1 km
Parlamar Hotel: 1 km
Corner Park Hotel: 2 km
To get acquainted with the facilities and services of Antalya hotels, you can visit the Travel Market blog.
What restaurants and eateries are close to Antalya Aquarium?

McDonald’s Restaurant: 170 meters
Karmizi restaurant: 550 meters
Mado Restaurant: 600 meters
Mehmet Restaurant: 700 meters
Ozsut Park Restaurant: 1 km

Antalya Aquarium

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