Asylum in Mexico

Asylum in Mexico


Asylum in Mexico

Asylum in Mexico – Mexico is a country in South-North America, and immigration to Mexico through asylum is one of the riskiest immigration methods. Many people immigrate to this country every year in different ways. As it is now ranked 14th among the countries in the world in terms of attracting tourists to Mexico. While stating that asylum is an illegal process, to prevent the exploitation of some profiteers, we are here to examine immigration to Mexico through asylum. Those interested in this subject are invited to read the material to the end and finally apply for legal immigration to Mexico. Note, however, that Soroush Saadat Ambassadors Law Firm will not take any action in the field of asylum in Mexico or other countries.

Asylum in Mexico

About Mexico
Mexico is a vast country and one of the most populous countries in the world. The capital city is Mexico City and the people in this country speak Spanish. Mexico has very good economic conditions. In terms of GDP, it is ranked 15th among countries in the world. The country still has abundant oil and gas reserves, and its highest income is based on the production of electronic equipment and the export and import of oil and gas to other countries. Also, a large part of the annual income of this country is from the tourism industry.

Conditions for migrating to Mexico through the asylum
Many people migrate to other countries through illegal routes and cross very dangerous routes, which sometimes lead to loss of life. In 2021, most countries oppose immigration through asylum and have tried to enact strict laws to prevent people from entering other countries illegally. According to statistics reported from 2015-to 2016, the Mexican Refugee Agency has applied for approximately 5,421 asylum seekers in Mexico.

Definition of refugees in Mexico
According to the Geneva Convention on Refugees, a refugee is a person who, for reasons such as religion, creed, race, nationality, and political and religious beliefs, has been forced to leave his or her homeland and seek refuge in another country. According to this convention, countries are obliged to support this group of people and provide them with all suitable living facilities. In many cases, people leave their homeland to achieve high quality of life, in which case the asylum application of such people will not be approved and they will be returned to their homeland. Countries apply for asylum until their application has been processed and the result is not announced. During this period, these people must live in refugee camps and will not be allowed to work, study or study. People who have sought refuge in other countries for political, social, or religious reasons can provide proof of their statements to Prove the country and receive asylum in the country. The government in question will interview him during the meetings by reviewing and evaluating the documents presented and will announce the result to him after the review is completed. If the asylum application is approved, the person will have rights such as employment, education, and some other rights.

Asylum in Mexico

Rejected asylum application in Mexico
Those whose asylum application is not approved must leave the country at the specified time. Of course, many countries do not force them out of the country due to humanitarian issues, but they will not be entitled to salaries. People can travel to Mexico through legal means such as immigration through work, investing in Mexico, or studying in Mexico. Because it is very difficult to immigrate to Mexico through asylum, it is very difficult for people to obtain permanent residence or Mexican citizenship, and in some cases, they will face disagreement with this government.

Work migration to Mexico – Asylum in Mexico
As mentioned, the subject of this article is immigration to Mexico through asylum, but one of the best ways to immigrate to Mexico is to immigrate for work. To do so, foreign nationals other than US and UK citizens must obtain a work visa. To apply for a work visa, individuals must have a job offer or a job invitation from employers in Mexico. Apply to companies related to their jobs. If the person has the required capabilities of these employers, he will be interviewed and after concluding an employment contract, a job invitation will be sent to him. You can then apply for a Mexican work visa.

Mexico and Capital Visas
In this part of the article, to acquaint you, dear readers, with the investment conditions in Mexico, we first examine the capital visas of this country. There are currently two ways investors can invest in Mexico. In other words, it is possible to obtain two types of investment visas in this country. One through company registration and the other through the property purchase. It is necessary to know that by registering a company and buying a property in this country, you will receive permanent residence from the very beginning. In the following sections on investing in Mexico, we will provide you with comprehensive information on these two methods. A general acquaintance with Mexico before immigration will help you to immigrate more successfully. For your familiarity with the general conditions of Mexico, we have designed the following table.

Invest by registering a company in Mexico
Registering a company in Mexico has no residential advantage per se. Company registration can be used in the form of an immigration program. For example, if a foreigner registers an active business in Mexico and pays taxes to the Mexican government. He can obtain permanent residence in this country from the very beginning. The minimum capital required to register a company and buy a business in Mexico is $ 100,000 to $ 130,000. In other words, the investor must buy the company’s shares worth $ 100,000 or $ 130,000 and thus obtain permanent residence in this country. One of the advantages of registering a company and buying shares in Mexico is that there is no need for an investor. Keep in mind that to receive permanent residence, the investor must provide the company with the documents related to the registration of the company and the documents related to the number of shares purchased.

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