Atatourk Tomb

Ataturk Tomb


Ataturk Tomb

Ataturk Tomb – Ataturk is one of the most famous and popular Turkish personalities that many tourists in this country travel to Turkey only to visit the tomb of this person, so in this section of the site we intend to introduce this attraction and express information. For example, if you are planning to travel to Turkey and visit this tomb, stay with us so that in addition to knowing the address of Ataturk’s tomb, you can learn more about this attraction.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was one of the most famous political leaders of Turkey in the contemporary era and made many reforms in the political and social system of this country. Therefore, he is very popular and has a special place among the people of Turkey. He passed away on November 10, 1938, and 6 years later, the construction of his tomb began. It is interesting to know that the construction of Ataturk’s tomb took about 9 years and was finally completed in 1953 and made available to the public.

It is good to know that Ataturk Tomb is located in Ankara, in the Çankaya region, and the address of Atatürk Tomb is very easy to reach, so all tourists touring Ankara can go to this tomb and visit it.

Ataturk Tomb

If you want to visit the address of Ataturk’s tomb and visit this complex, you should know that this tomb includes various parts, some of which we will introduce in the following.

Peace Park:

In the area around Ataturk’s tomb, there is a 630,000-square-meter park called the Peace Park, where 50,000 different species of trees and more than 100 different species of flowers are grown if you are interested in nature and sightseeing. You are beautiful flowers and plants. Do not forget to visit Ataturk Tomb Peace Park.

Independence Tower:

Esteghlal Tower is actually a building on which there is a very beautiful sculpture with a symbolic personal image of a sword in hand. Also, visitors to this section can see a collection of Ataturk’s speeches on the issue of independence in this tower.

Azadi Tower:

The stone role in the Freedom Tower is a collection of images of the Angel of Freedom, which is a symbol of sanctity, and in this tower, there is an inscription of Ataturk’s words about freedom.

Women’s sculpture:

Opposite the Freedom Tower is a statue of three Turkish women, each of whom symbolizes one of the hallmarks of Turkish women. The first statue shows a woman asking God for mercy for Ataturk. The second belongs to a woman who is mourning the loss of Ataturk, and the third statue shows a clustered woman who is a symbol of blessing and abundance in Turkey.

Ataturk Tomb

Men’s sculpture:

Right next to the statue of women, there is a group of Turkish men, one of which is a symbol of Turkish soldiers, another is a symbol of the country’s intellectual youth, and the third is a symbol of Turkish villagers. It is interesting to know that in the face of each statue The grief over Ataturk’s death is quite evident.

Lions Road:

One of the most famous and interesting parts of Ataturk’s tomb is a 262-meter passage that ends at the ceremony square. If you go to the address of Ataturk’s tomb, you will see that there are about 24 sitting lion statues on this path, which shows that there are 24 Oguz tribes and they are a symbol of power and peace in Turkey.

Ataturk Tomb Ceremony Square:

As we mentioned before, the Lions Road ends in a square called the Ceremony Square. This part is actually a rectangular area that can accommodate 15,000 people at the same time. It should be mentioned that this square is the place where the national ceremony is held. It is Turkey and important celebrations of this country such as the Republic Day celebration are held in this part of Ataturk’s tomb.
It is good to know that the floor of this area is decorated with paving in the form of traditional rugs and has a very beautiful view.

Ataturk Museum:

The Ataturk Museum is one of the most important parts of the Ataturk Tomb, which was inaugurated on June 21, 1960, and is the place where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s personal belongings are kept. Tourists put on a tour of Ankara.

The main building of the tomb:

The main building of Ataturk Tomb is divided into three separate parts, which are Ataturk Tomb, Hall of Fame, Tomb Room.

Ataturk Tomb:

Ataturk Tomb is the main part of Ataturk’s tomb, which is located in the square of this complex, and tourists must visit the stairs at the entrance of the building to visit it. After going up the stairs, you will see a square building that is surrounded by numerous columns and there are gold inscriptions of Ataturk’s words on the walls on either side.

Hall of Fame:

In this hall, a symbolic mausoleum has been built for Ataturk, which has a red stone and is located at the end of the hall and has given a very magnificent view of the hall.
On the walls of the hall are inscriptions of Ataturk’s words as well as a number of bronze torches.

Tomb room:

The tomb room of the complex is located just below the symbolic tomb of Ataturk and on the ground floor. This room is octagonal and has a pyramid-shaped roof. In the middle of this room, there is a red coffin with soil from different parts of Turkey. Filled.
If you are going to visit the address of Ataturk’s tomb and visit this complex, you should know that there are many facilities for the well-being of the visitors in this complex, some of which include voice guides, hiking trails, toilets, galleries, Shop and so on.

Ways to access the address of Ataturk’s tomb:

Tourists touring Ankara can use the city’s various means of public transportation to reach the address of Ataturk’s tomb.


One of the best and easiest ways to reach the address of Ataturk Mausoleum is by bus. The nearest bus stop to this complex is called Anadolu Maidan. This station is located 200 meters from the main door of the tomb and tourists can easily To this attraction


Tourists touring Ankara can use the Ankara Metro if they wish to access the address of Ataturk’s Tomb, but they should note that the nearest metro station (Mal Tappeh Station) is about 700 meters from Ataturk Tomb.

Another point that tourists should pay attention to before visiting the address of Ataturk’s tomb is the working hours of this complex, which are as follows:

12 Bahman to 24 Ordibehesht: from 9:00 AM to 16:30 PM
May 25 to November 30: from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
10 November to 12 March: from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM

It should be noted that this collection does not have entrance tickets and tourists touring Ankara can visit this tomb for free, but keep in mind that if you use the audio guide, you will have to pay about 10 lire.
Address of Ataturk Tomb: Ataturk Tomb, Ankara

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