Auction in Dubai

Auction in Dubai


Auction in Dubai

Auction in Dubai – Dubai can be considered almost the most touristic city in the UAE, a city with many tourist attractions, and a unique place whose scenery can not be seen anywhere in the world. Skyscrapers are located right next to thatched windbreaks. . In fact, few cities in the world can be seen like Dubai with this contrast but also attractive. One of the most exciting attractions of Dubai is the shopping festivals and festivals that are held every year and it has a lot of fans.

When are the Dubai and UAE auction seasons?
It is common for UAE shopping malls to receive exciting discounts in the summer around July and August and in the winter around January and February. But the point that you must be aware of is that the real-time discounts in UAE shopping malls are not known and vary from year to year, and in addition, each Emirati has a different time for the auction season. In fact, every year, almost 6 months ago, the exact time of the Dubai auction season and the auction season of other UAE cities is determined. You can find out the exact auction time of that year every year with a simple internet search and plan a trip to the UAE in advance. It is good to know that every year there is an interesting festival called the Shopping Festival in Dubai, which starts every year, either from the end of December or the beginning of January, and lasts for about 1 month. This festival is dedicated to Dubai and its discounts are better than ever.

Shopping in Dubai – Auction in Dubai
Dubai Shopping Festivals started in the 90s and in 1996 with more than 6,000 stores, but these festivals do not only offer shopping at very reasonable prices. During these festivals, in addition to shopping, you can also enjoy the variety of concerts, shows, entertainment activities, and playgrounds that are part of these festivals, and the good atmosphere and joy that exists at this time, to the fullest. Use.

Auction in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival time
In general, 23 shopping festivals take place in Dubai annually, of which the winter festival is the most famous and popular. The Dubai Winter Festival or Dubai Shopping Festival may be held in different years with a short time difference, but it will usually last from January 26th to January 27th; During this Dubai Shopping Festival, shops and malls are open for a longer period of time, and as long as shoppers visit them, these stores will be open and offer their services well. On the last days and holidays of each week, fireworks, dancing, and joy are held in different places of the city.
Al Seef Dubai at 8:30 p.m.
La Mer at 9:30 p.m.
It should be noted that this festival or the auction season in Dubai does not have an exact time, and generally, it is held from early January to mid-February, which is better to know the exact time of the festival every year on the sites related to the festival. Check out Dubai shopping on the relevant sites of this country. On the last day of the festival, on the occasion of the closing of the shopping festival, fireworks are played simultaneously on Al-Saif Street and Lamer Beach at 21:00, which you can watch.

Location of Dubai Shopping Festival – Auction in Dubai
When you arrive in this city, you will notice the Dubai Shopping Festival and you do not need to think that this festival belongs to a specific place in the city. In any of the shops and markets in Dubai, wherever you go, you will find reasonable discounts on goods. Even in some of the city’s major parks and squares, you can find local markets that are temporarily open during the festival. See Dubai being held and also a variety of games and events being held in markets and open spaces.

What can you buy in Dubai?
Although most people who travel to this city, especially during its 2 festivals, are looking to buy clothes, apart from clothes, perfumes and sanitary ware, gold, home appliances, and decorative accessories, decorations and digital accessories, There are other equipments that are given good discounts.

The advantage of shopping at the Dubai Festival
In addition to the fact that you have significant discounts during your shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival, there are other things that are in your favor that we will mention below. Shop in this city, you will also participate in various lotteries that will be held there, and very valuable prizes will be waiting for you. For example, in some lotteries up to 500,000 UAE dirhams, which is equivalent to 203,100,000 tomans, customers will be rewarded.
A variety of play equipment and programs are provided for your children during the festival so that they do not get bored while the children are shopping. There are various street programs throughout the city, many of which are provided by foreign nationals. Rummy lovers who like different foods on the street during the festival, as a large number of food shops in the streets and shops sell food, can make a heart to mourn and enjoy the street food of Dubai.

Auction in Dubai

You will also see exhibitions of handicrafts and visual arts in the corners of shopping malls and you can watch them while shopping. Numerous musicians also work throughout the city and hold various programs for clients. Fireworks and magic games entertain many travelers and buyers during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Sports competitions and contests are also held at the same time as the Shopping Festival, which is interesting for sports enthusiasts. Visa services for foreign tourists during this period Time flies faster. Because the festival is so popular internationally, you may see a lot of celebrities during your trip to the city during the Dubai Festival.

Tips to follow for the shopping festival in Dubai!
Go to the mall early in the morning.
And it is Saturday, try not to go to the malls on weekends because many people choose these days to shop and the crowds may bother you.
Go to shops where all the goods are auctioned.
This festival lasts about 5 weeks so you do not need to hurry, try to enjoy your shopping and have an exciting shopping experience.
Check the website for the time of the festival.

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