Austrian chocolate

Austrian chocolate


Austrian chocolate

Austrian chocolate – If you have traveled to Austria, whether at the airport or in shops and the city, you must have seen the Manner wafer biscuits, and maybe you have bought them. If you have not traveled to Austria, I must tell you that these delicious biscuits are one of the most famous and popular souvenirs in Austria. But let’s read together how the idea of ​​producing these delicious wafers came to Mr. Mener!

A small shop in the heart of Vienna

In 1890 Josef Manner opened a small shop in the heart of Vienna, just a short distance from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, selling mainly chocolate and fig coffee. From the beginning, Joseph wanted to offer better quality chocolate products at a lower price. “Every kid Kreuzer spends on my product should not only be eaten as a snack, but it should also have nutritional value,” said Joseph Menner.

Zhivar Safir Novin – Austrian chocolate

Establishment of CHOCOLADEN FABRIK JOSEF FABRIK as a brand. At the age of 25, Joseph decided to make his chocolate because he was not satisfied with the quality of the products he bought from other manufacturers. For this reason, he obtained the license, permit, and equipment necessary to set up a small chocolate production workshop in the 5th district of Vienna. From March 1, 1890, he was the new owner of Chocoladenfabrik Josef Manner.

Chocolate for everyone

Chocolate was a slogan for everyone that was chosen for this company from the very beginning. From the early 1890s, the company was forced to expand due to its great success. The tephansplatz store and factory building in Wildenmanngasse quickly became very small and sold out. By 1897, the former confectionery salesman had become a major chocolate maker, producing pure and real chocolates and having more than 100 employees at the company’s headquarters in Hernalser Kulmgasse.


Neapolitan wafer number 239. The Manner wafer, which even became iconic in Hollywood thanks to the approval of Arnold Schwarzenegger, was listed in the Manner catalog in 1898 under the relatively practical name “Napolitan Wafer No. 239”.

or – Austrian chocolate

The hazelnut used to spread between the five layers of wafers originated in the area around Naples.

manemanneref Manner & Comp AG is a rare example of a successful Austrian company that has been largely family-owned since its inception.

Partnerships are not always bad

The company’s rapid success persuaded Joseph Menner to find a business partner sooner. He selected Alfred Teller, an active and persistent accountant who joined the company in his third fiscal year and owned half of the shares. But on October 16, 1900, two years after the creation of Wafer MenerMenzerler sold his share to his nephew Johann Rudel. This was the foundation of the successful collaboration between the MenerMenzerRiddle families that continues to this day.

Manner The number one manufacturer of the empire

After expanding the factory building, which had existed since 1895, and replacing the old MenerMenzer’snts’ house with a new one, the Manner Company finally succeeded in becoming the number one confectionery manufacturer in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Given such a success story, it was natural for him to think of the public as any other booming company. October 23, 1913, Fina,lly Josef Manner & Co. It became a joint-stock company under the name Josef Manner & Comp AG. The company, which employed 3,000 people, owned 60 transport horses and had state-of-the-art production facilities, run by Joseph MMenzerand Johann Rudel, supported by his four sons and son-in-law. The company’s founder, Josef Manner, died on May 5, 1947.

Red bar packaging of biscuits Austrian wafer heritage

In 1960, MenerMenzerlly leaped at the age of technology. The determining factor for this leap was an innovation that is still relevant in terms of industrial design history. Manner wafer aluminum double foil packaging was designed with ordinary red tear tape to preserve the flavor and aroma of the wafer. The new packaging not only ensures more durability, but also makes it easier to open the packaging, and has been a classic Austrian design ever since.


In 1970 the company with the second second-largest rain confectionery company, Napoli, Ragendorfer & Co. With the addition of the Casali and Napoli brands, MenerMenzerable quickly expands its reach to produce several other popular sweet products, such as the Casali and Napoli Dragee Keksi chocolate bananas. Josef Manner & Comp AG’s turnover for fiscal the l year 2018 was € 209.9 million.


In 2000, Victor Schmidt & Söhne GmbH, as a member of the Manner family, established companies called Ildefonso and Victor Schmidt Austria Mozartkugeln.

Austrian Souvenirs – Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are one of the jewels and decorative tools for Austria, which became very popular with the people of the world with its theatre and beautiful carvings. Department stores across the country offer the best type of crystal with the most amazing cuts. A museum for the preservation of crystals has also been established in Vienna, which can be of interest to travelers.


Another lovely souvenir of Austria is traditional leather shorts, which people wear on Halloween night. Relatively funny shorts, which have become part of Austrian customs, are the best Austrian souvenirs today.

 KlimtKlimt’stings on porcelain and ceramic dishes

Klimt is a famous and iconic painting in Austria, which is also very popular with the people. This painter designed decorative utensils for the first time to use utensils to decorate homes. Later, these roles were performed on all kinds of clothes, umbrellas, shoes, and tea sets. If you travel to Austria, be sure to visit the Klimt painting shops, because you will have souvenirs.


You may be interested to know that bear dolls are one of the symbols of Austria, which have one of the best souvenirs of Austria by wearing the traditional clothes of this land. Dolls in different sizes and with girls ‘and boys’ clothes can be different and lovely souvenirs for your children or loved ones. In the more original type, these funny bears, with traditional leather shorts, have more sales.

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