Austrian souvenirs

Austrian souvenirs


Austrian souvenirs

Austrian souvenirs – Tourists who do not reside in the European Union can recover part of the tax on the purchased item by purchasing goods for more than 75 euros. To do this, a special form must be filled out at the time of purchase in the shop, during which the buyer must undertake to remove the purchased goods from the customs borders of the European Union within three months and stamp the customs confirmation at the bottom of the goods exit sheet. There is a rainbow of Austrian and international merchandise in local markets, agricultural markets, vendors’ and antique markets, and you will surely find what you are looking for. Christmas markets are especially spectacular. In these markets, all kinds of Christmas tree decorations, cakes for these days, and various handicrafts are sold. You can make beautiful souvenirs. In this article, we will discuss the most popular souvenirs of Austria.

Austria is the name of a relatively small country in Central Europe, with Vienna as its capital and the German dialect as one of the most beautiful lands to choose from as a dream destination. In 2015, this land became the fourteenth most powerful and rich country in the world. Austria’s policies are based on the Labor Party and are very interested in tourism. Austria and Germany are two trading partners, and ethnic groups such as Hungarians, Oslo, and Croats make up the country’s largest population. If you are planning to travel to Austria, in addition to identifying its tourist attractions, be sure to know the list of its best souvenirs, so that you can find what you are looking for when shopping with free wings.

Austrian snowball

We also saw snowballs in American souvenirs. According to the narrations, snowballs were first made in Austria and then imported to other countries. You will find this decorative device in many musical or simple ways in the market and shopping malls of Vienna.

Austrian musical boxes

If you are a child of the ’60s, you will well remember the TV story of a girl named Nell; A girl with a musical box whose music was played everywhere in the series. It is also worth noting that Austria has developed talented musicians and sells the original and classical music of people such as Mozart, Beethoven, Hayden, Schubert, and Brahms in wooden musical boxes. You can give a small sample of these beautiful wooden boxes as a gift to your friends and acquaintances for easy carrying.

 Austrian glass (sisi star)

Cecistar is a beautiful gloss with which the queens and prominent women of Austrian history adorned their hair. Of course, these glasses were originally made of expensive diamonds and gold. But you can also find common examples of them in Austria.

Austrian rhinestones and jewelry

If you travel to Austria, compare the jewelry and rhinestones of this country with other places you have visited; You will notice that this country also has its special plans. If you can afford this type of craft, you will find a wide variety of beautiful jewelry and rhinestones in Austria. The Austrians use a variety of colors and designs to make these accessories.

 Austrian apricot jam – Austrian souvenirs

If you have enough time to travel to Vienna, be sure to go to Waco Street. Because apricot trees are grown here, a variety of products including jams, compotes, and sweet liqueurs are sold. If you want to give a special souvenir, apricot products are the best choice.

 Austrian hazelnut wafer

One of the delicacies you can find at reasonable prices in Austria is the hazelnut wafer. Hazelnut wafer with cocoa is one of the most delicious and nutritious snacks you can try while touring Austria. To get these wafers, you can go to Vienna supermarkets and other places in Austria.

 Mozart Chocolate Austria

Europeans usually produce very tasty and high-quality chocolate products, the most important of which is Swiss, which is described in the Swiss souvenir. But the Austrians also have the famous chocolate from the Mozart Kogel brand, which, although somewhat expensive, is worth a try or even to buy.

 Austrian magnet

We are familiar with magnets, and in many of the types of souvenirs we have presented so far, magnets have a special place, because they are cheap and very easy to carry, and you will bring with you various symbols from the country you have traveled to. Brought. But what symbols of Austria do you think the Austrian magnets depict?

 Austrian dishes

Traditional, handmade, and wooden utensils are the types of utensils known as Austrian souvenirs. The design of these dishes is related to the historical and royal era of this country. You can make different types of porcelain or wood for personal use or choose one of their sets as a gift.

 Austrian painting

Gustav Klimt is a famous and proud artist in the Austrian art world. This artist has designed and painted many paintings of the tradition and culture of this country, and you can make all kinds of paintings of this artist in the form of copies of small paintings, T-shirts, glasses, umbrellas, and other goods.

Sardis of famous composers Bust

World-famous composers such as Schubert, Mozart, and Beethoven are considered Austrian music legends, especially in Vienna. One of the best souvenirs of Austria is the Sardis of its famous composers, which is also very popular. Some souvenir shops also sell phonograph records or CDs of the great symphonies of these greats next to the Sardis.

Wafer Menar

Undoubtedly, food is always one of the best and most popular souvenirs of any country, and it is usually the most sold. One of the most delicious dishes in Austria is a type of wafer called Menzer, which is produced with different chocolates and in different flavors. The wafer factory was founded in 1898 by a man named JosephMenzerr to create a kind of occasional evening snack for the people, but he may not have thought that one day it would become a famous Austrian souvenir.

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