beaches Nice

beaches Nice


beaches Nice

beaches Nice – The beaches of Nice are famous and you will visit them during your trip to this beautiful city. In this article, we will introduce them. The bay is surrounded by 15 private beaches and 20 public beaches, which are full of restaurants, water sports facilities and canopies, and sunbeds. Although private beaches have more luxurious facilities such as changing rooms, towels, and sun loungers, they are only open from April to October and are seasonal. Whether you are looking for a playground with lifeguards or you want to dine in a restaurant by the water, you can experience a happy time on one of the ten beaches below.

Opera Beach – beaches Nice
The Opéra Plage is the oldest private beach in Nice and has been operating since 1889. This beach has been ruled for several generations by the Maiffret family and is one of the most popular private beaches in Nice. Even if you forget the swimsuit, do not worry, because you have all kinds of features and you can even buy from them. Do you need a beach massage? You can easily have a professional massager by your bedside on the beach. The waterfront terrace also offers good food to customers from noon to 5 pm, some of which you can enjoy on the beach. Beach chairs can be rented from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Le Galet
Le Galet is one of the newer private beaches of Nice, named after the pebbles of the southeastern coast. On this beach, you will see beautiful dark blue beach beds and white canopies that are very eye-catching. The beach is open only from April to October, and its restaurant hosts a large crowd for lunch from the beginning of the first heatwave. Le Gale is located in the heart of the city and in front of the old quarter. This beach offers you one of the best views for the carnival parade in February. We suggest you try the delicious Italian ice creams and pizzas here. Nice beaches

beaches Nice

Castell Beach
Castel Plage is open from 10 am to midnight and starts in April and runs until September. This private beach, located at the end of the English promenade under “Castle Hill”, is ideal for those who like to spend the whole day by the sun. Here you can rent beach beds for 17 euros and pay only 20 euros for a full day. Of course, to be sure of your bed, we suggest you book it with a phone. You can enjoy a special menu in the restaurant on this beach, which is made with local ingredients. Nice beaches

Beach roll
The Ruhl Plage is family-run and has been operating near the Albert I Garden since 1920. The beach, which has the charm of the past, has a separate swimming pool for children and also has 80 private cabins with showers. From 9 am to 12:30 pm you can enjoy yourself here and rent the beds from 9 am to 7 pm for 22 euros.

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Bo Ridge
The Beau Rivage opens in its season from May to September and has two distinct aspects: one is the open-air Zen restaurant with sunbeds and a new menu of tapas, and the other is passionate nights with DJs. Bo Ridge is located at the bottom of the Old Quarter on the English Promenade and hosts people from 10 a.m. to midnight. Nice beaches

Blue Beach
“Blue Beach” is ideal for fans of water sports and you can have a good time there. It is one of the few beaches that are open all year round and has a bed, a children’s pool, and a beach restaurant. In the summer months it is open from 8 am to midnight and the restaurant is open to customers for lunch and dinner, but in other months the beach is closed at 7 am.

Ben Miller – beaches Nice
Bains Militaires is located at the Corsica passenger ferry terminal near the port and is more like a local secret because it is located in the residential part of the city and away from the hustle and bustle of English promenades. This former army beach is open to the public today, but you can not expect any facilities there. This beach does not have an ideal restaurant but you can find a few restaurants near it.

Lou Wallia Beach
Le Voilier Plage is the closest beach to the AC Hotel Nice and is one of the wider beaches along with the Dosage. It has both a private and a public section for sunbathing and a playground for children. The beach is open from 9:30 to 6 pm during the season, but travelers can visit the restaurant all months of the year and enjoy lunch or dinner in Italy or the Mediterranean.

beaches Nice

Kara Beach
Carras Beach is located near the airport in the western part of the English Promenade and is the only beach suitable for pets. It is also the only beach that is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and has wheelchair access. You can skate here from May to September. The only drawback to this beach is the lack of toilets and restaurants, but there is a lifeguard daily and you will find free public parking nearby.

Villefranche Sur Mer
If you drive east and Monaco, the first city you will encounter will be Villefranche-sur-Mer, which has a crescent shape and is popular for its sand, which is larger than pebbles. It is only a quarter of a mile from Nice Main Train Station. Snacks can be found along the many bars and there is also a beach restaurant. This beach is ideal for swimming and diving and you can easily enter and exit the shallow waters. Buying a home in France will make your stay easier. There is always a place to live in France that suits your tastes and desires. From bustling seaside towns for family fun to relaxing towns and relaxing areas. Immigrants from all over the world choose French cities to live, work and study.

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