beautiful Finland city

beautiful Finland city


beautiful Finland city

beautiful Finland city – Finland has always been one of the destinations that always shines and has a lot of fans. Maybe it’s because of the cold winters and long nights, or the summers that are not over. Beautiful lakes and forests are also among the most beautiful. If you are interested in watching the northern lights or you like to spend the night in an Eskimo house, you can choose your destination among these ten beautiful and spectacular cities in Finland. Finnish origin has been influenced by the Austrians and Russians, and we must now try to regain our original Finnish identity. The Finnish language is intertwined with the culture of the country. Fewer languages ​​have this feature. Finnish is the language of Finland and is a third word used to describe Finland itself, which is used by the natives and residents of Finland. It is natural for other countries to have a correct understanding and familiarity with the original Finnish word. Finland is a country with many natural attractions. All Finns are proud to be able to live in the silence and tranquility of nature. Most people live their lives inspired by their ancestors and prefer being in nature to urbanization. If you ever go to Finland, you can use a third to create love and intimacy between the natives. A word that few people know about the big secret behind it. When the natives of Finland introduce themselves first by a third name and then by a Finnish name, it indicates that they like to keep themselves close to nature and what their ancestors handed down to them. Finland has the highest environmental performance index in the world, according to reports from the Environmental Law and Government Policy Organization. Finland has also established 40 national parks over the years since independence.

beautiful Finland city

1. Turku
For centuries, the city of Turku, before Helsinki, was the capital and largest city of Finland. Many believe that the city originated in the 13th century, which is why Turku is considered the oldest city in Finland. It is located on the southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of the Avra ​​River. It is one of the most colorful cities in Finland, and in the summer, when the weather is warmer, cruising on the river with yachts is one of the most popular activities. Turku is a small city where you will not notice the passage of time.

2. Lappeenranta – beautiful Finland city
The city of La Prensa is located next to the fourth largest lake in Europe, Lake Saimaa. This city is one of the most popular destinations for Finns to visit in their home country. The main season of traveling to this city is summer because many activities related to the lake can be done. However, the number of tourists who visit this city in winter is also increasing. The location of this city also makes it a politically important city because it is located between the cities of Helsinki and St. Petersburg, which acts as a bridge between Russia and Finland. The city does not have many historical structures because many of its old buildings were destroyed by fire in the 18th century, but the beautiful nature of this area is enough to attract many fans.

Night Finland 

3. Savonlinna
The city of Savonlinna was founded in 1639. The city has many historical and ancient monuments, including Olavinlina Castle and Karimaki Church, which is the largest wooden church in the world. Carolina also has several beautiful lakes.

4. Hanko
It may come as a surprise, but Finland also has beaches. Hanko is a place where many people go to enjoy the sun. Finland is a bilingual country where the majority of the population speaks Finnish and a limited number speak Swedish. But 44% of Hanko people are Swedish. The city has long been under Russian control.

5. Mariehamn
Mariam is the capital of the land Islands in Finland, where the people are Swedish-speaking. Built-in the late 19th century, it is a modern, up-to-date city. Mariam is popular in summer and winter and has long been an important port in Finland.

6. Tampere
Tampere is one of the largest cities in Finland after Helsinki, which is also the industrial center of the country. This poem is nicknamed “North Manchester”. Tampere is also one of Finland’s oldest cities, but the contrast between industrial buildings and the nature of the area has made it more beautiful.

7. Rovaniemi – beautiful Finland city
The town of Rovaniemi is the capital of the Lapland region in the northernmost point of Finland. The city is located ten kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, which makes it always cold and wintery, but at the same time watching the phenomenon of aurora borealis has added to the attractiveness of the region. Part of the city was damaged in World War II, so most of the buildings seen in the area today are new buildings, and only a limited number of old buildings such as City Hall or Lapia House, theater or library can be found. Seen in this city.

beautiful Finland city

8. A little (Kemi)
The town is located in the southern part of Lapland and is another beautiful and snowy city in Finland. The little city has no buildings or monuments to show you, but the spectacular attraction of this city is a castle made of snow, which is called a snow castle. The ice castle is rebuilt every year and its design changes every time and it always has visitors. Artists from the area come together to come up with new ideas for the castle every year. There are nice tables and chairs in this snow castle and you can spend a day in an ice castle.

9. Rasborg
Rosburg is located in southern Finland and is where Swedish is the majority language. In this city, you can see both artificial and natural attractions. The sights of this city include the neoclassical church and the streets that are full of wooden houses.

10. Saariselka
If you dream of staying in an Eskimo house and would like to see the colorful aurora borealis, you can go to Sariselka and stay in a hotel built in the style of an Eskimo house with glass roofs and watch this beautiful natural phenomenon.

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