Belarus State Technical University

Belarus State Technical University


Belarus State Technical University

Belarus State Technical University was established in 1920 and is now one of the largest scientific, research, and technical training centers in Belarus. More than fifty thousand full-time or part-time domestic and foreign students and postgraduate and specialized courses in seventy-two disciplines are studying at the State Technical University. Interested in education, about 1,800 of whom have professorships. State Technical University has contracted to exchange professors and students with more than 64 scientific, technical, and research institutes around the world. Its graduates work in public and private positions in 100 countries around the world. A student of the Belarusian State Technical University named “Joseph Alfiorf” was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000. Belarus State Technical University has 15 faculties. The faculties of the Belarusian State Technical University are as follows:

Faculty of Agricultural Machinery

School of Architecture

Faculty of Engineering

School of Industrial Machinery

School of Mechanics and Technology

Faculty of Industry

School of Roads and Construction

School of Information Technology

School of Management, Business, and Marketing

Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Transportation

School of Energy Production and Construction

Faculty of Energy

Belarus Technical University has 109 different departments, 5 specialized production offices, a scientific research unit including 46 specialized laboratories, an international institute of correspondence education, and 3 higher institutes with 6 branches for specialized training in this university. At present, Belarus State Technical University has 130 full-time students and 40 part-time students. About 1,600 outstanding professors, more than 50% of whom have advanced degrees at the Technical University. The Belarusian government is teaching. More than 50% of Belarus’s industrial specialists in the fields of machinery, transport, metallurgy, roads, buildings, and architecture at the international level have graduated from the Belarusian State Technical University.

 Tuition of Belarus Technical University

Annual engineering courses 1300 Euros

Annual IT course 1450 Euros

Annual architecture 1750 Euros

Many fields of study in Belarus are in English. Belarus is a very developing country and is connected to Schengen, surrounded by land with short and cool summers, and is a good place for winter recreation in Europe Russia, Ukraine Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia are bordered. Its capital is the beautiful 950-year-old city of Minsk. The following is the destination of many students around the world:

1) Easy admission in all technical fields of engineering and other fields in all different levels of education, medical and dental specialties except of medical sciences and after the end of the course, is accompanied by an entrance exam.

2) Belarus State University has a scientific rank of 596 in the world and is 90 years old.

4) Low cost of living and education compared to other countries

5) A very safe environment for studying and living without racial discrimination

Belarus State Technical University

Tuition fees at Belarusian universities

One of the advantages of studying in Belarus is that the cost of studying and living in Belarus is lower than in many other countries.

Average tuition fees in Belarus:

 $ 1,500 undergraduate semester

 $ 1,700 Masters

 $ 2,000 PhD semester

Other tuition fees in Belarus

1- The cost of college courses for a 9-month course:

Russian Patfak: $ 2300 to $ 2600 $

English Patfak: $ 4,500

2- The cost of studying pharmacy

F5 years in Russ, and it is $ 3450 per year.

3- The cost of 5 years of dental education

In Russian: $ 3,820 per year

In English: $ 4,800 per year

4- The cost of a 6-year medical course

In Russian: $ 3450 per year

In English: $ 4,200

Belarusian universities offer accommodation for students. The cost of accommodation for students is low and is around $ 250-300 $. 13 new European countries have entered the top rankings of universities in the world in the new year.

 The best universities in Belarus

ü Belarusian State Economics University

ü Belarusian State Polytechnical Academy (Belarusian National Technical University)

ü Belarusian State Technological University

Belarusian Technical University

The university was founded in 1920 and is now one of the largest centers of science and research and training of technical staff in Belarus. More than fifty thousand domestic and foreign students full-time or part-time and supplementary and specialized courses in seventy-two The field is gaining knowledge in this university. This university has an experienced scientific staff with knowledge, commitment, and interest in education, about 1800 of whom have a professor degree. This university has exchange contracts with more than 64 scientific, technical, and research institutes around the world. Has been a professor and student since 1964, and has received more than 20,000 university graduates in public and private positions in 100 countries around the world. One of the university’s students, Mr. Joseph Alfiorf, In 2000, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Brest State Technical University

This university is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the western part of the Republic of Belarus. The training of highly experienced specialists, as well as scientific research, is mainly done in the fields of construction, architecture, electronics, mechanical engineering, economics, and the environment. The university has 6 educational buildings, 4 dormitories, a health center, a canteen n, and a sports complex. In 1397, this university was ranked 6029 in the ranking of universities but ranked fourth among the universities of Belarus. The number of foreign students at this university is more than 220 people. The teaching staff consists of more than 420 people, 15 of who has a doctorate in science and 157 of whom have a doctorate in philosophy.

Belarus State Technical University

Belarus State University of Technology (BSTU)

For more than 80 years of history, the University of Technology has had enough leading positions in the fields of education and science. Today, BSTU is recognized as a leading university in the Republic of Belarus and the CIS, training highly qualified professionals in the forestry, chemical, cal, and printing industries. The University is the main organization of the CIS member states for training in forestry and forestry and is also a full member of the International Center for Forestry and Forestry. 9001-2009) and German (DIN EN ISO 9001-2008). For outstanding achievements in social and cultural development, many years of fruitful activity in the training of highly skilled personnel were awarded the BSTU in 2010 in honor of the Republic of Belarus. In 2011, the University was introduced to introduce highly effective methods in quality management and competitive services. , Received the Award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for quality. In the same year, BSTU became accredited as a scientific organization and became a member of the Scientific and Educational Consortium of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Builds on innovative technologies worldwide. University scientists are actively implementing more than 130 projects in 35 scientific and technical programs at various levels.

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