Belgrade Forest Attractions

Belgrade Forest Attractions


Belgrade Forest Attractions

Belgrade Forest Attractions – We all know the city of Istanbul with its shopping malls and historical attractions, and many travelers travel to this Turkish city every year to visit them. But in this article from the tourism magazine, we are going to talk about one of the natural Belgrade Forest Attractions of this city, which is the Belgrade forest. This natural attraction is located 15 km northwest of Istanbul and due to its pristine nature and wildlife that attracts many tourists, especially in summer, this forest can be a good refuge to escape the heat with its coolness. Be; To learn more about the Belgrade forest in Istanbul, read on.

Autumn in the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul
As mentioned above, the Belgrade Forest is located 15 km northwest of Istanbul, and due to its pristine nature and attracting wildlife, it has been able to attract many travelers who are interested in nature. This forest is a good shelter for those who want to escape the heat of their city, especially in the hot seasons. During the Ottoman Empire, the area of ​​this forest was about 13,000 hectares, although the area of ​​this forest has been reduced to 5442 hectares, still, those who come to Belgrade for the first time, are surprised by the vast forest and tall and ancient trees.

During the reign of Sultan Suleiman, the Belgrade Forest Attractions in Istanbul had a very important strategic position because it was the main source of water supply for the city.

Today, before reaching this forest, visitors become aware of its past function when they see the historic aqueducts that once carried water to different parts of the city.

Belgrade Forest is the main source of water supply for Istanbul
You may be wondering how this forest was the main source of water supply in the city, to answer that we have to say that water from several springs and rivers in the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul also into the city using canals. Which has been extended to the city level has also been transferred and has made it easier for people to access water.

Belgrade Forest Attractions

As time went on and demand increased, a dam was built in this forest and today there are 7 curved dams in Istanbul; however, it will not be long before these dams do not respond to the population of this city as the population of Istanbul is growing rapidly.

The protected conditions of the forest were applied from the 16th century and continued until the 20th century, it can be said that such an event is almost unique in the history of Turkey. Oak trees make up the largest number of small-leaved trees in this forest. After that, oriental birch, hornbeam and Anatolian chestnut trees are the main vegetation of the Belgrade forest. In addition, more than 71 species of birds and 18 species of mammals live in this forest.

The best time to visit Belgrade Forest
In order to visit the Belgrade forest in Istanbul, summer is the best time because it is the best option for those who want to escape the heat of their city. But note that many travelers travel to this area this season, and if you are in a world of silence and tranquility, you should endure the cold and travel to this forest in the fall. When you enter this forest, you will be greeted by the desired light and coolness, and the shadows of the tall trees will block the intense sunlight.

In spring and autumn, the Belgrade forest shows amazing views before your eyes and different colors are everywhere. In winter, this scene is completely different, but the forest still does not lose its beauty and you can see people who have come to this forest and walk in its tranquility. Do not forget to take good binoculars with you to take memorable photos of yourself and the pristine nature of this area.

Wildlife in the Belgrade forest
The wildlife of Belgrade’s forest in Istanbul has improved since hunting was banned, and when you walk quietly in the woods you will hear the rustling of animals such as the weasel walking on dry branches. And are. Sometimes a snake may even crawl on your feet to catch a frog. Foxes and wolves also appear only late at night in the most remote parts of the forest. The wild boar comes out of the forest to look for food among the city’s garbage. You may even see a deer running slowly deep in the forest.

Belgrade Forest
During the Ottoman rule, the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul was the only place for foreigners to visit, and in 1956 the first picnic area was opened near the Neset spring and around the dams. But there are currently seven picnic areas in the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul, the most popular being Buyuk Bent. A café near the dam offers biscuits, toast, tea, and soft drinks. We suggest that you also take advantage of the tables that are available for cooking kebabs in this area and start cooking kebabs for yourself.

* Note that there are not many devices to control the fire in the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul, so be sure to pay enough attention when lighting a fire.

Hiking trail in Belgrade forest
There is a hiking trail in the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul for the energetic, where you can walk both slowly and long and fast, in which case you have to run a lot. This path begins at the source of the leak. Tourists line up with plastic containers to fill the spring with water and enjoy its pure taste. Along the 5.6 km route in this forest, 17 sports machines have been installed so that you can watch sports along the way you are going.

Visit Ataturk Garden in Belgrade Forest
In the Belgrade forest in Istanbul, there is a botanical garden called Ataturk, which was established in 1916 for the first time in Turkey. The area of ​​this garden reaches 300 hectares, which houses more than 2,000 species of native and foreign plants. While walking in this garden, you can see strange plants along its lakes. The garden is open all days of the week from 9 am to 5 pm and admission is free. This garden is very crowded on weekends and for those who are looking for silence and tranquility, we recommend the middle of the week for their trip.

Belgrade Forest Attractions

Access to Belgrade Forest in Istanbul
Address: Bahçeköy Merkez Mahallesi, 34453 Sarıyer / Istanbul, Turkey

As we said, Belgrade is located 15 km northwest of Istanbul, and the best way to get there is by car or taxi. But if you prefer to use public transport, you can take Buses 42 or Line 153 buses to Sariyer in Taksim Square, get off at Bahkecoy and walk the rest of the way. If you are a runner, you can take part in Istanbul tours that take you on weekends and go jogging in the jungles of Belgrade.

Belgrade Forest Visit Rules
Given the Belgrade Forest’s attraction to the natural resources of Istanbul and Turkey, environmental officials have enacted laws to protect it, including a ban on hunting in the 3,000-square-meter forest.
There are parking lots for parking your car, which if you go on holidays (Saturday and Sunday) you have to pay 11 lire, and if you want to enter the parking lot on other days of the week, you have to pay 5 lire.
* If you want to enter the forest area of ​​Belgrade by car, you will be charged 20 lire. You do not need to pay for entry without a car.

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