Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest


Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest – Definitely all travelers will be surprised to see the amazing nature in the Belgrade forest of Istanbul! Because most of us know the city of Istanbul with its various shopping malls and historical attractions, and every year a large number of travelers visit this Turkish city and visit it, but do not be surprised, our topic in this article today is about one of The natural attractions of this city, which is the forest of Belgrade; This natural attraction is located 15 km northwest of Istanbul and due to its pristine nature and wildlife, it attracts many tourists, especially in summer, and is one of the main programs in the Istanbul tour.

It has become interesting to know that this forest can be the best option to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the pristine nature in Istanbul due to its coolness and coziness. Finally, to get more acquainted with the Belgrade forest in Istanbul; be with us.

The pristine and beautiful forest of Belgrade is in fact one of the main and most important natural attractions of Istanbul.

Introduction of Belgrad Forest
It is interesting to know that 15 km northwest of Istanbul there is a forest with extraordinary and beautiful nature as well as pristine, unique, and untouched called “Belgrade Forest” which is an excellent and suitable place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The embrace of this forest is relaxing and eye-catching, and if you are interested in experiencing it, you should know that this beautiful deciduous forest welcomes many tourists in summer with its good and pleasant weather. In the following, we are going to meet you. Let’s go to the sights of this dream forest; In the time of Sultan Suleiman, the main source of water in the city was the Belgrade forest, and today, at the beginning of their visit to this beautiful place, tourists are informed about the water supply system to the city by aqueducts that are now several thousand years old.

It is the giver of the culture and customs of the people of Istanbul, and it is interesting to know that water was drawn from several springs and rivers in the forest into the city, and with the passage of time and increasing demand, a dam was built in this forest.

In the time of Sultan Suleiman, the Belgrade forest had an important strategic position because it was the main source of water supply for the city, and today, before reaching this forest, visitors see the historic aqueducts that used to supply water to different parts of the city.

Belgrade Forest

They will be informed about its performance in the past and also water from several springs and rivers in the forest was drawn into the canal city and this is the most important issue of this forest which in the future with the passage of time and increasing demand, a barrier in this The forest was established and to this day there are 7 curved dams in Istanbul; however, it will not be long before these dams do not meet the population of this city because the population of Istanbul is growing rapidly, but the officials of this city will definitely find a way and it is important to know that the protected forest status has been applied since the 16th century.

And continued into the twentieth century; Such an event has been very rare in the history of Turkey and you should know that oak trees have the largest number of trees in this deciduous forest, followed by: beautiful birch trees, hornbeam and Anatolian oak, the main vegetation Belgrade’s forests are abundant, with more than 71 species of birds and 18 species of mammals living together, all working together to enhance the beauty of the forest.

The important thing is that since hunting was banned in this forest, its wildlife has become much better, and if you are interested in nature and in the tranquility of the forest and away from those who have come for a picnic, walk in the forest.

Be sure to hear the hissing sound of animals such as mink that pass over dry branches and jump on the leaves, and it is interesting that a snake may crawl by your feet to hunt frogs and then You may see foxes and wolves late at night in the most remote parts of the forest, or you may see a wild boar coming out of the forest to look for food among the city’s garbage.

These are all predicted events in the forest. And at the same time, you may even see a deer that walks slowly in the depths of the forest, which will double its beauty.

Meanwhile, in the Belgrade forest, there is a hiking trail for energetic enthusiasts, which is from the source. The source of the leak also begins, and tourists line up in plastic containers to get out of sight. Fill it with water and enjoy its pure taste and it should be mentioned that the path around “Buyuk Bent” has been stretched and its length is about 5.6 km and 17 sports machines have been installed along the path that you can use. But you have to be careful in choosing the right companion and sports device.

The Belgrade forest is an ideal and popular place to escape from the heat of Istanbul, especially in the summer months, but keep in mind that you are not the only ones who want to go to such a beautiful forest with good weather and have fun; So do not expect to encounter a very calm and quiet forest, and when you enter this forest, the light and coolness of the environment welcome you along with its pleasant tranquility, and the shadows of tall trees prevent the entry of strong sunlight.

Finally, it is important to know that Ataturk Garden, which is a botanical garden, is located inside this forest and has an extraordinary charm, and with an age of more than a century, occupies 300 hectares of forest area, and also this garden was Founded in 1916, it has more than 2,000 types of native and foreign plants, etc., and welcomes you for free every day of the week from 9 am to 5 pm, and your dear ones by visiting Ataturk Forest and Garden can bring you happy and relaxing moments as one of Istanbul’s attractions, so do not miss this beautiful place and it is important to know the wildlife of Belgrade in the city.

Belgrade Forest

Historically, Istanbul has fortunately improved since just when hunting was banned from the public eye because of its beauty and the Beautiful animals in the forest will delight you.

Access to Belgrade Forest in Istanbul
First of all, it is important to know the address of this forest, which is one of the important tourist attractions of Istanbul; Address: Bahçeköy Merkez Mahallesi, 34453 Sarıyer / Istanbul, Turkey. You prefer to use the public transport of Istanbul, you can take 42 buses or 153 line buses in “Sariyer” in Taksim Square and get off in “Bahkecoy” and walk the rest of the way. Be a runner, you can take part in the Istanbul Run, which takes cars on weekends and goes to the jungles of Belgrade for a run, and you have a lot of fun.

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