Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul

Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul


Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul

Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul – Istanbul is one of the most historic cities in the world and a remnant of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Istanbul tour is the best opportunity to get acquainted with this history and see the attractive buildings of the city. One of the best ways to discover the historic and very old neighborhoods of this city is not through tourist buses or bicycles but walking through its back alleys. One of the most attractive features of Istanbul is that it is part of Europe and part of It is now located in Asia, which makes foreign tourists very interested in seeing the different neighborhoods of the city up close so that they can understand history in a tangible way and maybe talk to local people, for this purpose.

There are special Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul so that interested people can easily walk in different parts of the city with just a map of Istanbul if you are one of those people who want to get up close with the tourist areas of Istanbul. Get acquainted and explore the old neighborhoods with peace of mind and without any haste. Join us to introduce you to the best walking routes in Istanbul.

On the sidewalks of Istanbul, you can see the best and most famous historical and tourist attractions of this city and discover beautiful neighborhoods.

Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul

Walking path in Amino No-Sirksi-Sultan Ahmad neighborhoods
One of the best walking routes in Istanbul starts from Sultanahmet Square and through it, you can visit historical and attractive attractions such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hypoderma, Diwan Yulu Street, Chamberlain Bath, and Grand Bazaar. , This route leads to Circe neighborhood somewhere and here you can taste delicious food and desserts in the best restaurants of Istanbul and visit its shops one by one, then head to the spice market in Amino No neighborhood. And buy various delicious spices as souvenirs, in this way you have to cross Galata Bridge and you can also see Galata Tower and finally, you will reach the Beyoglu neighborhood which has European design and architecture.

Walking path in Kibali-Fener-Balat neighborhoods
The walk on this route is usually done in groups and starts in front of Kadir Hess University in Kibali and ends in the Balat neighborhood. This route is one of the most popular Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul that any tourist can go to. Have a unique experience, it is interesting to know that many people of Istanbul spend their weekends on this route, and at this time this route is full of tourists and locals, in this route, the walls of the historic city and the gates. You can see the walls up close and there is no obstacle to photographing them. The most important historical monument you will see along the way is the Greek Orthodox Church, which you should not miss, if you are tired you can go to cafes and restaurants. Around the streets that surround the Patriarchal Church, have a snack and a breath of fresh air. This area is one of Istanbul’s non-Muslim neighborhoods, but the architecture of the Ottoman era is clearly visible.

Walking route in Zirak-Wafa-Sulaimaniyah neighborhoods
In this route, you can feel the traces of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires in a tangible way. This route starts from Zirak Mosque, which was a monastery in the past, and continues to Sulaimaniyah Mosque. On this route, you can see many churches, reservoirs and Take a bath and try and enjoy delicious local food such as kebabs, Ataturk Boulevard is a clever separator from Wafa, and on this route, you can see the 1700-year-old monuments of the Roman era and then to the Prince Mosque. It was interesting to know that Sultan Suleiman had ordered the construction of this complex as a memorial to his son, Prince Mehmet, and today it has become one of the most beautiful Ottoman mosques in Istanbul and one of the main attractions. It is considered a historical city, after this, you can continue the fermented drink based on semolina and yeast called Boza, and finally, you will reach Suleymaniye Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Istanbul. If you want to visit the big market, you have to walk 10 minutes Make him.

Walking trail in the Artillery-Karakoy-Galata neighborhoods
In this way, you can visit the Ali Pasha Click Mosque, which is one of the small but superior mosques in the city. It should be noted that the architect of most of the important mosques in Istanbul, which were built during the Ottoman period, was a person named Sinan. , Along the way, you will reach a street that is full of various cafes and they have made the appearance of the street very attractive, what could be better than a delicious Turkish coffee in one of these cafes, continue this way You can go to the streets of Karakoy and explore this neighborhood and the Galata neighborhood of Istanbul. It is interesting to know that these two neighborhoods were also important in terms of tourism during the Ottoman period and there was always a large number of people traveling there.

Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul

Walk in the neighborhoods of Taksim Square – Esteghlal Street – Galata Tower
This route can be called the most popular and busiest walking route in Istanbul, and without a doubt, every tourist who travels to Istanbul has walked on this route once, this route starts from Taksim Square in Istanbul and goes to Esteghlal Street. The river ends at Galata Tower, you can walk and walk along this path to see and discover more than you can imagine, places you have never seen before, on the sidewalk walkway Esteghlal You can see attractive places like Jahangir Street and Korcheshmeh Street, Missouri Pra Street and Sardar Akram Galata Street, in order to be able to see this route completely, you have to dedicate a whole day to it.

Walking in the neighborhoods of Ortakoy-Babak-Romli
There is a kind of baked potato in Istanbul that is very tasty and we suggest that you try it on your next trip to this city. In Ortakoy neighborhood, which is one of the most famous and popular neighborhoods of Istanbul, you can eat this delicious food. Find, in this area, there is one very good Best Hiking Trails in Istanbul that starts from Ortak اy and continues to Babak, here you can sit by the Bosphorus Strait and enjoy the sea and fresh air, this route is very It is a favorite of the rich people of Turkey and the same scenes that you see in Turkish movies while walking and exercising were recorded in these neighborhoods and streets. If you are tired or hungry, you can go to the fast-food branch of Babak Starbucks and Enjoy delicious food with a great view of the Bosphorus, there is a local shop called Babak Baylan where you can go and have a good time.

Walking in Kadikoy neighborhoods – Bahariyeh street – Mada street
Kadikoy neighborhood is in the Asian part of Istanbul and it is safe to say that this neighborhood is the best and most popular neighborhood in this part of Istanbul, this neighborhood is so famous and popular that in recent years it has become one of the tourist areas Istanbul and one of the main reasons is the transfer of Istanbul entertainment to this area and many of the best discos and restaurants in Istanbul are located in this neighborhood, on the way you can use the best dishes of Turkish cuisine and Enjoy to the fullest, then head to the Moda neighborhood to visit the antique shops and art galleries on Tellalzade Street and buy some souvenirs. Kadikoy’s busiest street is Bahariyeh Street, where you can visit Continue to enter the route, if you travel to Istanbul, be sure to dedicate half of your trip to walking on this route, I promise you that you will have a unique experience and one of the happy memories of your life to Registration will be received.

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