best hotels in Finland

best hotels in Finland


best hotels in Finland

best hotels in Finland – Finland is a European country bordering Norway to the north, Russia to the east, and Sweden to the west. Finland has spectacular cities with spectacular and lush landscapes. The capital is Helsinki with a population of less than 6 million. Finland’s climate is cold and somewhat temperate, and about 20% of its area is covered by water. And in June, July and August, the weather is warm. If you are planning to travel to Finland, it is essential to get acquainted with the best hotels in Finland and book it with enough information. Finland 5 star hotels are located in the center of Helsinki. The price of booking Finnish hotels varies in different seasons of the year and varies depending on the number of Finnish hotels and the location of Finnish cities, so they have more or fewer amenities. Here we want to introduce you to the best hotels in Finland.

Hotel kämp
Camp Hotel is one of the 5-star luxury hotels in Finland with its classic and extraordinary architecture. By staying in this hotel, you can get all the amenities of the 5-star hotel. Travelers of Camp Hotel can spend their leisure time visiting different parts of the hotel. The hotel has good facilities such as a gym, massage, swimming pool and sauna, restaurant and cafe.

Haven Hotel
Hahn Finland Hotel is one of the best hotels in Helsinki, which provides excellent amenities for travelers traveling to this city. For this reason, the Haven Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Helsinki. Hawn Hotel restaurants will serve a variety of traditional and international cuisine. Due to the fact that Hawn Hotel is close to public transportation services, it is possible to access different parts of the city.

Hotel Finn 
Finn Hotel Finland is located in the city center and the hotel rooms are reasonably priced. Finn Hotel is one of the small but affordable hotels in Finland. During your stay at the hotel, you can enjoy the surrounding cafés as well as the famous city club near the hotel.

best hotels in Finland

Hotel Radisson
The Radisson Hotel can be considered one of the luxury hotels in Finland. This hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in Finland. The beautiful Gulf of Finland can be seen from the hotel rooms and terraces. The hotel has a gym, coffee shop, sauna, free Wi-Fi, and.

Hotel Glo Art
GLO Hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in Finland. This hotel is considered one of the special hotels in Finland due to its amazing scenery. The exterior architecture of the hotel is built in an old and traditional style and has beautiful architecture. In contrast, the interior architecture of the hotel is designed in a completely modern style. The hotel facilities include private parking, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, coffee shop, facilities for the disabled, etc.

Hotel Anna
Anna Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Finland that is acceptable and satisfying among travelers. The rooms of this hotel have good facilities. This hotel is also close to the beach and only 17 minutes away. Another advantage of this hotel is its proximity to shopping malls and the metro station.

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajator Hotel (Hilton Helsinki KalastajatorPpa)
The Hilton Helsinki is a 4-star hotel in Finland, which also has a relatively high price for room reservations and offers excellent amenities for travelers. This hotel is close to the city center and the tram. A sports club, restaurant, swimming pool, and a private beach are among the hotel facilities. The hotel restaurants also serve a variety of traditional and international cuisine.

Hotel Nordic
One of the 3-star hotels in Finland is the Nordic Hotel. The rooms of this hotel have a view of the sea and the city. It is relatively close to the shopping center and the airport. Hotel facilities include free Wi-Fi, private parking, bicycle rental, laundry, restaurant, and coffee shop. Staying at this hotel can be a happy memory of a trip to Finland.

Summer in Finland 

Hotel Rantapuisto
Rantapuisto Hotel is one of the 3-star hotels in Finland where you can enjoy great places at an affordable cost. The distance from the hotel to the airport is approximately 16 km. Private parking, free Wi-Fi, sauna, gym, and… are among the hotel’s facilities. You can also enjoy cycling in the beautiful hotel and its private beach in summer. Hockey is also a winter pastime in this area.

Holiday Inn Helsinki 
The Helsinki Holiday Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Finland. Travelers as soon as they enter the Holiday Hotel realize its beauty. Therefore, hotel travelers have a score of 7.7. It is possible to have breakfast in the room in this hotel. Green space and the possibility of free bicycle rental are among the facilities of the hotel. Other hotel facilities include airport transfer, close proximity to the airport and shopping center, and private parking.

Hotel Lilla Roberts

Another Finnish luxury hotel is located in the heart of Helsinki. Leila Roberts Hotel combines both traditional and modern styles, making it one of Finland’s exemplary hotels. The distance from the hotel to the airport is 11 km. The hotel also has services for the disabled. Other facilities include a hotel, Wi-Fi, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a gym. The hotel also has special suites for young couples.

best hotels in Finland

Ravintola Park Hotel Kapyla
Capital Hotel Park allows travelers to enjoy a variety of hotel services at a low cost. Indoor swimming pool and green space are some of the facilities of Capital Hotel Park. This is one of the most popular hotels in Helsinki. The hotel restaurant and coffee shop are also ready to receive hotel guests.

The Arthur Hotel
Ator Hotel is one of the relatively large hotels in Finland. It has a good location. Among the hotels in Finland, this hotel has a better price and is one of the cheap hotels in Helsinki. Hotel guests can enjoy hotel amenities such as a sauna, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and a coffee shop.

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