Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora Island


Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora Island – Although Bora Bora is controlled by France, it is not part of the country, but a small island in the South Pacific. Polynesia is a former French colony with several islands in the Pacific. One of the most beautiful is Bora Bora in the Tahiti Islands. Bora Bora is located a short distance from France, but considering the airports on the island, it can be said that the access of tourists to this paradise on earth is very easy. On a trip to the island, you can stay in hotels built on the sea. These accommodations are designed from the house of the natives of Polynesia, and for the coolness and comfort of the rooms, their roofs are made of palm leaves and the floor has a platform for boarding boats. The island is full of hundreds of different species of marine animals that go snorkeling (diving without capsules) or scuba diving to see exciting scenes of coral fish, sharks, sea turtles, starfish, and other sea creatures. Bora Bora’s first tourist attraction beaches It is extraordinary that it is unique in the world. According to CNN, in the list of the top 100 beaches in the world; Matira Beach is one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Noteworthy for diving lovers, the underwater scenery of Bora Bora Island will take your breath away. Its water is so clear that even from the surface of the water it is possible to see an amazing nature underwater. It is also a great place to shoot movies, you must have seen its beautiful images in movies such as Triple X (XXX), Island Fever, Hurricane, etc. Now it is the turn of the coconut, the main production of the island. Bora is Bora, from the local food here to the tours that teach you to open the coconut, can be seen everywhere. There are even legends about the coconut tree that indicate the importance of this fruit for the natives.

History of the creation of the island
This area is full of interesting historical moments that help you get to know its culture and tradition better. It is interesting to know that this island was formed more than 4 million years ago by a volcanic eruption. It was uninhabitable for a while until the people of Tongan Island came here. They are said to have been the first to set foot on the island after the eruption. Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia are located in the middle of the island of Bora Bora, which used to be a volcano and now has a beautiful view. Climbing these mountains is another exciting activity on the island. The name of this region has its own story, in the Tahitian language there is no letter “B” and it was originally “Pura Pura”, but after the British came to this island, they mistakenly heard its name “Bora Bora” and since then The name is known.

Bora Bora Island

Strange customs and burdens of Bora Bora
Most people consider Bora Bora a romantic island because it is a great place for married people and newlyweds to celebrate their love. From summer houses to private beaches, everything has become an island of love. Heart-shaped coral reefs are another reason for this claim. In Bora Bora, everything has its meaning, even the flowers, especially if the flower is behind a woman’s ear. The flower behind the left ear means that he is not single and that there is love in life, But the flower behind the right ear is single and ready to start a relationship. Strange as it may seem, you should know that tattooing is a sacred thing on Bora Bora. The locals believe that the origin of the tattoo goes back to the two sons of the “God of Creation”. It is also considered a symbol of beauty, although in the past it was used to indicate social status.

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Interesting points about Bora Bora
Bora Bora is located between Australia and the United States.
Its population has been permanent since 2008 and includes 8,800 people.
Bora Bora covers an area of ​​29.3 square kilometers.
It is surrounded by a coral reef and a magnificent lake.
This place is known for its luxury resorts.
It is one of the most private islands in the world.
The dark pearls of this island are its most famous souvenirs.
There are no insects or venomous snakes not only on the island but in the whole of French Polynesia.
Captain James Cook discovered the island in 1769.
The island was also present during World War II and was a US base in the 1940s, with more than 6,000 US troops stationed there.

Bora Bora Island

How much does it cost to travel to Bora Bora?
Seeing the beautiful pictures of Bora Bora, many people wish that Bora Bora is not a luxury and expensive tourist destination, but in response to this thought, we must say that this island is a luxury tourist destination. The average cost of traveling to the island and staying for a week or two is estimated at $ 11,000. Accommodation in villas in this area is usually between $ 800 and $ 2,000 per night. Getting to Bora Bora is also not cheap. It costs about $ 2,500 to get to the island on an economic flight from Europe. The island is generally considered a luxurious and expensive place, which due to its beauty, is often among the dreams of many people.

What is the climate like in this area throughout the year?
Bora Bora has two seasons: summer and winter. Summer on the island starts in November and lasts until April. Strange, isn’t it? But the rainy season is known to the locals as summer. The weather is cloudy almost every day at this time and there are light and unpredictable storms. The temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius and the rainfall is 1800 mm. The winter season is also a little different. This is the dry season and the temperature is slightly lower than the average annual temperature of Jazz. Rainfall is rare this season.

What does the name Bora Bora Island mean?
The word B is not pronounced in the Tahitian language, which is why the locals called the island Pora Pora, which means “firstborn”. The first Europeans to come to the island mistakenly heard its name Bora Bora, and the name became international for the island.

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