Born in China

Born in China

Born in China

Born in China – In this article, we aim to examine the conditions for obtaining Chinese residency through the birth of a child. Since giving birth abroad with an unfamiliar culture can be a challenging experience for parents, it is best for people who are planning to give birth abroad to know what There are options in front of them. In fact, it is necessary to have the necessary information in this regard in relation to different conditions. In addition to learning about the laws of childbirth and obtaining residency, these people should also obtain information about the conditions of hospitals and childbirth in the destination country. Various other actions were taken. These methods include student migration to China, work migration to China, investment migration to China, migration through marriage in China, migration through property purchase in China, migration through company registration in China, and so on. . For information on the conditions of immigration procedures, it is necessary to refer to the Astabhanati Law Firm.

Born in China

Stay in China through the birth of a child
Childbirth in China has many rules. From childbirth laws to residence laws. This country, like other countries, has its own rules for immigrants. In order to be able to obtain a residence permit in China through the birth of a child, it is necessary to have sufficient information about the conditions of the child’s birth, as well as sufficient information about the methods of residence. In the field of obtaining residency from the method of childbirth, there are two types of residency methods, the basis of which are two basic principles. The first principle is known as the soil principle and the second principle is also known as the blood principle. The principle of land is one of the methods of granting citizenship and is generally welcomed in immigrant countries. According to this principle, any person born on a ship, aircraft, land, or air territory of a country is considered a citizen of that country and will have all the rights of citizenship of that country. This citizenship has nothing to do with the nationality, religion, and circumstances of his parents. Be. Note that some countries also offer a combination of the principle of soil and the principle of blood as laws of residence and citizenship. In relation to China, it is also necessary to have sufficient information about the birth conditions and related laws. In fact, it is necessary to know whether the principle of soil or the principle of blood is accepted in this country, or whether a combination of these two principles can be considered in China as the principle of obtaining residency through the birth of a child in China.

Maternity conditions in China
Therefore, in some hospitals, conditions can be provided by taking a private room or VIP. Home delivery is also possible in China, and all infants must participate in the vaccination program within one month of birth.

Some of China’s most important maternity hospitals
In this part of the article, we introduce some of the best-equipped and best hospitals in China for childbirth and childbirth. The most important thing for families in China is to get enough information about the conditions of childbirth in China to know what options they have. They may not be in good condition in public hospitals. Of course, in cities like Shanghai and Beijing, hospital conditions will be better while living in China.

Born in China

Terms of registration of information on a child born in China
In this part of the article, we will explain the basic conditions and important points related to the child’s identity card and the registration of the basic conditions for him. Of course, in the field of obtaining residency, we will provide tips in the next steps. First of all, it is necessary to know that when the child is born, the hospital issues his / her birth certificate. The birth certificate is issued by the responsible doctor in the hospital where the child was born. The most important thing is that the child’s name is written in both the language of his parents’ nationality and in Chinese. This helps with the passport application process. Special documents are required when applying for a birth certificate. These documents include passport, identity card and identity documents of the parents, documents issued at the time of the child’s birth, address in Chinese, child’s name, and….

Asylum China

Residence requirements for the birth of a child in China
In this part of the article, we want to see what the citizenship situation is like in China. Note that a child born in China with two foreign parents who do not have Chinese citizenship cannot obtain Chinese citizenship and a passport. However, one month after the birth of the child, the details must be registered with the local public security office. Parents should also contact their embassy or consulate to arrange for a child to apply for a passport. Different countries require different documents to present their passports, so it is best to check with the embassy to find out the conditions and documents required to obtain a passport. Call your country. Note that the child will not be able to leave China unless he or she has a visa or residence permit. Therefore, after obtaining a child’s passport, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permits from the Office of Entry and Exit in China. In China, if a child has a Chinese parent and a foreign parent, he or she will automatically become a Chinese citizen. Note that Chinese law does not recognize dual citizenship. Note that unless nationality is chosen for the child, it is very difficult to obtain a visa or permit from the Public Security Administration and the child is not allowed to leave the country. Therefore, the right decision must be made regarding the citizenship of the child. Citizens can be assigned to a public security office. In short, parents should:

Receive the child’s ID card from the hospital.
Record the birth of the child at the Public Security Office within one month.
Receive the child’s passport at their country’s embassy or consulate.
Apply for a Chinese visa for your child.
Residence requirements for the birth of a child in China
Residence requirements for the birth of a child in China

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