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Cannes Restaurants


Cannes Restaurants

Cannes Restaurants – If you travel to the beautiful and sunny city of Cannes in the spectacular country of France and do not want to spend on stylish and luxurious restaurants, you can use our guide to the best economical restaurants in this city and get good experiences from its delicious food. The film festival is famous for its designer shops and luxury hotels. This city is not usually mentioned as an economic destination, but our guide can help you find restaurants at affordable prices.

1. L’Assiette Provencale
Eating cheap in Cannes usually means staying away from waterfront restaurants, but L’Assiette Provencale is no exception and with a fixed menu of € 25, you can enjoy hearty views of the beach and Enjoy the port. So if you are looking for a cozy and cheap restaurant by the water, do not hesitate to choose this restaurant.

2. Croisette Corner
The streets of Cannes are full of shops and restaurants and cafes for relaxation and dining, but one of the most economical is the Croisette Corner in a small amusement park called the Croisette Fun Zone. The café offers an outdoor setting, traditional crepes, croissants, hot dogs, and salads. All meals are served with fries and chips.

3. Tournament Loculus
The Taverne Lucullus restaurant specializes in Provençal aioli and Mediterranean fish. The best thing about visiting this place will be the excellent Kenny tapas with drinks, which include fried pumpkin flowers, grilled red peppers, and spicy meatballs. The restaurant offers a hearty lunch for just € 10, usually ranging from fish soup to grilled fish with garlic mayonnaise. Loculus has a variety of customers, from local vendors to owners.

4. Cafe Le Factory
Le Factory Café is located in the arched passage of the Galerie du Gray d’Albion, very close to one of the shopping streets. This lovely café will be ideal for a light and light snack or lunch. You can enjoy classic and delicious dishes such as meat omelets, Caesar salad with chicken fillets, pasta, lasagna, and burgers served with french fries and American salads. The most expensive food here does not exceed 17 euros.

annes Restaurants

5. Federal-Panini
The charming café-restaurant “Federal-Panini” serves authentic Italian panini in a friendly and intimate atmosphere, always fresh and delicious. On the menu, you will find a wide range of panini and other foods, and even drinks are reasonably priced. The range of Italian drinks is also very acceptable and if you are looking for a simple and at the same time stylish place, do not miss this restaurant.

6. L’Epicurieux
The L’Epicurieux restaurant is located in central Cannes, between the two main shopping streets. The café-restaurant serves authentic homemade food in addition to its drinks. You can start with fresh meat and cheese as a starter and order some special dishes for the restaurant, for example, we can mention rib meat and truffle pasta. The lipicurio staff is very friendly and you can edit the food depending on your taste or dietary needs.

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L’Arcane Restaurant
To eat beautifully decorated and of course expensive food in Paris, you can go to Bakken restaurant. Creamy double tables and comfortable chocolate chairs will catch your eye as you enter this small restaurant. The street side of this restaurant has a glass view and by reserving the tables behind this view, you can enjoy the street view.

Sea bass and oysters
Seafood bass and oysters of this restaurant are French dishes that increase your saliva secretion. In this restaurant, the food is served to you in 3, 4, or 5 courses and you can choose one of these items. The service price of 3 surprise courses is 66 Euros, which ends with 90 Euros for a drink. The exploration menu, which is served in 4 courses, costs 84 Euros and for a drink, you have to pay a total of 116 Euros. For 105 euros you can enjoy the restaurant’s 5-course service, which costs 146 euros with a drink. At L’Arcane restaurant you can order French and European food. Vegetarians also have no problem in this restaurant and can order their own food.

Miami Restaurant
Like L’Arcane, this restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Paris. The name of this restaurant stands for Museum Mile; One mile from Fifth Avenue in New York City, which houses many museums. The Wax Restaurant, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, is just a few steps from the Louvre. The wax restaurant lunch is offered in two menus: the 2-course menu, which costs 29 euros, and the 3-course menu, which costs 35 euros. The menu of this restaurant varies according to the ingredients that are available in the market. The menu of this restaurant is also offered in two menus of 4 seats and 6 seats; The price of a 4-course menu is 48 Euros and the price of a 6-course menu is 66 Euros.

annes Restaurants

Wasabi ice cream
One of the delicious desserts of Mumi restaurant is Wasabi ice cream. Wasabi is a type of Japanese horseradish that you can try in a number of French restaurants. Beverage glasses and food glasses have made the decor of this restaurant very spectacular. Maya, one of the customers of Waxy Restaurant, wrote about this restaurant: “Waxy restaurant was wonderful! “The food was like a work of art and the taste is indescribable, because it was so interesting and surprising.”

Les Apotres de Pigalle Restaurant
This restaurant is currently ranked third among the more than 15,000 restaurants registered in Paris on the Trip Advisor website. Les Apothecary de Pixel is one of the average restaurants in Paris in terms of price, and at a reasonable price, you can eat the food you want in this restaurant. You can go to this restaurant to eat South American and European food; You will also find a variety of drinks here. Barrel-shaped tables like this restaurant, which can be sat around for drinks and food, are some of the things that distinguish this place from other restaurants in Paris.

Guacamole Restaurant
The restaurant, located in the Pigalle district of Paris, opened in 2016. Les Apothecary de Piegel is run by three food-loving brothers who, after a variety of culinary experiences around the world, have used these experiences to cook their meals in Paris. . You can make a reservation in advance to go to this restaurant, although without a reservation you may be able to find a table to sit at.

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