Cannes Restaurants

Cannes Restaurants


Cannes Restaurants

Cannes Restaurants – If you want to travel to Cannes, you must have a plan to try its delicious food. For you to easily find a restaurant that suits your budget and taste, we suggest you do not miss this guide. Cannes may be better known for its film festival, but the food of this region is just as famous and popular. Despite the modernity, palm trees, and great shopping streets, it is not surprising to see this city among the popular tourist destinations. In this guide, we tried to introduce you to the best restaurants in Cannes, from cheap to luxury items, so that you can enjoy the food of this city the most.

1. La Palme d’Or
The La Palme d’Or restaurant is affiliated with the Martinez Hotel and reopened in 1985. Of course, its brilliance was seen around 1991. This restaurant has received two Michelin stars during its years of operation. The high prices of the restaurant are not unexpected and you must book your table in advance. Those looking for a deluxe but reasonably priced meal can opt for a five-course lunch that costs just € 80 and is a great example of Christian Sinicropi’s chef’s menu. Apart from the interior, there is a beautiful and pleasant terrace.

2. L’Éponyme – Cannes Restaurants
The L’Éponyme family restaurant is a friendly, up-to-date, and reasonably priced restaurant. The fixed menu of 30 Euros is excellent and the prices of drinks, side dishes, etc. are also very reasonable. The restaurant’s dishes focus on contemporary French cuisine, and sometimes Asian influences can be seen in them. L’Éponyme is sometimes very crowded, so we recommend that you reserve your table in advance. The friendly owners and waiters create a home-like atmosphere here and you can be assured of the quality of the food.

3. Obbons Anfan
Aux Bons Enfants is a small restaurant with a very traditional style. The procedure here is very old and the owner does not have a phone and does not even accept a credit card. You have to go there in person to make a reservation. Of course, all these issues contribute to a special atmosphere. Apart from various stews, you can also order seafood. The menu here changes regularly and is more dependent on market inventory. This restaurant is one of the popular options for local food lovers who are on their way to or from the market.

Cannes Restaurants

4. Park 45
The Park 45 restaurant, like the Golden Palm restaurant, is affiliated with a hotel. This restaurant, which is part of the “Grand”, is one of the few hotel restaurants that are known for their taste and knowledge of food. This reputation worked for them as chef Sébastien Broda eventually received a Michelin star. The ground floor terrace also has space for dining, so you can enjoy delicious and hearty food with a sea view. This restaurant completes your experience of Cannes.

5. L’Epicurieux – Cannes Restaurants
“L’Epicurieux” is located between the two main shopping streets and consists of several sections such as cafes, restaurants, bars, and so on. The restaurant offers an extensive menu with a genuine and simple menu. Serving may be a bit slow due to the crowds, but rest assured that the amazing pasta is worth the wait. For food of this quality and cheapness, a little delay is not a problem.

6. Rast gastronomy rash
The choice of the name “Rush Gastronomie Rapide” was very appropriate for this restaurant. Here, a variety of healthy juices, salads, and sandwiches are offered to customers in the shortest time. To find it, just go to the train station because it is right next to it. Due to this situation, many travelers in a hurry prefer this place. Apart from that, you will not find the quality fast food in this restaurant in any fast food. Instead of cheeseburgers and french fries, try Rapid Gastronomy Soup and Sandwich this time.

Carcassonne France

7. Gourmand
“Gourmand” is a small restaurant with ordinary food but excellent quality. Modern wall art hanging on the walls reflects the modernity, science, and precision of the cuisine used in the food. The menu is as lively as the restaurant’s atmosphere and changes every few weeks. Those who enjoy the salty environment and like to use local ingredients in their food, find this restaurant to their liking.

8. Federal-Panini
In the small restaurant “Federal-Panini” you will find everything from pasta to panini and other Italian dishes. From a wide range of Panini to a list of drinks, this restaurant is suitable for everyone with any type of lunch taste. Federal-Panini Restaurant is a small, intimate restaurant with a wonderful feeling that will give you a unique experience in the heart of Cannes.

9. Phil

The name “Phil” is derived from the abbreviation of its owners, “Philip” and “Catherine”. This may be a small kiosk, but it’s the best place to get a pan-bagnat in Cannes. This delicious dish is something like a burger and is one of the special dishes of the Nice region. If you are looking for a great lunch on the water, we recommend that you consider fillet.

Cannes Restaurants

10. Bobo
The word “bobo” was first coined by “David Brooks” meaning “bohemian bourgeoisie”. As expected, in this small restaurant you will find a crowd of the same style and context. Its interior design with floral wallpaper, old furniture, and excellent organic food can provide you with happy hours. So if you are also interested in bohemian style, you can enjoy Bobo.

Les Apotres de Pigalle Restaurant
This restaurant is currently ranked third among the more than 15,000 restaurants registered in Paris on the Trip Advisor website. Les Apothecary de Pixel is one of the average restaurants in Paris in terms of price, and at a reasonable price, you can eat the food you want in this restaurant. You can go to this restaurant to eat South American and European food; You will also find a variety of drinks here. Barrel-shaped tables like this restaurant, which can be sat around for drinks and food, are some of the things that distinguish this place from other restaurants in Paris. The restaurant, located in the Pigalle district of Paris, opened in 2016. Les Apothecary de Piegel is run by three food-loving brothers who, after a variety of culinary experiences around the world, have used these experiences to cook their meals in Paris. . You can make a reservation in advance to go to this restaurant, although without a reservation you may be able to find a table to sit at.

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