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Cannes Tourist


Cannes Tourist

Cannes Tourist – Cannes is one of the most famous cities in France, which is best known for its film festivals, luxury ships, and luxurious accommodations. However, we suggest you go a little further and try some of its precious gems hidden under an unattractive appearance. Apart from swimming pools, parties and drinks, it has Cannes, islands, national parks, and even a twelfth-century castle, which of course has now been turned into a museum.

The peace of Lawrence Monastery
The monastery of Lérins is far from the usual tourist route and in fact, to reach it you have to take a boat and leave the port of Cannes. The monastery is located on the island of Saint-Honorat and was built in the fifth century. The monks have been living here and cultivating grapes since that time, monitoring their exports while swearing in silence. There is a restaurant here and you can even stay in the monastery for a while. Walking on the quiet beach will be enjoyed here.

Visit the mansion with the Iron Mask on St. Margaret Island
There are four islands off the coast of Cannes, with Sainte-Marguerite being the largest. The island is often overlooked compared to its smaller rival, Lawrence, but it is a very valuable island. It was here that the “Man in the Iron Mask” was imprisoned for a time in small castles overlooking the Mediterranean. Apart from this mysterious past, the island also has hidden beaches and caves.

Play Petanque in La Croisette – Cannes Tourist
La Croisette is the most famous street in Cannes, and as the English Promenade in Nice, you rarely see it empty and quiet, and it is no secret. However, people usually simply pass by the small space in which the pétanque is playing. This game is a French national pastime. Buy an ice cream and sit in the shade and watch the locals often take the game very seriously.

Climb to the cross of La Croix de Guard
La Croix-des-Gardes is located in western Cannes and is a local national park. In the 19th century, when Lord Brougham and his wife arrived in this small fishing village that is now Cannes, their only reason for staying was to escape illness. However, they fell in love with the island and built a house on it, which is now known as La Croix de Gard. It is now open to the public so they can relax and go on a picnic or even climb to the top of the cross. This park has amazing views overlooking the bay and shows you a different dimension of Cannes.

Cannes Tourist

Enjoy the artwork of the La Custer Museum
The Musée de la Castre was built by local monks in the 12th century and is often overlooked for its more luxurious attractions. Although this museum is not very large, it will be worth visiting. First of all, it is important here because of the stunning views of the medieval bay tower. After climbing the hills of the old fishing village, you will reach this tower and receive your reward. The second reason is the amazing works of art on display. The building is filled with a diverse collection of works of art collected by its nineteenth-century inhabitants and is a must-see.

Watch the strange design of Pele Bull – Cannes Tourist
Next to Théoule-Sur-Mer on the hills overlooking the bay is the Palais Bulles or Bubble House. Designed for French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, and although it is private property, its architectural scenery will amaze you so much that you should not miss it. Each building is circular and pink and is connected to another. They are also surrounded by two swimming pools and a green garden.

Monet Garden in Giverny

Wandering in the gardens of Villa Dumarg
If you want to get away from the center of Cannes and go on an adventure, you should go to Villa Domergue. It was designed by a man of the same name who was very interested in drawing portraits of women. The villa was built in 1934 and transferred to Cannes in 1973 by the family. With a relaxed atmosphere and sculptures in the garden, it is a great place to relax and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Eat truffles in the truffle market, stop San Antoine
Take it right out, near the town of Grasse you can find the Bastide Saint-Antoine. It is a 17th-century residential building converted into a restaurant and hotel, run by a Michelin-starred chef named Jacques Chinois. In January, a truffle market is held here every year. Your experience may not be cheap, but here is a very unique corner of the world and a precious and hidden gem that not everyone knows about.

Cannes Tourist

Improve your culinary skills with La Servite Blanche
La Serviette Blanche, meaning “white handkerchief”, is a unique company specializing in culinary tours in Cannes and the surrounding area. The company offers different and exciting courses and tours for you, ranging from cooking at home by the chef to a master class on making desserts or touring local markets. This is a dream experience for food and cooking enthusiasts.

Watch from Notre Dame Church in Notre Dame
‘Espérance) offers you stunning views of the old port of Cannes, but it is beautiful enough. Construction of this building began in 1521 and finally ended in 1678. This Gothic-style structure is one of the few historic buildings in Cannes and gives you a real treat.

The city of Cannes was known as a small fishing village from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century. In the 1930s, the first French luxury houses began to be built in this small town, and over time, Cannes has become a haven for the rich and famous French and international celebrities. The city of Cannes is located in the southeast of France, in an area called the Bay of Naples, which is currently part of the metropolis of Nice with an area of ​​1.96 square kilometers and about 73 thousand people live in this city. . The people of Cannes speak French, but due to its tourist location, most Cannes are also fluent in English. The common currency in Cannes, like in other French cities, is the euro. The first step in traveling to this country is to get an appointment at the French Embassy. Cannes in France is a city that is often remembered for the Cannes Film Festival.

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