Cayo Coco Cuba

Cayo Coco Cuba


Cayo Coco Cuba

Cayo Coco Cuba – Caio Santa Maria is one of the most precious stones in the necklace of the island in the north of the central region of Cuba. Relatively small, there is everything that can attract tourists to the typical Caribbean island. Built-in recent years, the comfortable hotels make Cayo Santa Maria one of the most important beach holiday destinations in the region. It communicates with the continent – snoozing 48 km. Near the islands of Las Brujas and Ensenchos. Cayo Santa Maria Island – The latest major project of the Cuban government in the development of tourism in Cuba. In the 2000s, Cuba opened a new pearl for tourists from around the world to the Cuban Islands Necklace – Cayo Santa Maria Island. Cayo Santa Maria is a small island thirteen kilometers long and two kilometers wide. It is ranked with the archipelago of the romantic name “Royal Gardens”. These gardens are under the care of UNESCO, as the most important biosphere reserves. On the island, the newest hotels, and infrastructure, do not forget, Resort opened only in early 2000, and now on the island only one hotel 4 and eight 5 * hotels, and three of them are new, offering truly royal services.

Caio Santa Maria is Cuba’s youngest resort, soon hoping to grow in popularity with the promotion of Varadero and Caio Largo. While the island is quite a few hotels belong to the Spanish chain. All the hotels are located in the first line of the sea, work in the “all-inclusive” system and entertain many guests: animation and night shows, all kinds of water and not only sports, SPA centers, fitness rooms Organized, equipped sites and small clubs for children.

Cayo Coco Cuba

How to receive – Cayo Coco Cuba
395 km from Havana to Caio Santa Maria Island, 5 hours by car or 50 minutes by plane. To fly to Havana Island, overnight transportation to and from Havana is required. Only 30 km separates the island from Cayo Guillermo, which can be reached in 30 minutes via the dam. The nearest airport is located in Santa Clare. There is a small airport on the island of Las Vegas where local planes arrive from Havana.

Carry off
The dam is one of the only roads across the island, everyone else is sandy trails. You can ride a scooter or jeep on the island, but you have to be very careful, especially if you want to go to the east coast. To use the dam, the island government charges 2 CUC per car. In addition, at the entrance to the road, you can ask for the document, indicating that you are resting in one of the hotels on the island. However, 24-hour taxis in all hotels on the island, for Long trips, taxis are better books. A taxi to the village of Caibarien will cost you 35 CUC and on both sides 65 CUC. If you eat in Remedios, you have to pay 40 COCS, the cheapest trip in Enshenachos will be 5 CUC. Before the famous shopping village – Pueblo Estrella, which is popular with restaurants, discos, bars, massage parlors, and massage bowls -Special buses run throughout the day. Hideaway Enssenachos Hotel The village is separated from the six-kilometer Sel Cayo – four kilometers, Melia Cayo – three and a half kilometers.

Motor freight
It may be a scooter on the island – it is designed for 2 people, however, it is recommended to choose a transport, designed for one person: the jacket is small, the roads are all sandy And during the heavyweight scooter will be stopped. Many hotels provide bicycles to their tourists, rental points should be sought there, where they rent a scooter or car. You do not have to wait for the gorgeous, shiny cars with chrome animals – the weather and the salty weather work in you – everything faces, so the bikes are about transporting this country. But if You want, of course, you can book a car, the most popular fronts are with a manual gearbox. Machines rent with a full tank, in the same way, you have to go back. The only gas station on the island is located at the airport called Las Brujas. The cost of renting a car per day, including insurance premium, is Jeep 47 CUC for one hundred kilometers, so you will pay 0.35 CUC for each additional kilometer.

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The coasts of the islands – Cayo Coco Cuba
All beaches, as well as hotels, are located in Santa Maria on the north side of the island. At the same time, an eleven-kilometer beach can be divided into six sections, perfect for unwanted night walks, swimming in the sea, and just for a good coffee. Hotels About eight kilometers along the seafront, each hotel has its private beach.

Cayo Coco Cuba

However, all the beaches of this island are public, which means that no one is forbidden to swim even near it. To reach the beaches at a distance, such as Playa Perla Blanca, you have to rent a scooter, but you should know that the road leading to the beach is not in good condition. The entrance to the water is very flat. In addition, Cayo-Santa Maria is almost quiet. The wind is always blowing here and sometimes small storms happen, which tourists already notice on the beach. All the hotels on the island are mainly operated by a “comprehensive everything” system that includes in addition to food consumption And alcohol becomes – the use of water shells unusable for exercise. All hotel beaches, separate natural hills, and mangrove wolves that are sometimes at least 3 meters. In this interesting way, the hills protect the island from various storms and hurricanes.

Entertainment and surfing
There is an unusual village in Cayo Santa Maria that most tourists come to just to spend money, and of course to have fun. In Pueblo-la-Estrella we offer a variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, cafes, discos, bowling alleys – clubs, massage parlors, and souvenir shops, you should not miss out. A relaxing break in Caio Santa Maria can be accompanied by a cultural program: the Dolphinarium is open on the neighboring island of Caio Ensenachos, you can also choose to explore the revolutionary city of Santa Clara and the ancient city of San Juan de Los Remedios. Entertainment on the island can undoubtedly be attributed to scuba diving, fishing, and sailing catamaran. Amazing day and night programs in hotels, common to all Minier hotels, where there is a pleasant area and shops allow you to differentiate your stay on the island.

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