Cheap Melbourne food

Cheap Melbourne food


Cheap Melbourne food

Cheap Melbourne food – There are restaurants in Melbourne that offer quality food at reasonable prices on certain days and hours; In these restaurants, you can enjoy great food for less than ten dollars. Melbourne fast food chains compete with cheap prices and changing flavors. From $ 4 Bimbos pizzas to $ 2 tacos on Tuesdays and Mr. Scruffs $ 5 burgers, Melbourne restaurants and bars serve $ 10 a ton or less. Eating well does not mean spending a lot of money on cheap food.

Cheap Melbourne food – Pizzas – El Coco
Right in the heart of the city, Bar offers a relaxing atmosphere of table tennis, Jenga, and a variety of board games. At El Coco, not only is Mojito served with music, but they also make $ 6 a pizza every day. This time, 14 types of pizzas are placed on a wooden board that you can choose from.

Cheap Melbourne Restaurants – Apartment No. 29
On Wednesdays, go for New York-style Apartment # 29 for very cheap pizzas. After 8 pm, you can get a pizza for just a dollar more by buying every five-dollar drink; Dinner and drinks for a total of six dollars. You will regret not accepting this offer.

Bimbo two lux
If you are looking for a cheap meal on Brunswick Street, Bimbo Deluxe Restaurant is at the top, serving delicious $ 4 pizzas every day at certain hours. You can choose from over 20 different pizzas and even serve a dessert for as little as $ 6.

Cheap Melbourne Restaurants – The 38th side
The Soi 38 stall is located in Melbourne and sells noodle bowls for $ 10. There you can order a bowl of noodles with beef or other meats, Tom Yum noodles with meat and shrimp, or noodle soup with cooked duck.

Bang Pop
Bang Pope in South Wharf offers the best Thai dish in Melbourne for $ 9.9 on Tuesday afternoons, which is a real auction because it costs you $ 15.9 on a typical day.

Cheap Melbourne food

Dan O’Connell Hotel
The Dan O’Connell Hotel celebrates Taco Tuesdays; You can find the cheapest Taco and Enchiladas in Melbourne at this hotel, starting at $ 2; You can also enjoy a three-dollar chicken taco at this hotel.

Burrito Beach
Take your skateboard with you and enjoy the three-dollar skating rink and beach turtles on Beach Burrito Tuesdays; Tacos stuffed with home meat and cheese. The tacos here are full of flavor. If you can not get here on Tuesday, do not worry, these tacos cost $ 5 on other days.

Donut – May Fox
On Fridays, during the fun hours at Maeve Fox, you can enjoy one-dollar dumplings that may be vegetables and stuffed with coriander and onions, or grilled duck meat. For a few extra bucks, you can fill your donut with beef and other meats or chocolates.

Burgers – Burger Project
The Burger Project restaurant is not only located in two locations in Melbourne, Collins Lane and Chadstone – Neil Perry, but also serves three burgers for less than $ 10. Be sure to try the classic cheese or American cheese, whose ingredients are high quality and similar to Rockpool Bar & Grill.

Fader Office
The Father’s Office restaurant serves dinner from Saturday to Wednesday, including an $ 8.5 double chicken burger. They also sell nights, nine-dollar beef, and apple and beet burgers.

Eat 8Bit food with cheese on a sheet attached to Tibet for $ 9.5. The burger is served with meat, tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, pickles, mustard, cheese, red sauce, and ITB sauce. This street dinner can be enjoyed on both Footscray and Swanston streets.

Mr. Scurfs
Every Wednesday from 5 to 10 pm, Mr. Scruffs’ restaurant prices are halved; That means you can buy a burger for only $ 5. Accept our recommendation and order a beef burger.

Cheap Melbourne food

Cheap places to serve food
ViewTucked Map In a narrow alley, Chick-in serves Korean food. It’s pleasing to choose your fried chicken cravings, whether you choose the whole chicken for two, or their amazing Jung Band, the second dish is a large portion of crispy, non-crispy chicken poured with wedges and rice noodles. , Which are covered in a sweet and spicy viscous sauce.
Get away from the vine shop
View Map If you are in the mood for a hamburger, Tuck Shop Take Away brings down the best burgers in Melbourne. This old and old school-themed cafeteria will keep you from going further. Their fresh beef batter is placed between two soft brisket loaves and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, American cheddar, and their delicious sauce. Each bite makes you want more.


Street Map Melbourne Harbor Bay Street, Agaman, you will find an Indo-Nepali restaurant offering a wide variety of Indian and Nepali cuisine, including vegetarian options. Try the chicken flavor-packed with chicken mint that comes with peppermint or the Nepali version of wax meatballs. The restaurant also has a special meal for lunch that is offered with hot and unparalleled hot bread as well as a couple with the family.
View Map If you feel hungry after a beach holiday in Melbourne Harbor, stop by Skewer. This service covers some of the years that are completely made and full of your favorite meat, hot chips, tomatoes, onions, and tomato mustard, and you wrap them all with hot pita bread.
Map view

If you have Italian food in mind, this small pasta bar with various locations in South Melbourne and St.James Place in the city allows you to choose from a variety of fresh pasta and delicious sauces. They range from slow-cooked bologna to smoked pancetta carbonara or basil nut pesto. Or choose one of your equally delicious thin-skinned Napoli-style pizzas.
Red Petite Thai – Cheap Melbourne food
Map ViewRed Petite is a small cozy Thai restaurant located just off Clarendon Street in South Melbourne. This service is a large and delicious Thai pad as well as a very balanced green knife that is beautifully paired with white rice. It ended with one of their satisfying Chang beers. In plain Spanish. Map view.

Giant boards full of glamorous puzzles are very difficult when walking in South Melbourne Market. This seafood paella is packaged in Simply Spanish with flavor and full of spices. Grab a box to go and enjoy on one of its benches and watch the market perform. Borek Store. Map view.

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