Cheap universities of Azerbaijan

Cheap universities of Azerbaijan


Cheap universities of Azerbaijan

Cheap universities of Azerbaijan – Student migration and student life come at a cost; For this purpose, we have studied the cheapest universities in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is one of the most popular countries for labor migration, education, investment, and so on. The variety of ways to immigrate to this country has led to an increase in the number of applicants for living and residency in Azerbaijan. Study of educational migration to Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in Eastern Europe in the neighborhood of countries such as Russia, Turkey, and Armenia. The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku, with a population of 2341,000 in 2020. The official language of the people of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani Turkish, but it is also possible to study in Russian universities and educational institutions in Russian and English. Despite the profits from the sale of gas and oil, due to the independence of Azerbaijan and other problems, the country’s economy has been in recession, but in recent years has made many plans for economic growth and has been able to reduce inflation. Azerbaijan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region and the growth of the tourism industry has had a positive impact on the country’s economy. Immigration to Azerbaijan has had many applicants in recent years. Methods of immigration to Azerbaijan include education, employment in Azerbaijan, and investment. It should be noted that the Azerbaijani government has considered the marriage of its citizens with a foreigner unimpeded, and thus it is possible to emigrate through marriage to a citizen of this country. Some people choose to seek refuge in Azerbaijan, but due to the high difficulties of this route, it is better for applicants to immigrate to this country in another way.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is an important country in the Caucasus, which is also the largest and most populous country in the region. Its capital is Baku. In recent years, Azerbaijan has made significant scientific progress and has many prestigious educational institutions at the international level, and every year many people from all over the world migrate there to continue their education in beautiful and advanced Azerbaijan. To study in Azerbaijan, you need to get the necessary knowledge about this country and its universities. The proximity of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Russia, Armenia, and Georgia can create unique opportunities for students interested in studying in Azerbaijan to work, live and even emigrate. The cheapness of this country compared to other European countries is one of the main advantages of the Republic of Azerbaijan in comparison with other European countries. In most of the universities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, further education is in Azeri or Russian, which is chosen by the student himself, which can be done after a one-year preparation period with a tuition of $ 500. The duration of undergraduate studies in Azerbaijani universities is 4 years and the undergraduate tuition in Azerbaijan is $ 800 annually. As you know, studying in this country is cheap. The important thing about studying in Azerbaijan is that there are enough dormitories for international students in Azerbaijan to continue their education at any level, and the cost is less than $ 200 per month.

Cheap universities of Azerbaijan

Introducing the cheapest universities in Azerbaijan – Cheap universities of Azerbaijan

Studying in Azerbaijan can be a good option for applicants for study migration due to the variety of majors offered and prestigious educational institutions and universities. Undergraduate courses in Azerbaijan are offered for 4 years and master’s courses for 1.5 to 2 years. It is also possible for international students to study for a doctorate, and will be awarded a valid degree after 2 to 3 years. It should be noted that tuition fees in Azerbaijan are very low and it is possible for eligible students to receive scholarships. Tuition fees in Azerbaijan range from $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 (US dollars) per year and from $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 (US dollars) per year for postgraduate studies. The cost of doctoral studies is reported to be $ 1,500 to $ 4,000 (US dollars) per year.

Cheap universities in Azerbaijan have a minimum annual tuition fee of US dollars

Azerbaijan Technical University $ 1000 (US Dollars)

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University $ 1000 (US dollars)

Baku Slavic University $ 2500 (US dollars)

Introducing the cheapest universities in Azerbaijan

How to get admission from the cheapest universities in Azerbaijan

As with admission to universities in other parts of the world, the study process in Azerbaijan begins with choosing the right field and university or educational institution. Applicants must submit their application for admission by submitting some documents and completing the relevant forms on the website of the university in question. Among the most important documents required in this process, we can mention the academic resume and transcripts of the previous degree. Also, for those who intend to study in Azerbaijan in English, it is necessary to present an IELTS degree with a minimum score of 6 and a TOEFL degree with a minimum score of 500. Items such as motivation, health certificate, and international passport are also required documents. After sending the documents, if approved by the destination university, the person will be able to obtain a student visa by submitting the required documents to the embassy.

Cheap universities of Azerbaijan

How to obtain a student visa in Azerbaijan – Cheap universities in Azerbaijan

Applicants to study in Azerbaijan are required to obtain a student visa to participate in training courses in this country. Among the most important documents required are the following:

Letter of acceptance from a university or college in Azerbaijan

Financial means are required to pay for education and living expenses in Azerbaijan (It should be noted that in Azerbaijan, as in some other countries, including Japan and the UAE, international students are not allowed to work part-time and must pay their entire living expenses in advance)

Pay tuition for the first year of college or university

Providing accommodation in Azerbaijan, for example, by renting a dormitory or apartment and providing a lease

Certificate of no criminal record

Valid passport for at least 6 months after the duration of study stay

Passport photo

Azeri, English, or Russian language certificate (of course, those who intend to study in college do not need to have a language certificate)

Visa fee:

Short-term student visa: $ 100 (US dollars)

Long-term student visa: $ 200 (US dollars)

It is possible for international students to do student work in most countries, including Austria, Canada, Denmark, etc., and one of the most popular occupations among these people is language teaching. But in Azerbaijan, foreign students are not allowed to do so. Those interested can read the article on working conditions after studying in Azerbaijan to find out how to stay through work in this country.

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