China Business Visa

China Business Visa

China Business Visa

China Business Visa – Another type of Chinese visa that has a large audience is the Chinese business visa. In recent decades, with the increase in the country’s exports and the capture of the global market, many businessmen and traders of this country have been targeted, and thus travel to China is constantly in demand by such travelers. Holders of this type of Chinese visa are allowed to engage in commercial and advertising activities and even investment matters. classifying. This type of Chinese visa is valid from 20 days to one year and during this period (depending on the type) it has allowed applicants to stay in this country. The validity of a Chinese business visa can be for 30, 40, 60, 90, 180 Granted a day or 1 to 10 years; In some cases, it is issued to eligible individuals with a validity of more than 1 year and a maximum of 10 years. Depending on the type of entry permit, it is provided once or with multiple-entry permits. It is interesting to know that citizens of some countries can obtain a more valid Chinese business visa; Citizens of the United States and Argentina, for example, can obtain a business visa valid for up to 10 years. Chinese business visas are also issued to Canadian citizens with a maximum validity of 9 years.

A Chinese visa is a valid document issued to foreign nationals by government agencies that allows them to enter, leave or cross the country in accordance with the laws and regulations of the host country. According to international law, every independent country has the right, in accordance with national law, to decide on the entry or exit of foreign nationals into its territory and to issue or revoke an individual visa accordingly. China’s entry officers and consular staff also have the right to decide on the type, number of entries, validity, and length of stay of any foreign national under Chinese national law and regulations, and to cancel or issue an individual visa. A visa is required to enter China. Every foreign citizen must apply for a visa before traveling to China, except; Items that are allowed to enter without a visa according to special agreements or regulations.

To take a closer look at Business Visa, we need to get acquainted with its types. A single entry visa is very similar to a Chinese tourist visa. Obtaining this type of Chinese visa takes 14 working days and the required documents are similar to a tourist visa. A two-entry Chinese business visa is another type of visa that takes about 20 working days to receive. Another type of Chinese visa Multi-business visa is 6 months, which requires travel experience to China; Applicants for this type of Chinese visa must present at least one entry visa in their passport before applying. If eligible, the applicant must take about 20 business days to obtain a business visa. The financial capacity for this visa is about 70 million Tomans. A Multi-business visa with a one-year validity is another type of Chinese visa that is issued for commercial and investment purposes. Applicants for this type of visa must present at least 5 one-time business visas in their passport before applying for the experience.

China Business Visa

Documents required for a Chinese business visa
The relevant form must be completed carefully to apply for Chinese visas. Registering a Business Visa Application requires the V.2013 application form. In addition, a list of required documents must be attached to the application. The documents are updated individually with the unique details of the applicant and depending on the type of visa, But all the documents required for a Chinese business visa are:

• Flight ticket (at least one way)
• Documents related to accommodation reservation (hotel reservation or invitation letter from one of the relatives)
• Proof of financial resources
• Invitation from a company based in this country
• Business license of the inviting company
• Applicant’s identity information (identity card and passport number)
• Inviting company information
• The relationship between the applicant and the inviting company based in this country
• Information about the purpose and planning of the trip (city visits, plane tickets/plane tickets …)

In some business trips where people travel to this country on behalf of their company, the mission statement of that company based abroad that they want to send their employee must be provided. This is while the applicant is looking to travel to China on behalf of the registered company; Otherwise, this letter is not needed.

China Business Visa Fee
Chinese business visas have different costs depending on the type; In addition to the types of Chinese business visas, the type of application the applicant (regular or immediate) has on costs. A single-entry business visa, usually issued with a one-month validity, costs $ 190 and takes about 20 days. In an urgent order, the cost increases to $ 220 and an 8-day visa is issued. A multiple-entry business visa, usually issued on a quarterly basis, costs $ 390 and is prepared in 14 days. Immediate application for this type of Chinese visa is usually not registered. The 6-month multi-business visa also includes only the regular application, which costs $ 570. China Business Visa with Multi-Year Validity There is only a normal application and it costs $ 700.

China Business Visa

Documents required for a Chinese business visa
1- Valid passport with validity of at least 6 months validity:
To obtain a Chinese visa, have the original passport and a copy of it with you for at least 6 months.

2- Two pieces of 6 * 4 color photos with a white background:
For a Chinese tourist visa, you must have two 6×4 color photos on a white background, which you preferably took recently and look like your current face.

China student visa

3- Letter of financial ability in the amount of 35 million Tomans.
You should get a letter of account turnover for a visa or a letter of financial authorization for a visa from the bank. You can go to the bank and request a financial authorization form, just note that the amount of money must be 35 million tomans per person and also have a prominent bank stamp.

4- Booking a round trip ticket to China and a hotel voucher
To obtain a Chinese tourist visa, it is necessary to know your return time. For this reason, the embassy will ask you for complete documents and a hotel voucher.

5- Original and copy of the national card and identity card
To obtain a Chinese tourist visa, it is necessary to know your return time. For this reason, the embassy will ask you for complete documents and a hotel voucher.

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