China student visa

China student visa

China student visa

China student visa – China, the world’s second-largest country, has the world’s second-largest economy; These reasons are enough to make this ancient land one of the most sought-after destinations for travel and accommodation. In addition, the enchanting nature of this vast land, from the dense forests to the pale Nile beaches, attracts countless tourists each year. Countless trade, tourism, and even educational opportunities invite many travelers and immigrants to this land. For this purpose, you must first apply for one of the types of Chinese visas. Since there is a great variety of visas in this country, to get a Chinese visa, we must first get acquainted with its types. Chinese visas require a short time from the time of application to receiving.

China Student Visa
With the establishment of universities that teach in English, the number of applicants for educational immigration to this land increased. The government, which has found a way to earn money, often offers all courses at all levels to attract more international students in English. By holding English-language courses, Chinese student visas have found many applicants. On the other hand, many universities Located in this country, they are among the top universities in the world. To read the list of the best universities in China in 2021, refer to this page. A very important point about studying in this country is not having a work permit in a student visa; Under its immigration laws, international students are not allowed to work part-time while studying. As you know, this vast land is one of the most populous countries in the world and does not require foreign labor.

Some eligible students may be employed for a limited time, while others may require an internship in the final semester; In this case, the applicant must obtain the relevant permits by submitting a letter from the University of Immigration. Otherwise, there is a risk of expulsion from the university and even expulsion from the country. Foreign students with a Chinese student visa can work during the official holidays and summer vacations. This type of Chinese visa is a multi-entry visa; In other words, a Chinese student visa holder can leave the country freely and return to the country without restrictions. To obtain a Chinese student visa, you must first obtain admission to one of the country’s most prestigious educational institutions. To apply for admission, a list of documents and requirements required by the university must be collected and sent. If the student’s application is accepted, a letter entitled “Initial Admission” will be issued, which will provide the student with a list of defective documents and fees. After paying the fees, completing and sending the payment slips of the “Main Study Admission Letter” issued to the official seal of the University in accordance with the applicant’s passport number in English and Chinese and the first condition for obtaining a Chinese visa is provided.

China student visa

Compared to other countries hosting student immigration, this country has a high diversity of student visas. For courses of less than 180 days, you must apply for an X2 Chinese student visa. Each type of Chinese student visa (x visa) is valid for 90 days; In other words, after the visa is issued, the applicant has 90 days to enter the country and apply for a visa extension to obtain a study permit. have; Of course, there are a few institutions that issue admissions three times during the academic year. Applicants to study in China must apply for admission at the appropriate time to have time for the Chinese visa application process.

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Documents required for a China student visa
After receiving admission, the applicant is required to compile a list of documents required by the embassy to obtain admission. The first step is to complete the application form and then attach the required documents to the file. To register for a Chinese student visa application, the applicant must attach a suitable photo to the application form. It should be noted that the photo attached to this form must have been taken recently (at least in the last 3 months) and does not conflict with the face of the applicant. Another point that is important in how to complete the form is to fill it in capital letters. Is. A completed sample is usually listed on the China Visa Form page; Read the complete visa application form carefully so as not to interfere with the result, as to how to complete the Chinese student visa form is very important for the visa officer at the embassy. But one of the most important documents required to obtain a Chinese student visa is:

• Original passport with at least one blank page and valid for at least 6 months
• Completed student visa application form
• A new passport photo
• Original and copy of academic admission letter from educational institutions
• Visa payment slips
• Copy of plane ticket reservation and housing conditions
English language certificate with a medium to high score
• Original and translation of identification documents (identity card and national card)
• Original and translation of the applicant’s diplomas and educational records
• Original and translation of documents and job records of the applicant (if any)
• Certificate of valid medical examination Health certificate (for Visa X1)
• Certificate of no criminal record
• Certificate of financial ability
• Letter of motivation

China student visa

To participate in English language courses, the applicant is required to send a valid language certificate with an appropriate score of international exams to the embassy. To study in Chinese courses, you must also get an acceptable score in the Chinese language HSK exams. Language proficiency is very important for both the admission process and the student visa. One of the most important documents for obtaining a Chinese student visa is the provision of adequate financial means. Financial Aid is a certificate that an applicant receives from a bank proving his or her financial ability to pay for living and studying in China. The minimum financial means must indicate the cost of living and studying in China for one year. In general, there is no need to attend an interview or fingerprinting in the Chinese visa application process. Therefore, the applicant can follow and go through all the steps online. Of course, in some special cases, the embassy invites the applicant for an in-person interview.

Chinese student visa fee
The cost of applying for a Chinese student visa depends on its services; After reviewing the documents and fixing the defects in the file, the visa is issued in 5 to 7 working days, which costs $ 140. By paying another $ 20 and using the express service, you can get a Chinese visa in 2 or 3 working days. Of course, in case of necessity, the visa application process can be completed in one day by paying $ 30. In addition to the expenses related to the embassy, ​​the applicant must also pay the postage and transportation expenses, which have different types; Postage is $ 29, but transportation costs $ 258 for regular mail, $ 318 for Vanguard, and $ 375 for Vanguard Plus, depending on the type.

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