China Tourist Visa

China Tourist Visa

China Tourist Visa

China Tourist Visa – Chinese tourist visa and conditions for obtaining a Chinese tourist visa and the documents and requirements of a Chinese tourist visa are scientifically and accurately discussed in this article. What are the requirements for obtaining a Chinese tourist visa? What are the conditions for a leisure trip to China? China has always been a popular country for businessmen and tourists. China has always been a good choice for tourism due to its historical background, antiquities, exciting culture, and so on. It has also been a good option for traders due to its large population, cheap labor, and large number of workers.

Tourist visa and general conditions
Chinese tourist visas are not required for countries. Countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UAE, Qatar, Japan, and Singapore do not need a visa to enter China for a limited time (up to 90 days). Generally, people who intend to stay in China for less than 90 days can obtain a Chinese tourist visa (L Visa) to enter China. Obtaining a tourist visa depends on the individual’s characteristics, and in general, by doing something, the percentage of issuing a Chinese tourist visa can be increased. According to the International Consular Agreement, any citizen can apply to enter another country. However, any country can reject or accept an applicant’s visa application. China is no exception. Therefore, every citizen should not expect his visa to be accepted by the government of that country. Here are the documents required for a Chinese tourist visa.

China Tourist Visa

Tourist visa and required documents
Every tourist visa, of course, requires the necessary documents for issuance. Visa requirements can be identity documents or financial documents. Here are the most important documents required for a Chinese tourist visa:

Provide a passport with at least 6 months validity and blank pages for entering a visa
Complete the application form (to be completed in capital letters) which is placed in the link opposite to the sample Chinese tourist visa application form
Provide a photo that matches the passport photo format
Provide round trip tickets
Provide hotel reservations
Submit an invitation
Valid insurance policy
Provide valid insurance
Proof of financial viability
Pay the visa fee

Tourist visa and application period
China tourist visa has steps and basics. Visa documents and requirements must first be submitted to the relevant authorities. After completing the initial steps, it usually takes 4 working days to apply for a Chinese tourist visa.

Tourist visa and its extension
tourist visas are naturally valid when issued. If your visa expires, you can leave China to apply for an extension or return your visa to the relevant consulate and embassy. The important thing to keep in mind is that you must visit this body 7 days before the expiration date of your visa. The important point is that the Chinese tourist visa cannot be extended and converted into another visa in the destination country. It usually takes a month to renew a Chinese tourist visa. However, keep in mind that the extended visa period should not be longer than the original visa period. The extension of a Chinese tourist visa can be done in China and the visa can be extended by visiting the local office of entry and exit.

China Business Visa

China Tourist Visa and Action Process
The Chinese tourist visa, like any other visa, has a process for obtaining it. The process is to proceed in this mode. First, you have to go to the Chinese embassy in Tehran, located on Movahed Danesh Street. Then, according to your turn, we went through the documents and requirements mentioned above and the steps mentioned above and took the step to apply for a tourist visa in China. According to the above, this type of visa (L Visa) will be issued for short-term tourist and business trips up to 90 days. After 2 to 4 days after completing the documents, your visa will be issued and you will be asked to reapply to the Chinese Embassy so that the visa sticker can be inserted in your passport. After affixing the Chinese tourist visa sticker, you can start your trip to the beautiful country of China according to your ticket. It should be noted that if you do not use your visa within the granted period, your visa will expire, and to travel to China as a tourist, you will have to go through the steps again and your visa will be issued.

China Tourist Visa

The deep and immersive natural background of this vast land has made it one of the tourist destinations. The civilization of this land is one of the oldest civilizations and empires in history and valuable traces of it have been left for human beings today. On the other hand, flowing rivers and large and small lakes give new life to nature and bring life back to the cities. Many nature lovers and explorers of history are looking for tourism in this land. Traveling in China requires a tourist visa. To take advantage of the depth of the history of this area, see amazing nature and participate in the annual festivals, you must obtain a Chinese tourist visa or the same as a tourist visa. In general, tourist visas are classified with the L mark, which has two types: group and individual. It should be noted that S or Q series visas are required to visit relatives and the conditions are different. Although the process of obtaining a Chinese tourist visa does not take much time, it is better to apply one month before the travel date; This is because unpredictable events can delay the travel date. It generally takes less than a week from the time the documents are approved to the issuance of the Chinese visa. As mentioned earlier, depending on the number of applicants, Chinese visas are divided into individual and group sections; Individual visas are issued for a short period of time and are valid for a short period of time. Group visas are also of the L visa type and are granted to groups of at least 5 people; Members of this group must enter the country at a certain time and leave China at a certain time. Medical visas are also classified in the Chinese tourist visa group; People who travel to this country to see a doctor must obtain a tourist visa for the purpose of treatment. This type of Chinese visa allows the applicant to stay for 90 days (3 months) from the date of entry.

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