chongming island shanghai

chongming island shanghai


Chongming island shanghai

chongming island Shanghai – Shanghai is one of those big and industrial cities with tall buildings and big towers that every tourist will be surprised to see. Tourists and travelers traveling to Shanghai can go to the top of the tallest towers in Shanghai and of course in the world and enjoy the view of the whole city under their feet, but the attraction that we want to introduce to you today, with it The view you have of Shanghai, China, is very different. Chongqing Shanghai Island is a large island in the ocean waters next to the city, which has a very calm environment and nature and is rich in ancient Chinese architecture. If you are tired of the bustle and tall buildings of this city, then it is time to visit Shanghai Chongqing Island.

General introduction to Chongqing Island – chongming island shanghai
Known as the third largest island in China, you will find it right on the east coast of Shanghai. An island that is considered as a backyard for this crowded and crowded city. Shanghai Chongqing Island is located next to the Yangtze River, and if you look at it from above, there are so many trees inside the island that you can not see the earth. That is why the Chinese say metaphorically that the island is below The trees are buried or sometimes likened to a giant green dragon sitting in the middle of a river. Beautiful nature awaits you inside the island. In fact, a trip to Shanghai Chongqing Island can be considered a kind of nature tourism; Because it is nature that speaks first. Here you will find large forests, lakes and numerous wetlands and relaxation. The beautiful nature of this place makes every tourist and traveler wander for hours on this island and plan at least one day trip to Shanghai here. Visiting the attractions inside the island allows you to have romantic memories. And make a memorable figure for yourself in China, a short distance from the modern shopping malls and new buildings of Shanghai. You seem to have entered another world in another dimension in Shanghai.

chongming island shanghai

View and map of Shanghai Chongqing Island
You can do a lot of things on the island, which you can read below:

Enter Dongping National Forest Park and explore the trees of this ancient forest. Maybe a little getting lost in the jungle will give you a fascinating and rare feeling.
After walking in the forest, go to Pearl Lake to see the migratory birds. This is a whistling and blind place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and car horns. Enjoy the island wildlife to the fullest.
You can go to the parks that are full of reeds and lagoons and be surprised by the difference between the nature that you face on only one island.
Take a walk along the muddy beaches and along the lagoons. If you look closely, you will see small crabs that quickly disappear into the sand and lagoons for fear of you. For this reason, some people sometimes refer to Shanghai Chongqing Island as Crab Island. When you look at the sandy areas of the island, you will easily understand the reason for this naming. One of the characteristics of the Chinese people is the proximity and interaction with nature around them. So inside this spectacular nature, you can see historical monuments and houses in every corner of the island, which is each of Shanghai’s attractions. If you want to enrich your trip, go to see the historical attractions and human artifacts surrounded by the natural environment and understand more about the space inside the island. They are built by Shoyuan and Hanshan. To see each of these buildings, it may be necessary to spend an hour in peace and not rush past them.

Dongping National Forest Park – Chongming island shanghai
This park is located inside the island as we said, but if we want to point out its location more precisely, it must be said that it is in the center of Shanghai Chongqing Island. Here, although you are facing a man-made forest, know that this forest is the largest forest in East China. A forest-covered not only with trees but also with fragrant flowers and plants. It has created an atmosphere that has become home to thousands of migratory birds. Birds that enter the park every year to lay eggs.

You can go to this national park from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:00. On weekends, visiting hours will increase by one hour in the evenings.
If you walk a little further from the broad-leaved trees of the forest, you will reach an area that is full of exciting recreational attractions for tourists. Attractions such as lawn skiing, rock climbing, golf courses, and golf clubs, tennis courts, zip lines for those who are looking for more excitement and relaxing among the trees for tourists who are looking for peace and relaxation, all You will find on this big island. Remember that we are talking about the third largest island in China. So do not miss this Shanghai attraction easily.

chongming island shanghai

The entrance fee for each tourist will be 70 yuan, which of course is less than the entrance fee for children and is about 35 yuan.
Dongtan Wetland Park
The easternmost park on Shanghai Chongqing Island is a swamp park. A place where visitors and tourists can enjoy the fresh air and the reeds and lagoons that seem to have no end. If you move east inside the park again, you will reach the Pergola Mansion, which stretches into the sea and offers a view of the sea. Many tourists plan to enter the island and plan their visits in a way. To be able to watch the sunrise from inside this mansion and on the sea.
Birds that continue their flight route from the Asia-Pacific region, enter Dongtan Park on their way and from early March to early June. This date coincides with the laying season of these birds, and tourists can visit the birds and their newly hatched chicks, depending on the time of arrival on Shanghai Chongqing Island.

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