City of Montpellier

City of Montpellier


City of Montpellier

City of Montpellier – Montpellier, France is the seventh-largest city in France and is located in the south of France. The city has undergone many changes and transformed itself beyond a simple port city on the shores of the Mediterranean. One of the reasons for the popularity and development of this city is the existence of prestigious universities in this city and the growing population of students. It is interesting to know that about one-third of the total population of Montpellier is students and half of the population of this city is under 35 years old. So we are facing a very young and academic city that has its own charms. Another gem in the south of France is the beautiful city of Montpellier. Join us as we explore the many attractions here, from museums and hiking to charming restaurants. Montpellier is an attractive and spectacular city in the south of France, where visitors can visit Provence because of its excellent location. Visit Camargue and many other areas. The city itself is no less attractive and full of interesting museums, cobbled streets, and tempting restaurants.

Montpellier Attractions – Comedy Square
Comédie Square is the center of Montpellier and very close to the main train station. It is easily accessible by tram and you can start your explorations in the main attractions of the city. The majestic building on one side of the square is the city’s opera house, and there are special and lovely French cafes next to the cinemas. At the other end of the square you will find a multi-story shopping mall with some of the most attractive French shops, and in front of it is the Esplanade, a beautiful green space, and a quiet pond. The city’s main art museum is also here, and the winding streets that start at Comedy Square lead you to great shopping.

St. Pierre Cathedral
The cathedral of the city is truly spectacular, and if you stare at its top and see its stunning towers, you will be amazed. St Pierre Cathedral is the most important Gothic building in Montpellier, located right in the middle of the old quarter. This Roman Catholic church has no entrance fee and the stained glass windows, the golden wooden citadel and the altar are very spectacular. It was built in 1985, but it was in the 16th century that it received the title of the cathedral.

City of Montpellier

Peruvian Promenade
The area of ​​Peyrou, also known as the Royal Square of Peru, starts from the majestic Arc de Triomphe and extends to the Château day. The area was designed by a man named Etienne Giral and his son. Of course, the castle-like building and the Cornet columns at the top of the Romanesque pond are the work of Henri Pitot. Behind here, visitors can see the Montpellier Roman aqueducts, which are truly a work of art and have been well preserved to this day.

Walking on the beach
The French city of Montpellier has four tram lines and another line will be added in the coming years. The last third line tram station leads to the beach and is reasonably priced. Here you can rent hourly and daily bicycles and go for a walk on the beach. Walking alongside these enchanting sights will be fascinating. Clear waters, soft sands, and pleasant sunshine are ideal for spring and summer days.

St-Pierre Montpellier

Flatulence in French cuisine
French cuisine is known around the world for its splendor and perfection, and Montpellier also offers attractive offers to tourists in this regard. Visitors can choose from Michelin-starred restaurants or typical local restaurants, or try carefully prepared deluxe dishes. Of course, apart from French cuisine, there are also Argentine options and Italian pizzas. Montpellier Branches are a memorable experience and a good gateway to getting to know the food of this city.

Faber Museum
The Fabre Museum is the most important museum in the city and houses some of the best works of art. You will find this museum in Splendor, which we mentioned earlier. Due to its location, access from anywhere in the city will be very easy. Visiting here does not end soon because there are always numerous exhibitions on its many floors and you will be fascinated by the admirable paintings and stunning architecture. Visiting the museum on the first Sunday of each month is free, so you can take advantage of this opportunity and spend an afternoon in the wonderful world of art.

Montpellier Zoo
Montpellier Zoo is without a doubt one of the best attractions in the city. Finding such attractions for free today is not easy, so you should definitely make the most of them. Everything from giraffes to colorful lions and frogs can be found in this zoo, and the animals are divided according to continents and living areas. The only part you need to visit is the Amazon jungle.

City of Montpellier

In Montpellier, every building used as the second house of the aristocracy was called a “folie”, and this city is one of the most important areas of France with a large number of these houses. Many nobles built mansions on the outskirts of the city, the Palace of Flaugergues being one of them. It is said that this mansion is one of the most original examples of the city. Its gardens have a special beauty and double the value of this spectacular building.

A walk in the old neighborhood
One of the best ways to get to know the city is to walk around its old neighborhood without a map. Randomly select streets and explore the area. In Montpellier, this is not too difficult, and visitors will soon be fascinated by the stunning views of the cobbled streets that surround the city center. Small cafes and interesting shops along the way will attract your attention. You can go shopping for souvenirs, eat pasta, try crepes or practice French on the streets. Be sure to make a memorable night in the meantime.

Botanical Garden
The last item on our list is the Botanical Garden. Montpellier has historically been known as a healing city, and in ancient times the richest people of the country flocked there to enjoy the sea breeze or its talented doctors. Today, the botanical garden is no longer used therapeutically, but it still contains many species of plants, and it will be very exciting to walk among them. Visiting this garden is free and you can count on it for a quiet morning walk.

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