Colombia Security

Colombia Security


Colombia Security

Colombia Security – You have heard that Colombia is dangerous and that traveling to Colombia is deadly. According to this traveler, this is not; It’s very safe in the days when the Colombian government has enacted the crime and madness, cocaine is no longer the main export – try flowers, fashion, and coffee instead. And try Colombia – Travel to Colombia is safe, friends. Naturally, as with traveling anywhere, you should check US travel alerts, and you should check out articles from travelers (more than those from Columbia travelers Read more, and decide if a country is safe enough for you to visit. Colombia is a hard work that shows the world that it is easy and comfortable, passionate and beautiful – believe in advertising, amigos. In the summer of 2009, I saw Colombia and felt completely safe every second. I went to the streets of Bogota after dark and bought amazingly famous leather, pants, and Colombian leather. I drowned the last drink of the legendary Colombian fruit in Medellin late at night; I fly the Cartagena satellite all day – without any problems (although you always take safe travel precautions). * However, * I have not traveled to small towns and national parks, and it seems to have seen terrorists and coca producers, and certain soldiers and militias in remote areas, especially in the forests of the southern and western forests. be.

Colombia Security

Cities were safe for me as a global city though. Colombia has a long history of overcoming problems from inside and outside. After the fall of pirates off the Caribbean coast for centuries, Colombia has been retreating from the Spanish conquistadors for years since the early 1800s, and even in its territory in Cartagena, uprisings of left-wing rebels and right-wing groups. It separated the country in 1948 and confronted the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a guerrilla group that still threatens (but attacks are unlikely) parts of Colombia). And in the late 1980s, Pablo Escobar made Colombia the largest producer and exporter of cocaine on the planet, and all the turmoil and crime led to such a distinction. Colombia is once again the winner. And today Colombia is a treasure. These cities have very complex fans; The police are the guards, not the opposition groups, the army is keeping the peace and destroying what is left of the cocaine trade, and many areas of the forest have become Mecca instead of hiding places for kidnapping.

Marriage in Colombia 

You may think that today’s world is no longer similar to yesterday’s insecure world, where traveling alone for women is associated with various dangers, but the fact is that there are still countries where a woman’s journey alone can be unsafe and dangerous. The authoritative tourism site “Silicon Travel” has introduced eight insecure countries for female tourists in a report.

Although India has a hot market among travelers these days, it ranks first in the list of the most unsafe countries for women tourists in the world. The main reason for this is the events that have taken place in the country in recent months, which have resulted in a significant reduction in female tourists in India and the replacement of Thailand and Malaysia by these tourists as a place to spend their holidays. In the latest case, an American tourist was raped in a village in India on Tuesday, and a similar incident occurred to a Swiss tourist less than a month ago.

Brazil – Colombia Security
Brazil, which ranks second in the world on the list of the most unsafe countries for female tourists, has been one of the most successful countries in attracting tourists in recent years and is expected to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Become one of the 10 tourist destinations in the world. But violence against women in the country has risen sharply in recent months, with Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, both of Brazil’s top tourist destinations. In this context, tourism industry experts consider maintaining the security of female tourists as one of the challenges facing the Brazilian tourism industry in the coming years.

Turkey is also one of the most popular tourist destinations these days. But it is in third place in the ranking of the most insecure countries. According to statistics provided by women’s rights organizations, the number of rapes in the country is very high, and in 2011 alone in Istanbul, more than 10,000 women were raped, some of the tourists. Continuation of this trend can be very harmful to a country that, according to forecasts, will be among the top five tourist destinations in the world in the coming years with the continuation of the current trend.

Egypt – Colombia Security
Egypt, which ranks fourth in the world in the ranking of the most insecure countries for female tourists, is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and according to statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism and Historical Monuments, about 20 to 25 percent of its tourists are women. However, there have been frequent reports in the country’s press of hostage-taking and rape of women tourists, portraying an unfavorable image of the country for some female tourists.

Colombia Security

Colombia is an unsafe place for female tourists, according to a survey conducted by Hostel Bookers, one of the world’s most reputable hotel booking sites. The country ranks fifth in the ranking, and according to many female tourists who have visited the country, many areas of Colombia, including the coast and the border areas with Ecuador and Venezuela, are very unsafe areas for female tourists. Of course, the historic and beautiful city of Bogota – the capital of Colombia – located near the Andes Mountains, is a safe tourist destination for women tourists.

Guatemala ranked sixth, is one of the most insecure countries for women in the world, according to the latest Human Rights Watch report, where one in three women is abused. For this reason, it is not a safe country for female tourists, and according to studies conducted in most parts of Guatemala, especially in areas where the drug trade with the United States takes place, female tourists have very little security.

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