Columbia Airport

Columbia Airport


Columbia Airport

Columbia Airport – Colombia is a country with advanced aviation. It is very difficult to list all the airports in Colombia: there are more than 160 of them. They are more or less than 24. The country’s international airports fully comply with all standards, and Colombia’s main port, the capital of El Dorado, is one of the top 50 airports in the world in terms of passenger traffic and freight.

El Dorado, Bogota’s main airport, is the largest in Colombia; Almost 50% of all landings and landings in this country take place here. The airport is the first in Latin America in terms of cargo, the second – in the number of landings/landings of aircraft, and the third – in passenger traffic (more than 30 million passengers pass through it annually). The airport has been active since 1959. Hence, air services are provided to South and North American countries;

One of the airport terminals in Bogota
Guaymaral Airport serves Class A and B flights not included in the El Dorado Plan. Guaymaral is a joint airport. The aircraft also serve flights from Colombian Air Force vehicles. In addition, there are several pilot training schools in the country, and the National Anti-Narcotics Bureau is located in the country.

Medellin Cordova. In the city of Ryengro is the Jose International Airport. It is the second most important airport in Colombia and the largest (after Bogota) in the country – Medellin. Air gates allow through about 7 million passengers a year. From here, flights to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Peru, El Salvador, Spain, Aruba, and the Antilles;

Columbia Airport

José Mar Airport
Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport. Medellin serves another airport that only accepts domestic flights. Cartagena named the airport the country’s fifth-largest city after Rafael Nunes. It is the largest in the northern Caribbean region of the country. Every year, Cartagena Airport accepts international flights and Colombia: from here it connects to New York, Montreal, Toronto, Panama, and Quito.

Rafael Nunes Airport in Carthage
Palmyra is located in Colombia, the third most important airport in the country – Alfonso Aragon International Airport or Palmesica Airport. It has more than 3.5 million passengers every year. This is an international airport; From Palmyra, there are flights to different cities:
New York;
San Salvador

 Colombia’s fourth-largest city and the largest port in the Caribbean will be relocated to the airport. Ernesto Cortesus, in Soledad, near Barranquilla. The airport is named after one of the first Colombian aircraft. The country ranks fifth in passenger tourism. In addition to domestic, it serves flights to the USA and Panama.

Airport vehicle in Barankila
Cocteau is another international airport located in the capital of Santander. It is named after Camillo Das, one of the founders of the Colombian Air Force. It is relatively small – it ranks only 11th among Colombia International Airport in terms of passenger traffic, yet it operates not only domestic but also international flights. Airport traffic is steadily increasing, including due to its proximity to the Pan American Highway.

Camilio Das Airport in Cocteau
Other airports
Other important airports in Colombia include:

Los Garzons – in the city of Montreux;
Matakana – in the city of Pereira; This is an international airport, from these flights fly to Panama;
The airport in Villavicencio, called La Vanguardia; He serves in the transportation department of Meta; Annual passenger traffic from the airport – about 150 thousand people;

Airport in Villavicencio
Simon Bolivar Airport in Santa Marta;
The international airport is named after the Colombian political and military figure Gastوo Rajas Pinilla (who began building the port at the age of 50 in the last century) in San Andres; In addition to local flights, it operates flights from Montreal, Panama, San Jose;

Gustav Raja Pinilla Airport
Admiral Padilla Airport in Rocha; From here, flights to Aruba, a small island off Venezuela;
Benito Salas Airport in Naya;
La Florida in Tomaco;
Antonio Narino Airport is 35 km from Pasto.

Coordinates: 45 ° 3707. North 121 ° 1002. West / 45.61861 ° N 121. 16722 ° W / 45.61861; -121.16722
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Columbia Gorge Regional Airport is a public air-operated airport with the IATA code DLS, which has an asphalt runway and a runway length of 1416 meters. The airport is located in Dels, Oregon, the USA at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level.

Columbia Airport

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Facilities and aircraft
Columbia Airport has an area of ​​260 hectares (110 hectares) at an altitude of 198 feet (60 meters) above average sea level. It has a paved runway of 21.3 meters with dimensions of 5350 by 100 feet (1631 30 30 meters). The final approach of runway 21 is directly more than one golf course immediately to the north, and pilots should be careful when entering and exiting So as not to miss golf. There has been at least one case where a golfer intentionally hit a golf ball on a landing plane. The route for runway 3 pilots passes through the houses. Pilots need to be careful about noise, especially at night. There is a police shooting range approximately 1 mile to the east, so the sound of gunfire is not uncommon. For the 12 months ending June 29, 2007, the airport had 19,200 aircraft operations, averaging 52 per day: 78%. The public airline, 21% air taxis, and,1% military. At the time, there were 32 aircraft stationed at the airport: 81% single-engine, 16% multi-engine, and 3% jet. Richmore Airlines operates outside the province of Columbia. Charter and maintenance. Columbia County Airport (IATA: HCC, FAA LID: 1B1) is a city-owned public airport in Columbia County, New York, USA. The airport is located four nautical miles (7 km) northeast of Hudson Central Business District, New York. This is a small public airport without towers in the Hudson Valley

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