Columbia Park

Columbia Park


Columbia Park

Columbia Park – Colombia is not just about monuments, museums, festivals, and carnivals. The state is enjoyable with its exotic nature and rich flora and fauna. Colombia is divided into more than 50 natural parks, each with a diverse microcosm. Because when tourists visit this amazing country on their way, they visit at least several natural reserves.

Colombia in natural communities
In the country, according to national statistics, 59 lands have a national park. Their area is 142682 square meters. Km, which is equivalent to 12.77% of the total territory. Colombia’s parks occupy leading places in the natural world:

Nature diversity – third place after Indonesia and Brazil;
Types of plants – 2 places (more than 130 thousand species of plants, including 2.5 thousand – trees, 3.5 thousand species – of orchids and palms);
Birds – 1 place (more than 3.5 thousand species);
Amphibians – 1 place in the world (583 species).

Columbia Park

Orchids in Colombia Natural Parks – Columbia Park
All parks in Colombia are divided into 5 categories:

National Nature Parks;
Flora and fauna reserves;
National nature reserves;
A unique natural area (this is only 1 park, Unica Natural Area);
Road Park (Via Parque).
The Adventures of ecotourists in Colombia
Tourists display water and forests, beaches and mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes on the country screen. A variety of sightseeing tours in Colombia allow travelers to find exactly what they are interested in. To understand where and what is in Colombia, the country is conditionally divided into 6 parts:

Andes – You can go hiking or hiking, enjoy the mountain scenery. It is also home to Colombia’s two largest cities – Medellin and Bogota – as well as coffee plantations and national parks.
Orinokiya is a wild area that is hardly visited by tourists. These are swamps, forests, endless savannas, and plains.
Amazon – Promises of adventure in pristine forests. You can go and book about wild forests.
The Colombian Islands are the most suitable place for scuba diving.
The Caribbean is fascinating with religion and history. In addition, travelers are waiting for the tropical forests and the Caribbean.
Pacific region – In this part of the country interesting tours of modern and historic cities and many diving sites.

List of Colombia’s most interesting parks – Columbia Park
The range of local reserves varies considerably, but its size is far from the main issue here. The tourist popularity of each resource is determined by its importance, leisure facilities, and access to transportation. All national parks are protected by the Colombian Ministry of the Environment.

Columbia Airport

Amakayako Due to its location along the Amazon River, many unique plants and trees grow in the park. The animal world is also remarkable: 490 species of birds and 190 – mammals. Isla de Salamanca. Park in the Caribbean with an area of ​​562 square meters. Kilometers of real paradise are vast beaches, mangroves, and magnificent lagoons. There are 200 species of birds in the territory of the park. The oldest park in the country with an area of ​​90 square meters. Km is located in East Cordillera. The animal world is very diverse – 62 species of mammals and 292 species of birds. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an area of ​​720 square meters. Kilometers Most tourists come here because of the unique nature and the opportunity to see all its inhabitants.

Los Hormoz Park is located in the Andes, covering an area of ​​1250 square meters. This kilometer is completely different from other parks in Colombia by its beautiful lakes and icy waters. There are 387 reservoirs in Las Hermosas, among the mirrored lakes. It is one of the most popular natural parks in Colombia. There are great trips to the largest volcanoes in the Andes. There is also an opportunity to visit the Ice Lake. Makana This is not just a park but a mountain. The main attraction of the river is its color change – Canyo-Cristales. The park is inhabited by pumas, anteaters, monkeys, deer, and 500 species of birds, as well as 100 species of reptiles and 1200 species of insects. There are archeological artifacts with pre-Columbian petroglyphs and pictograms in the territory.

Mapalo Island in Buenaventura Bay. Large populations of sharks live in the waters. From late summer to October, blue and mountain whales come to the shores of the island. The rocky island plants are algae, lizards, and some species of ferns. Malpelo is an ideal place for scuba diving and scuba diving. Gorgon The island has a volcanic origin with an area of ​​26 square kilometers. Kilometers to the east are white beaches with steep western cliffs. There are 10 species of snakes, 7 species of birds, lobsters, and cappuccinos on the island. From June to October, mountain whales migrate.

Gorgon Island
The area of ​​this Colombian National Park is 83,000 square meters. Located in the Andon region, the park is known as Purus stratovolcano, with more than 200 species of orchids and 160 species of birds.

Columbia Park

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Located in East Cordillera and has an area of ​​3830 square meters. Km The main attraction of this area is the largest coastal sand with a unique ecosystem. There are many archeological sites, there is a reserve and a lost ancient city that is only accessible through the wild forests.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Tyrone Park is located on the Caribbean coast, with an area of ​​180 square meters. Km in this area there are more than 100 species of animals, 300 birds, more than 400 poppies, and 700 species of molecules. In addition, the park has a great beach holiday and diving into a unique coral reef.

Falun de Cali’s Columbia National Park is unique in that it has 30 rivers. In addition, it has more than 300 species of birds, including endemics.

Chiribiquet This is a mountain range decorated with caves that preserve the art of primitive people. From different species, it is possible to distinguish between Jaguars, frogs, and hills. There are more than 70 species of birds in the rivers of the park and there are two species of dolphins. An important place to relax in the Columbia Resort. There are many great beaches and a variety of interesting attractions. Each region of the country has a unique charm, many tourists who have visited here wish to return here again.

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