Columbia Resort

Columbia Resort


Columbia Resort

Columbia Resort – An important place to relax is the Columbia Resort. There are many great beaches and a variety of interesting attractions. Each region of the country has a unique charm, many tourists who have visited here wish to return here again. For beach lovers, Columbia Resort offers a variety of conditions:

Beautiful beaches and stylish hotels are certainly those who prefer to spend their vacation, soaking in the hot sun, sunbathing in unusually poisonous sand, and swimming in drinking water. The best beach in this pool is Bocagrande. It is equipped with side rooms, solar chairs, and umbrellas. This is a good place to relax with children because the beach is gentle and there are no waves.

The island is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The natural environment is preserved here, and the various diving conditions attract numerous tourists. Many people like to be quiet on the white sands of Manzanillo Beach. The climate here is warm and comfortable for almost a year. It will be interesting to see the crabs, crabs, and iguana farm, as well as Macbeth Park which is only accessible by boat.

These beaches are for those who like to sunbathe for breakfast and leisure. It is cozy and peaceful. The beaches of the separate bays and La Bokilje lagoons are covered with mango shells. At Punta Arena Beach, there are many restaurants with selected seafood.

San Andres
The pristine beauty of the island attracts many tourists. Coral reefs, turquoise waters, beautiful white sands, El-Hoyo-Sopplari scuba diving, and much marine life attract diving enthusiasts. San Andres will be an important place to relax from the sinister city life, and the archipelago locals, valuable tourist services, and public security have made the archipelago particularly popular.

Columbia Resort

Santa Marta
This resort town is located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. This is one of the most popular in the country. The beautiful beaches and mountains of the Sierra Nevada with the emerald green of the mango forest will be a good place for active recreation. Here you can go scuba diving or reach the tops of the mountains. After sunset at the discos and bars of Colombia’s oldest city, a fun nightlife begins.

Other recreational cities in Colombia
Colombia is a beautiful and original country. Tourists who prefer to spend their holidays exploring local attractions can visit such a vacation in Colombia:

Bogota (Santa Debota) is the capital of Colombia. The city hosts the largest Iberoamerican theater festival in the world. Every year there are bull wars in which many tourists gather.

Columbia Park

Located on the shores of the Gulf of Malaga, it is known for organizing the trip to watch the whales. These amazing animals swim off the coast of Colombia. This happens from July to October when it comes time for the birth of your youth. There are places on Columbia Beach where whales swim very close to shore. Leaving the sea to observe mammals can take from one to five hours and is used for this boat or boat.

Villa de Leyva
It is one of the most beautiful and beautiful cities in Colombia. This popular tourist center is maintained as a national monument. The colorful framework of the city, its four-hundred-year-old square as proof of colonial architecture, attracts thousands of tourists.

The city was founded in the 16th century. Due to the custom white dormitories, completely preserved in our time, Papaya was named “White City”. There are many beautiful churches, monasteries and churches, museums and parks. In the village of Silva, near the northeastern part of the city, lives a community of Gambians. Visit it, you can know the locals, your lifestyle.

Things to see and do in Carthage, Colombia
Casa de Marqués Valdehoyos, Calle Factoría, is a good place to start your exploration of the Old Town. This house is an example of the old Cartagena, and the tourist office offers the map and information.
The Museo de Oro y Arqueloguia in Plaza Bolivar has a rich collection of gold and pottery from the Sino culture. Also in the square, the Palacio de la Inquisicíion is a good example of colonial architecture. In the face of fascinating prayers, the museum removes torture instruments from pre-Columbian Spanish interrogators, colonial art, and independence.
The Cathedral of Cartagena, with its majestic appearance, interior appearance, and simple castle, began in 1575, which was partially destroyed by the cannons of Sir Francis Drake and completed in 1602.
Columbia Resort
The Iglesia de Santo Domingo at Calle Santo Domingo, which has changed little since the colonial days, is the oldest church in the city and was built like a cathedral to resist the invader.
Las Bóvedas was originally built for military purposes and is now home to boutiques and tourist shops. (Picture)
Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas (photo) is the largest complex of castles built to protect the city from pirates. You should see that the tunnel system means facilitating the supply and unloading of the castle.
Convento de la Popa with a view of the castle, has flowery patios and great views of the city, especially at sunset. The church once served as an additional castle and is now a museum and church of Virgen de la Candelaria, the patron saint of Carthage.
The newer areas of Cartagena, Bocagrande, and El Laguito, on the Caribbean Peninsula, have become the modern venues for popular hotels, restaurants, and shops. You may be frustrated with the beach, but dancing in the morning in one part of the city may make it difficult.

Out of town time for long trips to:
Mompós, in Río Magdalena, was once an important commercial river port between the Caribbean and the interior. As the flow of the river shifted, the city became streaked and commercial life ended. The rest, however, is the curved streets parallel to the waterfront, deliberately designed to pave the way for cannonballs and perfect colonial architecture. Santa Marta Deep Port is the oldest Spanish city in Colombia. The colonial tradition is all gone, but the city’s attraction is a gateway to the Sierra Nevada and the pre-Columbian ruins of La Ciudad Perdida.

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