Columbia University USA

Columbia University USA


Columbia University the USA

Columbia University USA – One of the great and important goals that students do their best to achieve is to study at Columbia University in the United States. This university is one of the top and most selected universities in the United States because of its high quality educational and scientific level. There is a lot of knowledge about this university that Soroush Saadat Ambassadors Law Institute recommends that you read the following article carefully to provide useful and valuable information in this regard.

Benefits of Studying in the United States
Many people enter the United States through their admission to American universities. Among the benefits of choosing the United States is a work permit while studying in the United States. However, in some countries, such as Azerbaijan, international students are not allowed to work. ) Earn salaries. After graduation, they also have the opportunity to find a job, convert their student visa into a US work visa, and after 5 years of permanent residence, apply for and obtain a US passport. Obtaining a passport is an advantage that will not exist in some countries, such as Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, etc. To obtain a US passport, you must meet the following requirements:

2.5 years in the United States 5 years before applying for a passport
Passing the English language test
Passing the American Civil Rights Test

Tourist Colombia Visa 
About Columbia University in the United States
Columbia University in the United States is one of the private research universities in the country, which was founded in 1754 in New York City, USA. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States and is ranked 5th in this field due to its 250 years old history. Over 27,000 students are currently studying at this university. If we want to talk about the honors and awards obtained by this university, we can mention inventions such as laser, LED, LCD fluorescent protein, the FM radio, and other inventions and awards such as 82 Nobel Prizes. Famous people in this are university graduates, three of whom are Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama, and Theodore Roosevelt. Each year, under the auspices of the university, the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism and Writing is awarded to outstanding individuals in various fields of art. There are more than 9 million books in the library of Columbia University in the United States. The largest source of books in the field of Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library belongs to this university, which contains 400,000 volumes of books.

Ranking of Columbia University in the United States
The rankings obtained by Columbia University in the United States are reported on various sites and ranking systems. These reports indicate the top ranking of this university in the world. The following diagram proves this:

Columbia University USA

Columbia University Educational Institutions and Faculties – Columbia University the USA
The faculties and educational institutions of Columbia University in the United States offer a variety of disciplines and programs for students, which are listed below:

The faculty of Medicine (founded in 1767) is the oldest faculty of this university. Therefore, medical education in the United States is in the best condition for the applicant students
Faculty of Law (founded in 1858)
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences (founded in 1864)
School of Architecture and Drawing
School of Journalism (founded in 1912)
medical School
nursing school
School of Arts and Business (established in 1994)
Teacher Training School
School of Social Welfare and Jobs
School of Business
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of International Affairs
School of General Studies
Faculty of Engineering
School of Dentistry (founded in 1852)

Courses at Columbia University in the United States
There are many educational programs offered by Columbia University in the United States that international or domestic students will be able to choose from based on their previous educational background and interests. These courses are taught at different levels of education. Here is a list of some of the majors taught at the masters and Ph.D. levels:

English language
financial mathematics
political science
African-American Studies
chemical engineering
mechanical engineering
Human Rights Studies
Certificate required to study at Columbia University in 2022

International students intending to immigrate to the United States through study must first complete their admission to Columbia University in the United States. After receiving admission from this university, they are allowed to receive a US student visa. The university requires special documents to issue a certificate of student admission according to the student’s chosen field. But the general documents to be presented to the university in 2022 are as follows:

Complete and submit the application form for admission online
The payment fee is $ 85 (US dollars)
Presentation of diplomas obtained in previous study courses along with transcripts
Submit a letter of recommendation issued by 3 professors.
Obtaining the desired scores of the university in standard exams (participation in the ACT‌ and SAT exams is required for the student); It is noteworthy that Columbia University in the United States does not accept PTE degrees and grades
Provide a TOEFL English language certificate with a minimum score of 100 or an IELTS degree with a minimum score of 7

Columbia University USA

About Colombia – Columbia University the USA
The country is located in South America with an area of ​​1141748. The Republic of Colombia shares land and water borders with the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas to the north, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and Ecuador to the south, and Panama and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The fourth-largest country in South America is Colombia, Bogota is the most important city in Colombia, which is also known as the capital of this country. Colombia has a population of more than 50 million, with Spanish being the most widely spoken language in Colombia. The Colombian Peso (abbreviated COP) is the currency of Colombia.

Check the cost of living in Colombia in 2022
Colombia is much cheaper than countries like the United States, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, and so on. That’s why it might be appealing to some people at first glance. For example, while living in Norway costs between $ 1,900 and $ 2,300 (US dollars) per person per month, the cost of living in Colombia is $ 750 to $ 1,100 (US dollars) per month. However, as almost everyone is aware, Colombia is not safe at all due to the presence of various drug cartels and traffickers.

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