Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University – Public universities are much cheaper than private universities, so they have limited capacity to admit international students. Columbia University is one of the private universities in the United States. When asked where Columbia University is, it can be said that Columbia University is located in New York City and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world with 250 years of history. It is one of the oldest universities in New York and the fifth oldest university in the United States. Columbia University was established in 1754 by King George II of Manhattan as King’s College of Great Britain. Lee Bollinger is currently the 19th person to chair Columbia University since 2002. has it. The university currently has 24,708 students and 3,543 professors and accepts students in three levels: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. The motto of Columbia University is In the Light of Your Light, We Will Find the Light. Columbia University is so important in terms of scientific and research level that it was recognized as the 18th top university in the world in the QS 2020 World Rankings. Many important inventions such as laser, the FM radio, fluorescent protein, LCD, LED, and many important medical inventions have been made and registered in this university.

One of the honors of this university is winning 84 Nobel Prizes. In total, 84 Nobel laureates are considered celebrities of this university. And there are currently three U.S. senators from Columbia University. With 84 Nobel laureates, Columbia University tops the list of all educational institutions in the world in this field. Three famous American politicians and American presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, and Barack Obama have also studied at this university.

Columbia University

Columbia University Schools
The 33-acre main campus, Morning Side, is located in New York City. All office buildings, most master’s and bachelor’s degrees are located in this area. A new 17-acre “Manhattanville” campus is located north of the main campus, home to art and business schools along with a number of medical research centers. On both campuses, there are student dormitories for students. The university consists of the following faculties:

Gif Universities Columbia University
School of Medicine: One of the oldest schools in Colombia, founded in 1767.

Faculty of Law: This faculty was founded in 1858.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences: This faculty was established in 1864.

Graduate School of Arts and Business: This faculty was established in 1994.

School of Journalism: Founded in 1912.

dental College

School of Architecture and Drawing

Teacher Training School

nursing school

School of Social Work

School of Business

Faculty of Health Sciences

School of International Affairs

art University

Columbia University semester start schedule:

Autumn semester September-December

Spring-January-May semester
Summer semester (D) May – June
Summer semester (Q) July-August
Columbia University majors
Columbia University admits students with more than a thousand majors in its various faculties.

Some of the masters and doctoral programs of this university:
African-American Studies
American Studies
History of Art and Archeology
Medical Informatics
Classical studies
Meteorology and Sociology
Dental Sciences
Environmental journalism
East Asia: Regional Studies
East Asian language and culture
the environment
English language and comparative literature
German languages
World Studies of France
World Thought
Spanish language cultural studies
History and literature
Human Rights Studies
International and world history
Islamic Studies
Japanese education
Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Studies
Medieval and Renaissance studies
Middle East, South Asia, and African Studies
Modern Art: Critical Studies and Maintenance
Modern European Studies
Museum of Anthropology
Oral history
Philosophical foundations of physics
political science
social Sciences
-Journalism – Religious
Regional Studies: Russia, Europe, Asia, and Eastern Europe
Russian translation
Slavic culture
Slavic languages
South Asian Studies

Admission requirements from Columbia University, USA
The process of obtaining admission to Columbia University is the same for all students, regardless of nationality or country of residence. In general, the requirements for admission to Columbia University include the following:

Requirements for Columbia University
Admission is online. The cost of this part is $ 85, which is non-refundable.
Passing the SAT or ACT test
Diplomas and transcripts
Letter of recommendation from 2 professors
Resume (can include achievements, activities, work experience, leisure activities.)
TOEFL language score with a minimum score of 100 for the online test and 600 for the written test
IELTS with a minimum score of 7
Passing the Duolingo exam with a minimum score of 120 and this score must be sent directly to the university by Duolingo. You may be asked to participate in an interview after admission. Please note that having one of the TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo is sufficient. Note: Columbia University does not accept the PTE test. To be admitted to the undergraduate course, the applicant must obtain transcripts, a high school report and a formal letter of recommendation from their school, all documents must be translated into English.

SAT and ACT exam: Evaluates the level of analysis of the concepts learned to enter the university.

Columbia University

Documents required for admission and study at Columbia University
In the process of admission to the destination country and the university, a lot of documents must be provided, among which different people review these documents, so it is necessary to provide the necessary documents regularly and completely where possible so that there is no disruption in the immigration process. There is no education.
Fill out and pay online application fees
F-1 or J-1 visa
Passport valid for at least 6 months
Certificate of financial ability for one year living in the United States
SEVIS payment receipt
Diploma and transcripts
TOEFL or IELTS certification
Cover letter
Master’s letter of recommendation

The cost of studying and living at Columbia University, USA
In the process of immigrating to the United States with any immigration method, the issue that is very important is the issue of costs. When it comes to student migration, paying attention to the cost of education and living is of particular importance. For this purpose, in this section, the cost of education and living at Columbia University in the United States is examined. Due to the fact that the cost of education and living at this university varies depending on the field and college, we study the costs of education in the field. Here is an example of engineering and nursing:

Universities Columbia

Course of study Summer academic year Total expenses
Tuition and necessary expenses Living expenses Tuition and necessary living expenses
Bachelor – Columbia College $ 70,904 $ 15,306 0 $ 0 $ 86,210
Bachelor – School of Engineering $ 70,904 $ 15,306 0 $ 0 $ 86,210
Nursing – MDE (15 months) $ 62,629 $ 24,453 $ 28,510 $ 8,151 $ 123,743
Nursing – PhD $ 46,557 $ 24,453 $ 20,970 $ 8,151 $ 100,131
If you apply for a companion visa, approximately $ 1,000 per spouse and $ 500 per month per child will be added to the cost of living

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