Cost in Oman

Cost in Oman


Cost in Oman

Cost in Oman – Oman is one of the Arab countries in the Middle East which is located in northern Yemen and eastern Saudi Arabia. The city of Muscat is the capital of the caliphate of the king of this country, which is also called the capital of Oman. It also has 9 provinces from which the two earthly lands (Musnadam and Madha) are separated, but it is known as the territory of Oman. The land of Oman is not very large and has only 309,000 square kilometers of territory with a population of 4,600,000 people. The official and indigenous language of the people of this country is Arabic. Oman has an oil-dependent economy. Due to its vast oil reserves (seventh in the Middle East with 5,500,000,000 barrels of oil reserves), it has been able to attract a lot of wealth to its country. To a high level of well-being. In addition to Oman’s oil activities, textile weaving and sea fishing are among the other economic activities in the country. The currency of Oman is the Rial. To find out the value of this country’s currency, it should be said that each Omani rial is equal to 2.59 US dollars.

The cost of studying and living in Oman and reviewing the costs of the University of Oman
The cost of studying and living in Oman can be very important for people who intend to immigrate to Oman. If applicants intend to study in Oman, they should consider that education in this country is divided into two categories: school education and university education. Education in Oman schools includes elementary and high school. Also, studying in this country is in the official language of Oman, which is Arabic. There are also private schools for the children of foreigners who have immigrated to Oman, such as the Muscat International School, where they are taught in English. After completing the high school course, it is possible to enter the universities of Oman. University education includes undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. Students have the opportunity to study in the fields of economics, basic sciences, computer, technical-engineering, and humanities. Undergraduate education lasts 4 years, a master’s degree 2 years, and a doctoral degree from 2 to 4 years. It is worth mentioning that teaching in Oman universities is for English students in international languages ​​and people need to present an English language degree in order to be admitted to universities in this country. Certificate required is required for IELTS 5.5, IELTS 6.5, and IELTS 7. If people have a lower language level to study at Oman universities, they can take a language course before the start of their semesters to achieve the desired language level.

Also, following the study of the cost of education and living in Oman, in the following section, an attempt has been made to provide the costs of Oman schools and universities to the audience in a cross-sectional manner. The costs listed in the table are in Euros. (Currently, each Omani Rial is equivalent to 2.35 Euros)

Study in Oman Duration of the language course Teaching tuition fees
12-year Arabic schools free
Private 12-year English schools 4,000 to 10,000 per year
Undergraduate degree 4 years Arabic and English 2000 to 4000 per year
Masters 2 years Arabic and English 2500 to 4500 per year
Ph.D. 2 to 4 years in Arabic and English 4000 to 8000 per year
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Cost in Oman

Cost of education and living in Oman and review of housing costs – Cost in Oman
The cost of studying and living in Oman can be reduced for those who want to live in Oman. In the housing sector, the costs of buying and renting housing are not very high. The price per square meter of the apartment can be set from 1600 to 2500 euros. Also, the cost of renting an apartment, depending on the type of area and its size, is from 300 to 950 euros per month. The table below shows the costs of housing and housing rents in more detail.

Cost title – Cost in Oman
Price per square meter apartment in the city center 1600 euros
Price per square meter apartment away from the city center 2500 euros
Rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center 510 Euros
Rent a three-bedroom apartment in the city center 950 Euros
Rent a one-bedroom apartment away from the city center for 300 euros
Rent a three-bedroom apartment away from the city center for 610 Euros
ax2 23 The cost of education and living in Oman

The cost of education and living in Oman and other expenses
The cost of education and living in Oman was covered by university and rent. Now we need to go into more detail about costs and expenses such as food, clothing, transportation, leisure and entertainment, communications, and more. Ancillary costs such as rent and university costs are not as high. Dear contacts, you can see the list of expenses in detail in the following table:

Title fee Title fee

0.49 1.5 liter mineral water 2.29 12 eggs
23.3 Meal for 2 people in a restaurant 4.86 one kilo of chicken fillet
0.54 cans of Coca 4.65 A pack of Malbrus cigarettes
3.9 A cup of cappuccino 1.4 A bunch of lettuce
1.16 One-way city ticket 1.73 One kilo of rice
0.47 Rate of one-kilometer taxi 1.5 one liter of milk
0.52 one liter of diesel 2 one kilo of apples
51 One month club membership fee 1.5 one kilo of bananas
8.1 One Sans Cinema 1.4 One Kilo of Oranges
37.1 A pair of Lee pants 1.3 One kilo of tomatoes
36.2 A summer t-shirt 1.1 a kilo of potatoes
64.2 A pair of sneakers 0.9 a kilo of onions

It is very significant that there is no income tax in Oman. The same is true for immigrants and the international workforce. Therefore, this country is very attractive due to the reasonable cost of education and living in Oman, sufficient income, and the lack of income tax. But what you need to consider about working in this country is that in order to obtain a work visa in Oman, you first need to get a job offer from Omani companies and employers. All the contents mentioned in the article The cost of education and living in Oman have been written by the experienced staff of Malekpour Law Firm (MIE Austria) and any copying of it without mentioning the source is prosecuted and is considered a violation of the law.

Cost in Oman

Tuition and living expenses in Oman and conditions for obtaining admission
The cost of studying and living in Oman is such that it makes people eager to study in this country, but what kind of evidence is needed to be accepted from the schools and universities of Oman? First, you have to check the documents for admission from Oman schools. Student transcripts of the last three years are required. Also, people under the age of 18 must have a guardian and guardian to live in Oman. In order to be accepted from a university in this country, it is also necessary to present the academic records of the previous courses along with the transcripts. International students are also required to provide a language certificate depending on the type of degree. The last point to issue admission from the university is to pay the university tuition fee. If there is no obstacle after examining the educational conditions of the people, they can get admission to continue their education.

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