cost living in France

cost living in France


cost living in France

cost of living in France – How much does it cost to live in France? Is France as expensive as they say, and the high cost of living excludes a city like Paris or other important cities in France from the options of immigration, education, and living? In this article, we will mention the average cost of living in France, and we will refer to items such as the cost of buying and renting a house and the daily cost of living in this interesting and immigrant-friendly country.

The cost of living in France – the cost of living in France
France has long been a country of seventy-two nations and has hosted immigrants of different nationalities for centuries. The largest European country, after Russia and Ukraine, the third-largest country on the continent, has a population of over 67 million and an annual income of over three trillion dollars, and in this regard is one of the largest economies in the world. Tourism does not need to be clarified. Because France is the most touristy country in the world, and that fact says it all. But with all these charms, is living in this country economically viable? And can the high cost of living in France, compared to many of its European neighbors, and the fact that a stunningly beautiful and developed city like Paris is one of the most expensive places in the world, win over immigrants to study or study in France?

How much does it cost to live in France?
The high cost of living in France does not change the fact that the country has high standards of welfare and in terms of quality of life, France ranks among the top countries in the world. The country is also facing a situation in terms of social cohesion and stability, and it is witnessed that in a formal referendum, about 90% of its people have said that when they need it, they have people who have the air and support them. The French, on the other hand, are aware of and strict about the situation in their country, and almost all of them are actively involved in civic and social activities and have high expectations of politicians and decision-makers.

Living in Marseille

What is the total cost of living in France?
If we take the information of the authoritative number platform as the basis of our book and subtract the rent from the equation, a family of four costs about 3,000 euros per month to live on, and a single person with 800 euros per month takes his kilim out of the water. Pulls out. Unfortunately, with these interpretations, this advanced European country is still not free of economic problems, and about one-fifth of the people consider themselves to have financial problems or a series of deprivations and social deficiencies. However, France is still an ideal place to immigrate, and according to the latest reports, cities such as Paris are more expensive than large-destination destinations such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Munich in Germany, and Brussels in Belgium. The cost of living in Paris is 30% cheaper than in New York, 14% in London and 10% in Los Angeles, and 50% more expensive than in Madrid and 25% more expensive than in Brussels. Do not miss reading the Travel and Living Guide in Paris.

cost living in France

Cost of living in Lyon
As a rule, not all the attractions of this developed land are gathered in Paris, and cities like Lyon and Marseille are also attractive destinations for immigration, and each is a good candidate for the best French city to live in. For example, Lyon is the third-largest city in France and a paradise of food and drink and a wonderful city to work and live in. Especially working in areas such as finance and banking, drug manufacturing and software development, and several other industries. In addition to Paris, Lyon is the only French city in Mercer’s famous cost-effectiveness list of the 100 most expensive cities in the world. By some comparison, Lyon is 44% cheaper than New York, 28% cheaper than Los Angeles, 31% cheaper than London, and 20% more expensive than Madrid, roughly on par with Brussels, and Belgium.

Cost of living in Marseille
More than one-fifth of the population of Marseille, one of the most immigrant-friendly cities in France, is made up of immigrants and due to its special location and port, along with a calm and confident lifestyle, is of great importance in the French economy and a good city for business. goes. Many immigrants prefer this city to Paris because of its attractive beaches and lower cost of living, and by some comparison, Marseille is 48% cheaper than New York, 33% cheaper than Los Angeles, 7% cheaper than Brussels, and 36% cheaper than London. And only 12% more expensive than Madrid.

cost living in France

What is the salary situation in France? – the cost of living in France
French wages, like in most parts of the world, are paid every month and evaluated annually, depending on the economic situation and the hiring company, and the responsibilities and work experience of the individual, and in proportion to the inflation situation, a percentage is added annually. In general, the salary of a Frenchman working in the private sector is 2,370 euros per month, and in the public sector, it is lower, at around 2,300 euros. Interestingly, self-employed people who have their profession and business, with a significant difference of about 3820 euros. The minimum wage in France is 48.10 euros per hour or 1590 euros per 35 hours of work per week. According to labor laws in this country, the wages must increase at the beginning of each year and also at the time of inflation above 2%.

The share of buying a property in the cost of living in France
In the process of buying a property in France, various quotes and taxes are entered into the equation, and buying a house, just like renting a house, has different rates in different cities. For example, the price of a property in the center of Paris can reach 13,000 square meters, and in the suburbs up to about 9,000 euros. In the city center of Lyon, the figure is 5,100 meters in the center and 3,400 meters in the suburbs, and for Marseille, it costs 3,200 meters and 1,000 euros, respectively.

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