cost of living in Colombia

cost of living in Colombia

cost of living in Colombia

The cost of living in Colombia varies depending on the living conditions of the applicants. Living habits, accommodation, nutrition, etc. are very cost-effective. The experts of Soroush Saadat Ambassadors Law Institute will further acquaint you with the cost of living in 2022. Colombia is located in the northwest of South America and is a good country for retirees and people looking to live in a cheap but comfortable place abroad. Of course, living in Colombia can not be associated with excellent quality at a low cost, because the crime rate in this country is high. The cost of living is probably much lower than in most countries in the world. The low cost of living is one of the reasons for attracting foreign immigrants to this country. One of the most important things to immigrate to Colombia is the cost of living. The cost of living in this country is affordable compared to the quality of life. Colombia offers a good lifestyle at a low price. The cost of living is probably much lower than what you need to live in European countries. Many immigrants estimate that their monthly expenses are about 40% to 60% lower than in European countries. Cost savings are not just for residents, as many tourists find the cost of food, accommodation, and travel lower than anywhere else in South America. The low cost of living is one of the most attractive aspects of retirement. Whether you have Social Security income or want to spend your retirement dollars or look for savings in luxurious life, you can have a happy retirement in Colombia.

cost of living in Colombia

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Colombia
Some Colombian cities may be a little expensive for someone living on just $ 1,000 a month. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Cartagena on the Caribbean coast of Colombia costs an average of more than $ 600 (US dollars). However, the cost of renting housing in some other popular Caribbean cities, including Santa Marta, housing prices and rental costs are very reasonable. In general, different people and immigrants can search and research the number of Housing prices in different parts of Colombia can easily live in this country even with a budget of $ 1,000 (US dollars) per month and pay for living in different parts of Colombia.

Costs of welfare services in Colombia
In general, the cost of welfare services such as water, electricity, gas, waste service, and internet service in Colombia averages about $ 110 (US dollars) per month. The mobile rate depends on the service and program that the applicant chooses, and the prepaid service averages about 7 cents per minute. DirecTV satellite TV is available in many parts of Colombia. Service packages include Spanish-Colombian and Spanish-language international channels, as well as international English-language channels featuring many of America’s most popular news, sports, and entertainment categories.

Health care costs in Colombia
, Living International magazine named Colombia as the eighth international retirement destination in the world and the second destination in South America after Ecuador. The magazine especially praises Colombia for its quality yet low-cost health care system, which offers highly skilled medical professionals and modern medical equipment and technology to cities across the country. Vision is available for immigrants living in similar conditions to Colombians. In Colombia, premiums are based on income, as are co-payments for medical visits and medications and common costs for treatment, laboratory tests, and hospitalization. For information on studying in Colombia, you can refer to the article Studying in Colombia.

Tuition fees Columbia

Other living expenses in Colombia
Personal and household expenses include health products, cleaning, souvenirs, and other items. Most of these products are relatively inexpensive in Colombia until applicants purchase local and national products, and it should be noted that approximately $ 100 (US dollars) per month should be spent on these costs. For additional costs such as clothing, cosmetics, home decor, and other items, applicants will have to pay more.

Living in Colombia
Colombia uses a classified Strato system to determine the cost of municipal services, including electricity, natural gas, water, and telephone and Internet services. This system assigns estate numbers to neighborhoods based on the average income of its inhabitants. Lower Strato neighborhoods pay lower rates than higher Strato neighborhoods. For example, if you live in a Strato 2 neighborhood, you will pay a much lower rate than living in a Strato 6 neighborhood. This system applies subsidies to residents of the lower Strato. If you live in Strato 5 then you pay for premium services. Therefore, when looking for a home to buy or rent, choosing a mid-to-low-end strategy can save a lot of money per month. Most immigrants feel comfortable living in Strato 3 or higher. Because the cost of living depends on the city and neighborhood in which you live, depending on your budget. If you want you can find penthouse apartments, luxurious houses by the ocean, eat great food every night or hire daily cooking, cleaning, and cooking services. The beauty of Colombia is that you can find a lifestyle that fits your budget.

cost of living in Colombia

The cost of living in Colombia
One of the main benefits of living in Colombia is the low cost of living. In addition, the low cost of living in a country that offers many of the facilities and infrastructure of the First World is expected to be much more expensive in a location. According to statistics, the cost of living in 2021 per person per month is about 3 million Colombian pesos, which is equivalent to $ 840 (dollars) including rent. The cost of living for a family of four averages about 6.5 million Colombian pesos ($ 1,820).

Eat from the cost of living in Colombia
The cost of eating and eating is another factor that significantly affects your living expenses. Preparing your meals using local and fresh food from nearby stores will definitely keep your food budget low. However, there is no need to save on food outdoors. In most cities, there are a variety of restaurant choices from expensive menus to mid-range prices and good dining. Prices are on average about 50% to 60% lower than US prices.

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