costs Travel China

costs Travel China


costs Travel China

costs Travel China – There is not much to say about the attractions of traveling to China! Every city in this country, or rather its corner, is full of spectacular and interesting attractions that not only introduce you to the history and culture and lifestyle of one of the most populous countries in the world but also put you in a position You can clearly see how human beings have gone through the farthest corners of Asia to reach their current position.

General information about China
China (中国) is a very large and vast country in East Asia, with a population of 1 billion 386 million according to the latest official statistics released in 2017. It is also known as the fourth largest country in the world in terms of geographical area. The country has one of the oldest historical civilizations in the world, and you can still take a closer look at the colorful works that are found in all Chinese cities. Of course, this does not mean that this country is foreign to technology. On the contrary, China is one of the countries that has been able to strike a good balance between tradition and modernity in all respects. In terms of climate, we must say that in general, China’s climate is different in different places and it is not possible to prescribe the same prescription for all its regions! In the northeast of this country, the climate is hot or cold. In the south, there are subtropical summers and cold winters. Therefore, the climate in each region should be examined.

costs Travel China

Travel expenses to China
official language
Mandarin language
Name of China in English
Emergency numbers
Fire Department: 119
Ambulance: 120
Police: 110
Prefix of China
Type of city electricity
220V – 50Hz
China International Airports
Guangzhou Bayon International Airport
Gailing Liangjiang International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Nanivan Airport
Long International Airport, Dong, Bao Gui, Yang
Shanghai Hong Kong International Airport
Changing Yang by International Airport
Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Travel to China – costs Travel China
Let’s assume that you have made your decision to travel to China and you want to check the cost of travel to this attractive destination to both make your travel arrangements and make the necessary plans. In order to get to China without any hassle, we recommend you to buy and use a China tour from reputable airlines because; Wanting to have a comfortable trip and get to your destination easily is really an important principle in a good trip that can only be achieved by using the services of a good airline agency. For example, if we describe the services of China tour to you, we must say that; If you use the Elie Gesht tour to travel to China, you can go to 2 very big and spectacular cities of Beijing and Shanghai using this tour. Pearl, Wangxing Fong Street and Market, the Great Wall of China, Olympic Park Outdoor Area, Jade Factory, Traditional Medicine Center, Shanghai TV Tower, History Museum, Silk Factory, Yu Garden, Nanjing Street, Yuyuan Market and many other attractions You will visit these two cities with Elie Gesht. Also, round trip ticket from Shanghai with Mahan Airplanes, airport transfer, group visa, stay in the best 5-star hotels for 8 nights, domestic flight Beijing-Shanghai, travel insurance, special tour with lunch and Many other services are defined for you in China to Gasht tour

General information about China

Before listing the cost of traveling to China and this country’s visa, you should know that in order to receive a Chinese visa, you must have a suitable photo, tourist visa application form with photo, original passport or blank pages, and at least 6 months validity along with a passport. . To receive different visas, you must pay the daily rate (20/3/2009). You will have to pay $ 150 for a double entry visa, $ 80 for a group tourist visa and $ 100 for a single entry visa.

The cost of living in China
There are many Chinese and tourist cities in China, and each of them, especially in the spring and summer seasons, completely transform their shape and nature into more tourist cities. This will undoubtedly affect their prices in every way. For example, to stay in any of the cities in this country, when considering the cost of travel to China, we must say that your choices are from guest houses, hostels, motels, apartment hotels, and 3 to 5-star hotels. The best thing we can do for you when it comes to your stay in China is to choose and book your hotel in any city you want to stay in before traveling to China. For example, to stay in a mid-range hotel in China, you have to pay 120 to 300 Chinese yuan per month.

The cost of living in China – costs Travel China
If you choose a hostel, depending on the environment and type of service, you have to pay 75 to 170 yuan for 1 month. To stay in a 1-bed apartment hotel in the city, you have to pay up to 3,300 yuan and 6,900 yuan in the city for 1 month. If you are traveling with your family or in a group, you should know that a 3-bed apartment hotel outside the city limits should cost about 7,800 yuan and for the city from 16 to 17 thousand yuan for 1 Pay monthly. If you prefer hotels in the city, you should know that; Accommodation rates for 3-star hotels in China range from about 130 to 800 yuan, 4-star hotels from 340 to 1,000 yuan, and 5-star hotels from 430 to 1,800 yuan for one month.

costs Travel China

The cost of food in China
In the field of food and stomach trips to China and related costs, you should know that in addition to being able to use restaurants and eateries and even street food stalls, depending on the type of taste You can also prepare your own consumables for a meal. To go to one of the cheapest restaurants in major Chinese cities, you should know that prices start from 30 yuan. The average price of a meal for 2 people in an average restaurant with appetizers, meals and desserts starts from 200 yuan. In fast food chains like McDonald’s, you have to pay 35 yuan to eat an average sandwich. A bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi is 3.75 yuan. The price of a glass of cappuccino starts from 31.24 Chinese yuan.

The cost of food in China
We will list the daily prices of the items in order to estimate the cost of travel to China in the table below.

A small bottle of water
2.52 yuan
1 liter milk
12.17 Yuan
1 kg white rice
8.38 yuan
12 egg yolks
13.14 Yuan
1 kg local cheese
98.79 Yuan
1 kg of beef
61.10 Yuan
1 kg of apples
11.93 yuan
1 kg of pineapple
9.50 yuan
1 kg of oranges
12.64 yuan
1 kg of tomatoes
8.08 Yuan
1 kg of potatoes
5.12 Yuan
1 kg of onions
5.11 Yuan
1.5 liters of water
4.46 yuan

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