Courses in Oman

Courses in Oman


Courses in Oman

Courses in Oman – Oman, with a population of 5.1 million in 2020, is one of the richest countries in the world and its capital is Muscat. The people of this country are generally Arabs, and besides, people of Baluch, African, and East Asian races are also other citizens of this country. The official language of Oman is Arabic and the religion of the majority of the people of this country is Islam. Oman, due to its abundant oil and gas resources, has been able to achieve high economic power in the Middle East and other countries of the world and have a stable economy. In recent years, the number of applicants for immigration to Oman has increased, and these people generally choose to immigrate through investment. Immigrating to this country is possible through other methods such as education, work, marriage, etc. Studying in Oman is one of the ways to immigrate and obtain a long-term visa in this country. It is noteworthy that the government of Oman has allocated part of its annual budget to improve the educational situation in the country. The universities and educational centers of Oman have a good reputation and have been able to attract the attention of students all over the world. Education in Oman schools is in Arabic, but in addition to international schools, it is possible to study in English. Oman’s education system includes 6 years of primary education and 6 years of secondary education, after which individuals can apply to continue their education at the university.

Courses in Oman are usually taught in both Arabic and English, leading to the country’s universities not being ranked high in the world. From the 17th century, the Sultan of Oman gained great power in the region by establishing relations with the Portuguese and the British, and the British, realizing the importance of the oil-rich Gulf region, continued their relations with Oman. Currently, of course, Oman is a rich but developing country, so it is not a popular immigration destination, and only some students from other Middle Eastern countries may choose Oman to continue their education or work. Oman is a member of the United Nations, the Arab community, and the Cooperation Council. Oman is also ranked 25th in the world for its oil reserves, and although it is still a developing country, it is growing rapidly due to its vast oil wealth. More precisely, in terms of the speed of economic development, Oman has had the highest rate of development and progress in the last 40 years.

Courses in Oman

The most popular fields of study in Oman
In addition to discussing students’ interests, another important factor that determines which disciplines have the most fans in the university is the job opportunities in front of that discipline, its income level and its social status. The following table lists the most popular fields of study in Oman and the average monthly income of these fields:

The most popular fields of study in Oman. The average monthly income in Omani Rials
1 OMR1220 Accountant
2 Accounting Manager OMR2630
4 Financial Manager OMR3400
5 Art Directors OMR1710
6 graphic designer OMR1040
7 Photographer OMR940
8 Aerospace Engineer OMR2110
9 Assistant Pilot OMR1170
10 Pilot OMR2960
11 Architect OMR2010
12 OMR2660 mechanics
13 Bank Manager OMR3000
14 Teacher OMR1320
15 Translator OMR1500
16 Civil Engineer OMR1550
17 Electrical and Electronics Engineer OMR1630
18 Mechanical Engineer OMR1700
19 Chef OMR1100
20 Hotel Manager OMR3010
21 Dentist OMR3960
22 Nutritionist OMR3320
23 Nurse OMR1410
24 OMR1350 Laboratory Technicians
25 Police Officer OMR1040
26 Lawyer OMR3270
27 Pharmacist OMR2230

Tuition fees in Oman – Courses in Oman
Finally, in order to get a job in Oman and earn the income mentioned in the table above, people must apply through studying in Oman. Because obtaining an Oman work visa requires a job offer from an Omani employer, which seems practically impossible to obtain without studying in Oman. Also, another point that those interested in migrating to Oman should pay attention to is that it is necessary for them to be fluent in Arabic because, without full knowledge of this language, it will not be possible to find work in Oman. Of course, those who know English, as well as Arabic, will have a great advantage, which will lead them to be able to find jobs in international companies in Oman.

Courses in Oman

Studying in Oman will cost differently depending on the chosen field, degree, and type of university; In other words, the tuition of public and private universities in Oman will be between $ 800 and $ 25,000 (US dollars) annually. Students should also consider the cost of living in Oman in addition to university tuition. Living in Oman will cost between $ 550 and $ 900 (US dollars) per person per month; As a result, those interested in cheap living should choose another country, such as Turkey or Armenia. Especially Turkey, which has far better universities compared to Oman, and its social atmosphere is better and more acceptable than Oman.

The best universities for study in Oman
As it was said, the universities of Oman do not have a good global position, but if someone wants to get a residence permit in this country after studying, it is better to go to a university that has at least a good ranking in Oman. The best universities in Oman, from which graduation in Oman itself is a great advantage are:

Top Oman University Rankings in Oman City Location
Sultan Qaboos University 1 Muscat
Higher College of Technology 2 Muscat
Sohar University 3 Sohar
The University of Nizwa 4 Nizwa
Middle East College 5 Muscat

Comparison of education in Oman and Turkey
As mentioned, studying in Turkey is cheaper than in Oman because both the cost of living in this country and the university tuition are lower. For example, the annual tuition of Turkish public universities for courses offered in English is between $ 600 and about $ 1500 (US dollars) per year, and for courses offered in Istanbul Turkish, $ 240 to $ 750 per year (USD). America). In addition, the global ranking of some Turkish universities, such as Istanbul University, Hajat Tappeh University, Ankara University, etc., is relatively good, while Omani universities do not have an excellent academic position.

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