cuisine local Hong Kong

cuisine local Hong Kong


cuisine local Hong Kong

cuisine local Hong Kong – When Hong Kong natives meet, the first question they ask each other is, “Did you eat anything?” So it is not surprising that food is very popular in this city, although it has been greatly influenced by the western and eastern worlds. In the following, we will introduce the best Hong Kong food.

Dim Sum
One of the best reasons to travel to Hong Kong is to eat dry sam. In ancient China, there was a tradition for drinking tea called Yam Cha. In this tradition, they eat small snacks with tea, which are known as Dim Sim. This is why the dim sum is often served in teahouses, or next to the tea. There are different types of dim sum because the ingredients inside them are different. Some fill it with chicken and some with shrimp, all of which are served with tea. Eating dim sum is not only one of the famous traditions of Hong Kong, but also a delicious and memorable experience for tourists in this city. . Among the city’s teahouses, the Lin Heung Teahouse is recommended. Lin Hong means fragrant lotus, which is derived from the lotus seeds used in moon cakes. This two-story restaurant dates back to 1889.

cuisine local Hong Kong

Lo Mai Gai
Lu Mai Gai is a dim sum that is made into chicken, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese sausages, onions, and sometimes dried shrimp or salted eggs in rice, then wrapped in lotus leaves and steamed. In North America, banana or grape leaves are used instead of lotus. You can order this food in all Dry Sam restaurants. These restaurants include Lin Hong Tea House, Duen Kee Restaurant, and Sam Hui Yat Restaurant.

Roasted goose
Goose kebab is another Chinese dish that is also served in Europe. To prepare this dish, the goose is flavored with special spices and then grilled on charcoal in an oven. Well-cooked roast goose has soft bones and crispy flesh. This dish is usually served with plum sauce, which is also called duck sauce. Common flavorings used in roast goose include apples, sweet oak, plums, onions, and common spices such as salt, pepper, and marjoram. Some restaurants use duck instead of goose because of the high price of this food.
Recommended Restaurants: Yat Lok, and Yung Kee.

Roasted chicken
The talent and skill of the Chinese in grilling a variety of meats is admirable. Another delicious and popular Chinese kebab is grilled chicken, the ingredients of which are not unlike grilled goose. Less spices are used in the preparation of fried chicken. In southern China, the food is so crunchy and fatty that it looks like it was fried in oil until it was grilled. Although the chicken skin is very crispy, the meat remains juicy and tender. Sometimes the kebab is rolled in aromatic salt for better and more flavor.
Recommended restaurants: Wing Kee.

Noodle biscuits and curry biscuits
Biscuit means breast meat. There are many good restaurants in Hong Kong that serve beef breast stew cooked with special spices and herbs. Beef is served with various ingredients such as noodles in soup or with dry noodles. In some cases, they roll it in something and serve it with meat puree. Whatever your choice, this food is one of the must-try dishes when traveling to Hong Kong.
Recommended restaurant: Kau Kee.

As the name implies, rice is cooked in an earthenware pot (it is better to say, of course, that it is burned). This rice is mixed with different ingredients, depending on the taste, with ingredients such as chicken, sausage or mushrooms. One of the reasons this food is delicious is the sauce that is poured on the rice before eating. One of the best parts of this dish is the crispy, dry rice that sticks to the walls of the pot (the bottom of the pot). Traditionally, this earthenware pot was placed on charcoal or in charcoal ovens. In some cases, it is served with soy sauce or salted fish. Due to the long cooking time (food must be cooked slowly in the pottery), customers have to wait between 15 and 30 minutes.
Recommended Restaurant: Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice Restaurant.

cuisine local Hong Kong

Fish meatballs
Puff pastry is one of the most common foods in Hong Kong, cooked in three ways: yellow, white, and golden. Mackerel or meatballs are an example of Hong Kong food or local Hong Kong cuisine, a delicious Hong Kong dish that has many fans. The main ingredient of this food, as its name suggests, is fish. There are different types of fish meatballs that are tied in yellow, white, and gold. Depending on the type of cooking, different flours and flavors such as salt and sugar are used in them. The type is usually offered to customers as street food in 5 or 7 skewers. To prepare the yellow fish dumplings, fry the hookahs in a fragrant curry sauce. Each of the stalls also serves these meatballs with its own sauce for the customers. To prepare this type of fish meatball, only fish is used and nothing else is added to it. The prepared meatballs are fried in oil and allowed to cook well. Then they are served with noodles for customers. Golden gholghi fish is usually eaten as a snack. This type of meatballs are very soft and crunchy and their sauce and size are different from other types. has it. Golden fish dumplings are served with a special curry sauce. We hope you can use this information to choose the food you want and enjoy eating it. We wish you a good trip.


Yellow sturgeon are smaller and cheaper than the rest and are sold on the street (street food) in skewers of 5 to 7. Frying pans are usually fried in aromatic curry sauce. Each booth has its own sauce.

The white gourds served in restaurants are larger and are made from fish only and not other ingredients. These fish are fried in oil to cook the kernels. Noodles are also served with this fish.

This fish is a snack that is different in size, sauce, and appearance (crisp, soft, or dry). They can be the size of a wrist, served with a special curry sauce, and have a soft appearance.

The main ingredients of this food are fish, flour, and flavorings such as salt and sugar. In fact, the ingredients depend on the type (white, yellow, and gold).

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